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Mid Wilshire 04.03.2018

Min Yang

Our clinic started as a very small/minimal scale four years ago. All we had were two massage tables and two chairs. Both of the chairs were small, and there was a curtain that divided the patient’s room into two. Now we have expanded to a much bigger and cleaner space with private rooms for patients. Read more>>

Taylor Mikiska

I started teaching group fitness in May of 2017. I had always been a huge class junkie, but thought of teaching as a kind of fantasy- not something I would actually ever do. After working for a tech start-up, I was ready for a change and ready to really have control of my time and schedule. Read more>>

Veronica Acebedo

Massage was brought into my life as a young girl by my mom’s manicurist. I learned a simple hand massage and immediately fell in love with the healing it brought to others. As a survivor of abuse, massage also became a source of healing for myself. Being able to share the gift of healing with others became a passion for me. Read more>>

Fidel Mahangel

My travel journey started early, I was just 1 years old when my family immigrated from Eritrea to Canada, by way of Sudan. Reflecting on my birthday and the circumstances in which I was born, as I recently celebrated yet another year this month (March), it’s amazing to see how every experience has been for a greater purpose. Read more>>

Sophie Davies

Having always had a passion for hair, I moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago and began my profession in the hair industry as a professional. I stared in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles as an assistant and started taking clients in the salon. After 4 years of hard work, I decided to open my own salon in the Miracle Mile. Read more>>

Lora Davis

After my last child went away to college, I was in need of a project. So, my friend Kathy Lewis and I founded the Wellington Square Farmers Market in my neighborhood. I have always loved farmers markets and would drive all over town to get to one because none were in my neighborhood. Read more>>

Rembrandt Flores

To be honest with you, I fell into this. I was working at E! at the time and I would be on these segment shoots and everyone would ask if I was the publicist on the shoot. I told them I wasn’t and the person would always have a puzzled look on their face, These situations definitely sparked my interest in PR. Read more>>

Schalah Mitchell

I am half French, as displayed in my personality and my very Parisian aesthetic. My other half is American all the way, and after being adopted by the city of Los Angeles, I am now very much in love with the beach, blue skies, sunshine, and palm trees of this magical city – a polar opposite of the Parisian city streets where I was raised, but nothing makes me happier than contrasts and contradictions. Read more>>

Minda Burr

I was a show biz veteran for two decades as an Actress, Playwright, Theatrical Director and Producer. But since the Mid-90’s I have delighted in combining two of my favorite things in the world – My “always present” passion for jewelry and my exuberant Love for Fun, Fabulous and Big Hearted Women who also Enjoy being noticed! Read more>>

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