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Mid Wilshire 03.13.2018

Ellen Nguyen

I began a personal tradition several years ago that on my birthday I would gift myself a bottle of perfume at my favorite shop Scent Bar. Perfumes and scents have been a quiet passion of mine for a long time, something I didn’t quite openly shared as it was a very personal and intimate love affair. Read more>>

Hilary Lentini

Hailing from Chicago, I feel I should have been born in Los Angeles. From day one I have loved it here: the people, the energy, the creativity, the acceptance, the beauty and the weather! With a professional background in Advertising, and a BFA in Communication Design from UIC, I was ready to start my own company in L.A. in 1997. Read more>>

Hannah Bae

SQUAREMEAL started with a conversation between my cousin (an ESL teacher) and me over lunch. She brought up the issue that students at her school did not have easy access to diverse food options. Cafeterias are full of greasy fast food and if students want fresh, healthy meals, parents are forced to either pack lunch or look to delivery services like Postmates or Ubereats which can get expensive or unreliable with delivery times. Read more>>

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