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Mid Wilshire 03.06.2018

Danny Fehsenfeld

Danny is an actor, singer/songwriter, public speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Soap fans know him as “Gil” on The Young & The Restless, and he is also recognized for his work on shows like “How To Get Away With Murder”. YouTube lists his views at over 200 million. Read more>>

Amanda Ondretti

I have four siblings and I had a very broke holiday season one year. But I had left over felt and my sewing equipment so I made them all something. Family compliments are nice but once others started asking my family where they got their items from is when I knew I may have something viable. Read more>>

Dan Brunn

It all got started when I was around seven years old, playing with Legos. I grew up in Tel Aviv, which is a UNESCO World Heritage City, dubbed “The White City”, as the capital of Bauhaus style buildings. When moving to Los Angeles, I was perplexed by all of the disparate styles of buildings, and why they didn’t really work within the climate. Read more>>

Nathan Goldman, Dan Kuhlken

Our career all started by creating gig posters for the Troubadour in West Hollywood. We knew someone that worked there and found out that they were looking for a gig poster artist. We both agreed that the coolest job possible would be to create concert posters for a living, and it seemed that we had the skill sets between the two of us to pull it off. Read more>>

Fabiana Rodriguez

Oki Doggy started because of a dog full of fleas and scraps of fabrics. Funny enough, this is a true story and when this happened I was in full panic mode, definitely to think the entire house could be infested by fleas wasn’t funny at all. It was by November 2011 when our dog Mocha, a field spaniel mix pup we rescued at West LA shelter out of the blue was full of FLEAS! Read more>>

Alain Romero

My passion for real estate comes from my grandfather who was a builder. He built iconic structures, like churches, public schools and american embassies. I was too young to go out on the field with him, but at the dinner table I listened to his stories. Read more>>

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