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Meet Woodland Hills Hairstylist: Adrianna Darwichian

Today we’d like to introduce you to Adrianna Darwichian.

Adrianna, please share your story with us.  How did you get to where you are today?

I was always a girly girl playing with my hair and messing up the bathroom! As I was studying psychology in college my brother helped to open my eyes to reach my dream to make people’s hair beautiful. And that’s when I broke the news to my parents that I wanted to become a hairstylist! I had full support from my family and began my journey and here I am. Loving my job as if I’m still that little girl playing

Has it been a smooth road?

There’s always struggles, but that’s what you get with reaching your dreams. So I stay positive and keep my head up! In the end, I make my clients feel more beautiful than ever and that’s what makes everything worth it!

What are your plans for the future?

Everyone’s dream is to be successful. My dream is to make sure I make an impact on each and every client that leaves my chair. It’s not about how much you make it’s more about how many peoples’ lives you change. That’s just the way I think so when people ask me what do you want to do next, or how big do you want to get, I don’t really have a good answer for that because I just want to make sure that I’m a hairstylist that not only can make a living but more importantly be remembered. I’ve had many bad experiences growing up going to various hairstylists and my goal is to never have anyone feel out of their box.

I’m very happy at the salon that I work at because it’s home to me. Allen Edwards’s salon is where I began and apprenticed for Allen Edwards himself. Once you fulfill your apprenticeship you move onto the floor. Right when it was my turn to be on my own, we had a new owner and changed to DECARRA salon.

Up to this day I have been in the business for 6.5 years. I believe that I have grown a lot day by day and you’re always learning and you’re always opening your eyes to different techniques. I don’t believe that every client should have the same style as everyone else. What I can say that I am special at is to customize a hair-color, a haircut, a style that works with each individual’s lifestyle. I would never want to give my client a style that they can’t maintain on their own because at the end of the day my client is my best advertisement. So if my client looks good daily that means I’m doing something right. Each day at a salon you have a different schedule different clients coming in different faces, different wants and needs. The key is to remain consistent and keep your customer service at 100%. Never get too comfortable with the client in the sense that you should never stop trying to make things better. Minor changes to keep updated and to never lose touch of your artistic flow. Happy client happy stylist.

Contact Info:

  • Instagram: @adrianna__hair
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Check out her work below:

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