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Meet Westmont Photographer: Daniel Alvarez Ayala

Today we’d like to introduce you to Daniel Alvarez Ayala.

Daniel, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I started as a photographer about 3 years ago when one of the creative directors I worked with as a designer suggested that learning photography would help me improve my skills. I got hold of a camera soon after that and started experimenting. I started taking photography classes at El Camino College which is where I was fell in love with film photography and darkroom printing. Nowadays, I work in both mediums as I try to push my skills further and learn as much as I can.

Has it been a smooth road?
I have got a lot of support from both my wife and family when I first started experimenting with photography. Once I decided to take classes at El Camino College, the staff there were and continue to be amazingly supportive and instructive. Their guidance is what has pushed me to pursue photography further than I would otherwise have gone. I think main struggle that I am currently struggling with is making photography my profession. I currently work as a graphic designer and I’m trying to make the switch to photography. Every little obstacle has the potential to derail all your efforts and drive your confidence down. I think perseverance for any artist is important to weather those storms that come along.

Tell us about your childhood, what were you like growing up?
I was mostly a quiet kid growing up. I grew up in Mexico in Tlanelpantla. I had a lot of freedom to explore nature as a child with my friends. I think that the exploration I did as a child is what nurtured this love for storytelling. When I would find mysterious (to a young me), I would always try and figure out what the fantastical story was around it. As I grew up, I became interested in art, films, books, and photography; basically various storytelling mediums.

Is there a specific memory from when you were younger that you really miss?
It’s not a very clear memory. I was too young at the time, but I remember heading to a lake with my whole family. it stands out because it is the very first memory of just how beautiful and expansive nature is. I remember just having a sandwich my mom handed me and staring out at nature and just letting my imagination flow.

What are your plans for the future?
I am looking into making photography a full-time thing. To this end, I am looking at various income streams which will help support my artwork. I plan to launch a Patreon by the end of the year where I will offer people a chance to get prints of my current work for their support. I am also looking into making Youtube content showcasing film photography as I believe there is a shortage of learning materials when it comes to implementing film photography in a digital age.


  • $30 per hour (Graphic Design)
  • $50-$200 (Photography Prints)
  • $100-$300 (Dark Room Prints)

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0-Film-7 1-Film-8 2-Film-5 3-Film-3 4-Film-1 5-Film-6 6-Film-4 7-Film-2
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Daniel Alvarez Ayala

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