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Meet Westchester Fitness Trainer: Kali Lindner

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kali Lindner.

After being certified and teaching various dance and fitness formats, Kali still found herself searching for the perfect workout. So… she decided to create it!  She began teaching in Miss OULA, MT in 2010 and have since trained instructors in nearly 20 states, own two OULA Studios, offer online classes and host retreats in the US and Mexico each year. Talk about being a #boss

It’s easy to see why her story caught our eye; but as we’ve seen over and over again behind every success story is a long road of ups and downs.  Her story is no different.  She shared, that “some of the greatest struggles have been operating from Montana without access to some of the people and technology we need to really help us get on par with the industry. We hear constantly that our program and trainings are superior to others, but I think we struggle with exposure, online presence, and PR. Now that we have classes in LA and other metropolis areas, things seem to be moving faster and gaining traction.”

We asked about her plans for the future.

“I plan to continue to grow this incredible community of OULAkins so that people all over the world have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Oula– self love, acceptance, community, connection, fun… and a toned body as a nice side effect.  It is truly incredible to see what happens when a fitness experience isn’t about competition (even with self), but connection.  When women aren’t looking around the room judging one another or comparing themselves to each other, but truly connecting, feeling safe with one another and of course sexy, too.  But sexy in a “this is me and I’m proud if it” kind of way, not a “check out my abs” kind of way.”

OULA is equal parts living room dance party fun, as it is cathartic emotional and physical release.

“Getting people out of the daily grind and getting them to a beautiful space in nature somewhere to really go deeper into the experience while drinking margaritas and dancing on the beach is what excites me.  I think balance is the key to happiness, and I try to offer that well-rounded experience in everything we do at Oula.”


  • OULA is offered at several locations around LA. Each facility has unique pricing structure. For schedule, visit 

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