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Meet West L.A. Licensed Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist: Bry Farnsworth

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bry Farnsworth.

Bry, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
The fine arts were an escape for me as a kid. I utilized any free time to practice the clarinet and being part of school productions. When I reached High School, I knew I was different than other kids. I had big aspirations and I knew I wanted to be an artist of some sort, but I didn’t exactly know which way the arts would take me. I continued to do musical productions and at 16 during our high school musical production of “Once Upon a Mattress”, it was behind the scenes that I was introduced to the world of Makeup. It was like a calling to me. The following year I started Art School and found that I was able to work on many student projects with my fellow college students. I began growing a liking to natural makeup and runway glam looks.

I then took a big leap and was hired to be a temporary salesperson for a makeup counter. I was finally in a place that I could start my career as a makeup artist and what I thought was going to be nothing but fun all the time. I remember the first time I was asked what type of ingredients were in the cosmetics I was featuring and it was at that moment, I knew I was going to have a tough time not knowing what I was putting on my clients. I scrounged up any money I could get at the time and attended a basics makeup artistry training. Soon after I was asked to join a sales team for Aveda as their Lead Advisor and Educational Specialist. It was during this time that I got to work on my first fashion runway event for the first Tadashi store opening in the world. Soon after, I was approached by management of the Ron Herman/ Fred Segal boutique and I was now working in the fashion industry with some of the leading fashion stylists in L.A. Here is where I would get my first celebrity clients, but of course I was now styling, selling apparel and not doing makeup at the time. It definitely wasn’t far from what I set my goals out to do, but still, something was missing and soon after I found myself now working for Chanel as a makeup artist. Here I was again, picking up non-paid and trade for pay makeup gigs. Thankfully, I had my counter position to even out the scale. I found myself at a stand still and decided to make a bold move and leave my counter position altogether. I figured, “well… I really need to throw myself in this 100% of the time and believe in myself as a freelance artist.” So, I decided to once again scrounge up as much as possible and took myself to the most reputable beauty and skin academy in Orange County. At Career Academy of Beauty, I learned even further about the science of skin and received my Esthetician’s License. Now, I could set up shop and offer my services to the public.

The first couple of years of esthetics were the hardest. I was blindsided on how much business goes into creating the right brand for me and I listened to my salon mentors. At this time I had also been hired by Benefit Cosmetics, but the retail sales floor in a big box retail store no longer was where I wanted to be and so I searched elsewhere. I began doing fundraisers in my local community and was recognized as a Philanthropist for my endeavors. I was asked to participate in a pre-production process with Crown Jewels Studios where I was again reintroduced to the main stage. In 2010, I acquired my first regular male brow client. Little did I know he was the Personal Assistant for Multiple AVN Award Winner, Kirsten Price. Us three became very close friends and I was introduced to AVN Award Winner, Annie Cruz. These ladies and gentleman got me out of my treatment room and back behind the scenes doing their personal makeup for a Breast Cancer Charity Event. At this time, I had a few bad salon experiences and decided to focus on teaching makeup artistry and skin theory until 2012. I then only focused on my editorial artwork and eventually ended up on production working with celebrity photographers and movie directors. There was a point in my career that I was thinking…”WOW, I can’t believe the skin health of my male talents”, but I also didn’t like what they were using… “maybe I should come out with my own skincare line that I can send home with my skin clients.” The idea kept compounding, but none of the professional lines were formulated for men, they were all formulated just for women, leaving Men’s skincare as an afterthought. That’s when I found my next step into my career. So, I worked on my brand’s sustainable skin theory and facial protocols. The first Adonis treatment product was born. Shortly after I formulated a treatment whip for skin hydration and now offer “the sustainable men’s 2 step skincare process”.

Now, I am able to offer both my female & male clients a service that suits them such as Specialized Men’s Skincare Services, Male Body Grooming Services, Spray Tanning Services and Makeup Artistry Services. This has been my journey to take and every single hurdle was a new lesson to learn in life; everyone’s journey is completely different. Mine was always in Men’s Skincare and Editorial Makeup, but I had to find my path and it keeps opening up every day. I didn’t have the same journey as most estheticians and makeup artists, but I didn’t start off in the beauty industry either, I was a performance artist looking for my debut, and I found it.

Has it been a smooth road?
The roads in any industry are never smooth, but with the drive to achieve personal success and with the positive reinforcements of those who believe in anyone’s vision; anything is possible. Most of my challenges in the industry were mostly due to me personalizing other’s insecurities and allowing them to influence my decisions. They may not have had as clear of a picture as I did when it came to goals and set up road blocks for me overcome. I knew I need to make my mark in the industry by offering something completely different than what anyone else had to offer.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I see our industry growing in a direction that will deliver to consumers a more catered skin health service to particular demographics for an array of professional services that industry professionals specialize in instead of just the normal cookie-cutter services. A more regular skin fitness regimen for preventative measures is key to having optimum results. Once consumers grasp the concept that we do more than just a facial and waxing, there will be more and more lifestyle premised Skin Professionals filling the need of their communities.

Has there been a particular challenge that you’ve faced over the years?
My biggest challenge over the years has been trying to stay away from negativity and jealousy of others. It’s way too easy to be discouraged by those who are not aligned with your goals and aspirations.

What advice do you wish to give to those thinking about pursuing a path similar to yours?
It takes commitment, relentlessness and a lot of humility in the beginning. Stay true to yourself and your skin brand. It’s not always a walk in the park but never forget to stop, laugh and have a good time while seeking your professional success. Lastly, don’t take yourself too seriously, but always listen to your client’s actual needs versus what you want them to get; know your specialty and become an expert in its theory.


  • Men’s Diamond Peel Facial (Microderm): $120
  • No Makeup, Makeup: $65/hr
  • Spray Tan: $65/2 sessions
  • Male Body Grooming: $75+
  • Adonis Treatment Tonic: $25
  • Adonis Treatment Whip: $25

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