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Meet West Hollywood Makeup & Hairstylist: Erika Arzate

Today we’d like to introduce you to Erika Arzate.

We are incredibly impressed with her – not just as a stylist, but as an example of why LA rocks.  People come from other cities and countries and bring their talent, their hard work and their hustle and make magic happen.  Below we’ve included an edited excerpt of our interview with her.

Erika, please tell us about how you got started.

I believe my story started when I was a child, I’ve been in love with the beauty world & everything about it at a young age. I would stay with my grandparents every summer & do my grandmothers and aunts hair and makeup for fun, as well as put on fashion shows for them. At the time I didn’t realize that it was an option for a profession so when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I would just say a teacher. 

Wow, so did you ever pursue the path towards becoming a teacher?

I tried college after HS for a year but I was definitely not passionate about the careers I had to pick from so I enrolled into a beauty institute after doing my research on the best around and got to it right away. 

Got it – so that was kind of defining moment.  What happened next – how did you go from leaving college to where you are today?

By then I had already a lot of Guinea pigs for practice and got to perfect some basic techniques. I was working as a receptionist it a hair salon & going to school full time and doing extra hours to graduate early. Once I got my license I was pretty lucky not having to assist I went straight to the floor. I was externing a lot while going through school which basically is like assisting a stylist. It prepped me for it. Soon after my skills were really strong in styling and updos, so I began teaching classes at other salons on basic styling methods. By then I was ready for a change and sent my resume to a well know salon in Sacramento. I was hired after my demo and was actively doing what we call in Sacramento “hair wars” and photo shoots. I had always wanted to move to LA for many reasons, a couple being the opportunities for my industry as well as the beach of course. I took a leap of faith and made the move from Sacramento to LA with help of some friends living in LA already and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been working at Eden by Eden Sassoon now since the move as well as freelancing.


  • Color starts at: $90,
  • Haircuts: $110,
  • updos start: $70
  • Makeup: $60 

Contact Info:

Check out her work below:

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