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Meet West Hollywood Makeup Artist: Suzanne Dobrijevich

Today we’d like to introduce you to Suzanne Dobrijevich.

Suzanne is the type of person who doesn’t just dabble; when she goes into something she really dives in, head first.  “I was 20 and it dawned on me one day that I wanted to do makeup and so I researched schools, picked one, applied and enrolled.”  Just like that she became licensed and got a job at a salon and started on a path that led her to where she is today.  She has worked with countless women, celebrities, brides and more and after developing her own unique style she is expanding her skill set and experience into special effects and prosthetics.  We’re so excited to see where she takes her career and talents next.


  • Makeup for tv/film as well as beauty makeup for occasions/events: $100-150
  • Prices vary per project. My base price starts at $100. 

Contact Info:

  • Email:
  • Facebook: @bellabysuzanne
  • Instagram: @bellabysuzanne
  • Twitter: @bellabysuzanne
  • Snapchat: @bellabysuzanne
  • Tel: 702-324-4895


  • Attended Cinema Makeup School and Last Looks Academy with award winning makeup artist Marianne Skiba, and received my Aesthetic license from Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Science
  • Worked with Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Ralphie May, Piper Curda, Virginia Williams, and more
  • Current Beauty Editor for Ceres Magazine 

We love Suzanne because she is talented and has such a high degree of professionalism and empathy for her clients.  Check out her work below:

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