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Meet Wendy Kawasaki

Today we’d like to introduce you to Wendy Kawasaki.

Wendy, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
​It’s been a fun and interesting road. I always wanted to help people in their health and radiance. It became clear in my 20s that my focus would be some blend of women’s health, pregnancy, infertility, children, and spiritual health. I almost went to medical school….but changed plans months prior to matriculating as I realized my love for science and physiology was coupled with an even greater love for holistic medicine and expansion of spirit.

I needed a profession while I would seek out these holistic pathways, which is how I became a Registered Nurse. I could care for people, which turned out to be in the Emergency Department, while going to school for Ayurveda. I had already completed my Reiki level 2 training which was opening me up spiritually to great sight and intuition. Later I became Master and Teacher of Reiki, which was wonderful in itself, but just the beginning of deeper intuitive healing techniques and personal expansion.

I soon realized that my spiritual work, whether used directly with my patients for energy work or simply as a part of me that was treating patients (in the E.R. or as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner)….this spiritual work was blessing myself and my patients, supporting us all. It may not be seen or even known directly by most patients, but my ability to tune into my patients, to understand them and their needs, surely was heightened.

Upon completing my schooling as a certified Ayurveda Practitioner, I continued in the E.R. while beginning to see Ayurveda clients and starting to blend them with my Transformational Energy Work sessions. I saw such wonderful healing and growth, it fueled me. I continued my Ayurveda training with an OB/GYN and Ayurvedic Physician who helped me to specialize in pregnancy, fertility and women’s health. The icing on the cake was adding the years of studying Vedic Astrology to enhance all of the tools I was utilizing.

It was interesting and not so easy to work nights in the E.R. while trying to go deeper into my holistic studies. I was not sleeping enough, working 12 hour days in the ER, going from dying, traumatized, coding, scared, ill, injured, patients of all ages one day…to treating the energy bodies of my clients and using herbs and meditation as medicine the next day. Ha! It took time, but I grew to love the fun of this dynamic, and eventually came off night shifts. Soon enough, my nursing days grew fewer as my Ayurvedic health care and energy-work days increased. This was my passion.

My greatest love is supporting women who have struggled to conceive. This is my primary practice, and it’s done in a unique way. An effective and lasting way. Yet my work with women for overall health and personal expansion continues to flourish. It’s all been such a joy for me to witness.

Becoming a mother was another interesting time, as my focus had to be on MY children! I had such incredible experiences in pregnancy and motherhood, and it’s only added to my work with clients, whether they come for fertility, pregnancy, loss-in-pregnancy, or restoring themselves as women at any stage of their lives.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
One of my personal challenges with my profession was a common one for healers…I didn’t have interest in the business side, I only wanted to heal. I offered my services to anyone who needed them, whether they could pay or not, and I didn’t charge enough for my time. This was a lesson I needed to overcome, as I realized my true value and also the reality of how I COULD help more people….which necessitated running a real business and charging real prices. Of course, I have moments when it’s appropriate to offer a service to someone pro bono or discounted, but I’ve also learned that the work speaks for itself and those who need me will find their way to me.

Another challenge is that nothing I do is “typical.” Many people don’t know the depths of Ayurveda, Astrology, Reiki with intuitive healing, or even real Meditation. This is a great service to those who have tried mainstream healing modalities without success, but a challenge to promote what I do. My medical and nursing background has given me a great foundation for which clients trust in me. Most clients are referrals, so they have the benefit of hearing great success stories, and my personality is certainly strong and loving, which helps. I’ve simply trusted the right people will come, who want more significant change in their health or story than others have given them.

Lastly, balancing my need to be very present with my family and spending so much time with my clients has been a challenge! I gave too much in the early days, but have also found my balance here….life is all about balance!

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I CARE. I nurture my clients, as needed, not just prescribe my recommendations. We become a team. My primary work is Fertility, helping women diagnosed as “infertile” to conceive naturally or, if necessary, to support them for optimal results with IVF or IUI. Most women do not need these, but they are appropriate for a select few. It is SO incredibly fulfilling to me, and it’s so very natural for them to become mothers, even after years of struggles. Yet I also continue to work with them and other women, whether for health issues, digestive, sleep, emotional, menstrual, etc….or for overall fulfillment and spiritual health.

My purpose is to cultivate health and radiance on grand levels, to help women and people grow into better versions of themselves and overcome challenges in health or life. It’s a constellation of care that creates deep healing, harmony and lasting health. My clients often say that their lives “fall together” more in the weeks after a session or work together, in addition to the physical body healing, which they thought was the only issue.

For fertility, I guide women through it all. I consult with them to optimize their reproductive health and maximize their fertility. I start with thorough assessments of internal organ functions. I appreciate any medical labs or diagnostic imaging to complement my assessment, but it’s not necessary. I work closely with each woman, with her unique circumstances. I can work with doctors or other health professionals, as needed, especially when a woman is already doing IVF or IUI but wants to maximize her results. My work starts with the physical but may go much deeper into the mental/emotional/energetic bodies and even karmic history. For these latter areas, I utilize the wisdom from Vedic astrology and energetic tools. My energy transformation sessions are just that, transformative, and often one session is enough to welcome pregnancy. Energy is cleared, moved, opened, expanded, connected. It’s such a blessing to connect with my clients through such work. I love to see their eyes so bright after a session. I meet the women where they are and find a plan that suits them best for conceiving. It is all very fulfilling work, which I take great joy in knowing because it sets the women up for smoother pregnancy.

My clients come to conceive, heal, or remedy something. They do so while expanding their hearts and lives. They typically return for energy work to continue to expand themselves because it simply feels great, it shifts things in their bodies and lives, or they return for another health issue, as needed. I spend time and genuinely care about each client and their circumstances. This care and unique array of services, coupled with my medical background, sets me apart from others.

I also experienced a loss in pregnancy, a deeply transformative experience that took time to heal, but which has added great depth to my work with other mothers who have experienced loss. After the grief, inner peace is truly possible, even expanded light.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Our city is blessed with such diversity in people and you can find just about anything here! What I offer to my clients is unique and highly effective, amidst a city full of healing opportunities. I love the array of clients I see, all different backgrounds and experiences, and underneath it all…we are ALL the same. It’s such a beautiful aspect of my work, being able to see through the outside into the inner world of my clients and people in general. Everyone has such magnificent light and it’s an honor helping them uncover it and sometimes even find it for the first time. Los Angeles is an amazing place to do my work. City of the Angels, of course.

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