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Meet Vegas & LA Based Makeup Artist: Haley Goeller

Today we’d like to introduce you to Haley Goeller.

Haley was always that girly-girl growing up who wanted to play with her mother’s makeup, but she was academically bright and went to college, earned a degree in marketing and broke into the marketing industry after college.  Her passion for makeup never left her though so she went to makeup school and would do makeup on the side for weddings and other gigs even though she had a full-time marketing job.

Then came the move to Vegas.  The energy, the opportunities and the environment matched up to create the perfect storm for her.  She had always wanted to focus on makeup and so she took a giant leap of faith and quit her stable corporate job to pursue makeup freelancing full-time.  Flash forward to today and she is a fast rising star working on gigs in Vegas, LA and the greater southwestern region.  Her portfolio and her personality blew us away – she has definitely impressed us.


  • Wedding Makeup: $100-$200 Depending on Bride/Bridal Party
  • Wedding Makeup: $75 Bridesmaid/Mother-in-law, $200 Bride (includes consultation)
  • Beauty Makeup: $75 TV/Film: Depending on film duration, budget High Fashion: Depending on time needed, how many faces 

Contact Info:

  • Instagram: haleylanemua
  • Email:
  • Tel: 703-470-8211


  • Has done makeup for the real Wolf Of Wall Street and the real Captain Phillips
  • Has taught makeup artistry in Washington, DC at The Esthetic Institute

Check out her incredible work below:

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