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Meet Valerie Delgado of Makeup Evolution in Inland Empire

Today we’d like to introduce you to Valerie Delgado.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Valerie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I grew up in a low to mid-class home with drug abuse an alcoholism. I used to move from motels to motel or sharing one bed with family of five. My mom is a warrior I believe she is the one I got the hustle from.

Makeup and beauty is something I always knew I loved. I would do my mom’s makeup when I was in middle school. I remember looking at other kids that had a healthy lifestyle for ex. good shoes, their parents used to show to all their school functions and they always had lunch money. I used to think… well how can I be there and why is it that I’m not? I feel that my interest in wanting better pushed me to be nosey, lol! I was always friend with everyone but the ones that had what I knew I wanted (healthy life) I would be super observant whenever I would go to their homes. I realized that their parents worked A LOT…lol but flexible jobs like real estate, owning their own businesses. There’s one family in particular that I remember specifically when I decided I’m going to be my own boss one day. The family was soooo tight and strong and they all worked the family business. I admired that!

Although we didn’t have much money I still somehow managed to be fashionable (thrifting) and makeup I would use my moms, lol. People were always interested in how I did my makeup and where I got my outfits from. It started in high school when the cheer squad and my friend and family started asking for me to do their makeup.

As most hispanic upbringings/households my parents didn’t seem fond of the idea of me going to beauty school. So I tried to do Dental assisting and after the tour, I didn’t seem fond of it. Going back to me being nosey I loved how the educated people acted and presented themselves and I started being nosey about what they did for their careers…it was business. But I was in that time of your life where you kind of wants to do everything as long as its a career! The school I was checking out was a trade school… I mentioned to the job I was at that I was thinking about school and they said they couldn’t work with my schedule. I cam back to see if there were any programs that didn’t interfere and the Director said… “I like your energy, would want to work for our front desk? and we’ll pay for your tuition as long as you pass probation” I said, “yesss” So I started school for business in marketing. While working there, I did makeup part-time with smashbox…. the smashbox wanted to promote me to be business manager. I was in a tough spot because of the free tuition. So I decided to do both!!! I work about 60 hours a week! I grew with smashbox and ended up leaving the school and then went back because holiday hours started getting tough once I started to build my family. Eight years later, I was laid off and devastated! I knew I had to take makeup on full time again as CAREER…

An amazing friend of mine who was on my team at smashbox reached and said he’s working on some big things and heard I was looking for work and if I was interested – FULL CIRCLE moment. I always say treat everyone like they could be your next boss even if it’s your employee! He’s a really big deal now. I worked on his team and traveled with him for a good while, then I was recruited to travel the Globally by another brand.

Global is something I wanted to do so I took it! Then a month later found out I was pregnant and had to train people across the globe… I did! But that was tough! After having my baby, I went back when she was only five weeks and… I FELT IT! I cried and cried and couldn’t be away.. that WANT/HUNGER of knowing I wanted to be my own boss to be more flexible for my family was always there but at this time it felt like I was Starving for it! Starving to have that flexibility for tight strong family. With all the knowledge I’ve collected, I told myself its time to apply it into something for my family that will bring me closer to home. I gave myself a year… it needs to be done by the time my 2nd daughter turns 1. We opened Makeup Evolution 3 months after her first birthday! Evolve daily is my motto in whatever area, love, relationships, business financially, self-love… no matter what as long as you’re EVOLVING! People would always say I move fast… career, promotions, teaching myself something, growth… so the name was easy for me!

We have now been open for two years! We have started our own lash line. I have had the opportunity to work with celebrities and we have an awesome team and we are constantly evolving! And I am grateful for all my jobs and managers before that who provided the experience for me to prep me for what was to come!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It hasn’t! I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve taught myself a lot about myself… I’m not sure if that makes sense.

This year especially, I have had a lot of self-awareness… Because I have that motto of EVOLVE DAILY at the beginning, I would let myself down because I didn’t see much results. I’ve taught myself that we can EVOLVE in different areas it doesn’t have to be tangible.

Also, when a business is young there will be losses but I know this might sound cliche but I have learned to take them as lessons. I’ve realized there is no written formula for a start-up nit like corporations… they are already established we follow the employee handbook, rules and regulations. It’s not that hard… for a start-up the owner is trying to figure all that out and it will change the more seasoned the business is.

And although I have the flexibility, I don’t have a manager to monitor my time… my time to work and my time to stop. That has been a challenge!

Constant new ideas has also been a tough one- innovation is important!

This list could go on but most things I feel like I’m working towards improvement.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Makeup Evolution – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others.
I would say our lashes! Our lashes are top sellers in store they do AMAZING!!! But in store only I would like to get them more expose online.

Our services are also up there! We provide hair and make services and are booked EVERY WEEKEND!

What sets us apart from others is our EXPERIENCE at makeup Evolution. I remember when I worked for other companies, they used to say it come from the top… I make sure to create GREAT energy with all my team so our customers feel that and we’ve received so many compliments on our customer service!

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
Yes! Currently, we carry multiple brands but I look forward in focusing on a FULL beauty line for makeup evolution.

Also, I want to increase our Makeup & Hair services for any event, bridal, parties and more!

And a bigger team! I always say I want to be the best employer to work for and I hope to get there one day.


  • Lash style range 6.99-11.99
  • Hair services start at $60
  • Makeup Services start at $75
  • Our retail cosmetics range from $1 -$72

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