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Meet V Capaldi of Paleo Boss Lady in Started in Venice Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to V Capaldi.

V, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I actually moved to Venice Beach from Wilmington, Delaware due to the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on my body. At that time I had lived with MS for over 20 years and was disabled. I lacked the ability to regulate my own body temperature and needed to move to a climate with no humidity or change in temperature. Venice Beach offered a city life with a beach vibe and perfect weather for me to peacefully co-exist with MS.

This seemed like the smartest idea at first and I became a certified yoga and spin instructor, riding a bike daily and so much more. Until in typical MS fashion, my body said to hold up. Eventually, I lost bilateral use of my hands and had full-time help. I also had people living with me to help around the house. In addition, I had no feeling on the left side of my body, spasms so bad my limbs jumped so I could not drive, constant pain, fatigue and I was choking which is what kills most of us from MS.

In America, if you are disabled there is a high chance you will go bankrupt due to healthcare costs. This is my reality and when I no longer had any more money to buy all the drugs and pay for therapies I was facing being institutionalized. This was my reality in 2011: broke, sick and facing life in an institution, homelessness or suicide. Scared I went to Burning Man to figure out my fate and if I should take my own life.

Day four praying at the temple it was like a lightbulb went off in my head and I realized our healthcare system was broken. It no longer made sense to me that if you eat pizza and get heartburn you take a pill so you don’t feel the heartburn. I believed you stop eating the pizza and decided to change my narrative.

After a year of hard work focused on food and relationships, I found the missing pieces to my miracle healing puzzle. I was already moving my body with yoga, studied meditation, Buddhism, therapy to learn the value of self-love and once I plugged in a Paleo eating style and stopped toxic relationships one by one each of my symptoms from MS started to leave my body.

Today I manage every symptom of MS 100% through diet and lifestyle. I take no drugs and see no western medicine doctors. I care for MS all by myself and my healthcare if free and accessible. This after I spent $2.5 million dollars on drugs, treatments and tests for MS.

Knowing this I could no longer look in the mirror without finding a way to share this. I started a social media page called PaleoBOSS Lady which eventually grew to become a website, blog and newsletter. Today the brand is a community-based voice and force in the world of consciousness. The brand shares for free all real-time diet and lifestyle interventions I use plus day to day insight into my world.

A few years ago I became voluntarily homes and started touring around the USA leaving Santa Monica living out of my car traveling to the homes of anyone in need. People would reach out to me on social media and I would drive to them with everything I owned in my car asking for a place to stay why I helped share diet and lifestyle interventions to help support their best life journey. After a few years, I eventually converted a Dodge van and lived in the van touring America. All of this made possible by donations from individuals and companies offered free to the community. I won 8+ awards for this work and did a TEDx talk about the role culture plays in our lives.

Today my brand continues with speaking engagements, content and special projects all geared toward helping others get conscious so they can have the life they dream of. One in five are disabled in America and healthcare not always accessible to many due to cost. My work shares accessible tools that today has me potentially the most healed person with MS in the world using only diet and lifestyle.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
The road has been hard because everything I stand for lives outside of most societal and cultural norms. You would think people closest to me would applaud what I have been able to accomplish especially knowing how sick I was. Instead, it has created a new narrative most don’t want to be a part of because this narrative reflects back like a mirror that most don’t want to see.

In addition, so many times people don’t understand how I have not been charging for this valuable work. It is unheard of that people give their knowledge away for free. I am guided by a moral lens that won’t let me charge for this work. I believe I am living my life purpose and have been blessed with companies that believe in it too. Today companies fund the work I do so I can offer my service free missionary style. So many don’t understand a brand that is not based on making money and focused on making the world a better place for everyone. This is not only hard to make happen, but more difficult to find how challenging it is for many to understand why I am not selling stuff all the time.

I still have MS. In fact, I have Epstein Barr, Hashimoto’s and probably Lyme disease. Managing MS is a full-time job and my most important. Balancing all of this and staying healthy is a fine line that I always need to respect. I am grateful to have a daughter and a handful of friends who support my work by helping me not to overdue. One lesson I have learned from MS is that one mistake takes me 3 years to repair so slow and steady steps the mantra for me. I sometimes want to help those in need so much I can get lost in balance so having people watch out for me essential to my work.

We’d love to hear more about your work.
The brand of Paleo Boss Lady is like no other in the Paleo space but marries principles of many companies/non-profits. I wanted so much to help others and had personal experience with Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents and found great growth in the 12-step program. I decided to figure out a way to do something like that where you could get help and it not cost anything plus you have a community to support you.

The award-wining ‘Taking it to the Streets Tour’ was an invite-only tour where all you had to do was ask me to come and hopefully offer me a sofa to sleep on. In exchange I would come for three nights and share whatever tools I had to help you live your best life. When I left I would also offer myself and brand in addition to any resources we identified to continue your work with community support.

Today I support the community with a blog, newsletter, public speaking, summits and social media. This work all in an effort to help you question the status quo to tap your BAM life through consciousness. Long gone are the days where autopilot living produces our dreams. The brand inspires us all to lead with passion and purpose.

Nothing has made me more proud of my work that being able to support community in this way. I am grateful to offer all I know to the community and believe I am living the reason I was put on this earth.

What were you like growing up?
I have always been a Type A overachiever. Got good grades and rarely if ever got in trouble. My interest was always rooted in helping others and building brands.

I came from a wonderful neighborhood and even today at 56 that community is a strong force in my life. My post-graduate studies founded on community whose power has been a life foundation of mine since childhood.

Teachers always told my parents I was too social and my mom said I came out of the womb smiling. My dad often shared that the first time he saw me in the nursery that I was already in charge and the nurses were taking orders from me.

I feel like I was born to lead and serve. I am a BOSS who comes by it honestly being 100% Italian, from Philly and born under the sign of Taurus.

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    September 25, 2021 at 18:22

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