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Meet Trailblazer Tiffany Craft

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Craft.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I started tifficraft in September 2017 as a creative outlet to cover a variety of topics including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and well-being. I aim to infuse into my daily life snapshots beautiful content that reflects my personal style as well as inspiring educational tools that encourage and empower readers to achieve their goals.

I’ve loved fashion ever since I was at Pepperdine University and became the first student to do a double major in Communications with an emphasis on Fashion Promotion as well as Economics with an emphasis on International Trade & Finance. Thankfully, my mentors believed in my quirky passion for all things style and flash forward 5 years later, I was working in New York City as an executive for an international division of Calvin Klein Inc. Upon returning to Los Angeles, I continued my fashion path working as an executive for Bisou Bisou, until I discovered the world of digital media and had an opportunity to transition into a creative business development executive collaborating in partnerships with brands such as Hearst Corporation, Lancome, L’Oreal Group, Sony, Target Corporation and Amazon Audible. These experiences also provided me with numerous opportunities to travel the world and discover the diverse cultural traditions that our global community is gifted with.

In more recent years, I decided to follow another passion of mine, well-being. As a certified yoga instructor, I launched kidsrevolving programs just over 10 years ago in order to passionately mentor kids of all ages with life tools that extend beyond their yoga practice so that they can grow into confident, clear-thinking, empowered individuals. I am also a life coach and the director of marketing and business for Infinichi, a lifestyle brand established by brothers Dr. Mao Shing Ni and Dr. Daoshing Ni, 38th generation doctors of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with a mission to share the ancient Chinese health secrets to transform the state of the modern world, one person at a time.

I fell into tifficraft due to my passion for both style and well-being. Initially, I created posts to share with my friends because they would often come to me for advice and kept asking me if I could write down my tips. Then, rather quickly the circle expanded and I realized that I really enjoyed sharing ideas on a daily basis. In terms of now being my own brand, that only makes this more exciting.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
This journey has been tremendously inspiring and educational for me. I think first and foremost an individual has to decide the “why” for doing this. Is it a hobby or a business. To me, the point of being a digital influencer is to offer up my own unique point of view. I am committed to engaging my readers with content that is authentic and meaningful on a daily basis. I want to inspire my readers and also myself. I truly make time daily to not just post content but also connect with others within my community. It’s so much fun to make new friends around the world daily! I have a lot of love and respect for my readers as well as everyone in this industry so it’s fantastic to chat and support one another. My ideas come not only from myself but also from my audience.

Also, at the beginning six months ago, I was simply excited that people wanted to read my posts. However, now I view this as a business. That means that I am consciously developing a new skill set of tools that will help me to deliver more beautiful content to my readers. Google is my best friend and I’m pretty passionate as well as persistent. If I want to learn something I teach myself. In these past months, I’ve had a crash course in photography, code programming, ways to label posts and make them more relevant plus so much more. At the same time, I need to ensure that I am managing my creativity, brand connecting and schedule efficiently. I’m learning to prioritize particular tasks. Right now, I put my focus where it counts most so that I can get really good at it and then I trust that I will eventually grow out the other platforms.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about influencer – tifficraft – what should we know?
My content is focused on a great mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and well-being posts. I like my style posts to offer a broad range of suggestions and I am conscious that my readers appreciate options at different price levels. This makes the process of collaborating with brands very fun too. I am most proud that my posts are full of inspiration and positivity. It truly humbles me and warms my heart to receive messages from readers not only expressing appreciation for my sense of style but also thanking me for adding value to the journey of self-care. In addition to my daily posts, I also like to feature a specialized segment periodically. For instance, the theme of my current specialized segment is March Makeup and Meditation Mashup. During this month, alongside each daily image, I offer inspiration for beauty and personal growth that also crosses over to additional content in my InstaStories. This includes makeup and skincare video tutorials as well as guided visualization video meditations.

Do you feel like there was something about the experiences you had growing up that played an outsized role in setting you up for success later in life?
Both of my parents came from the entertainment industry. My father was a music producer and my mother was a model and variety singer that traveled with a well-known entertainment troop throughout Canada until I was born. From an early age, I was fascinated by my mother’s glamorous sense of style and especially enjoyed to watch her dress up to go out to events in the evenings. I also loved to play with her makeup and fragrances. I remember that my first venture into beauty entrepreneurship was at age four, in which I customized a fragrance by combining my mother’s Norell perfume along with her Chanel No. 5 perfume plus a pinch of baking soda. Then I would “sell” a spritz of my lush concoction for a penny each to my little girlfriends. I felt quite proud of myself, to say the least!

Overall, my upbringing has taught me to be approach life with confidence. Even when I don’t always feel it, I do my best to turn inward and reach for this tenant. I truly believe that confidence is the absolute essence of beauty at any age. Confidence comes from within. What you feel inside and your natural authenticity is a reflection of how others will perceive you. When you learn to trust yourself, you reach beyond the outer physical package of beauty. You let go of fear to simply be yourself. You radiate strength, passion and conviction to be at ease in your own body and literally glow with fullness. Love and respect yourself first because the more you tell yourself that you are beautiful, the more you believe it… and so do others.

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