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Meet Trailblazer Jessica Lynn

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jessica Lynn.

Jessica, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I grew up playing in nature with my brother. Being outside for hours, as kids do, with their friends. Taking for granted the lush verdant greenery that surrounded me. My grandmother had a beautiful garden I used to play in and fruit trees that we could pick peaches from and bring inside. I grew up in Northern Virginia outside of the DC area and then, my family moved to Florida for the rest of my childhood life. I grew up hearing about global warming. Seeing the sea levels rising and beaches receding in Miami. I heard about this all growing up but feeling very disconnected from it all. Going into the tech industry. Living in the city of Chicago. Enjoying the life where plants were there just to look pretty.

Simultaneously, as the dating culture started to change to dating apps and more online presence. It was something that I never resonated with. I have to get a feeling for someone. Meet them in person. Get to know them to form a true connection. I know that many people have had success dating online, but my success in relationships has always been connecting with people in person. I believe that you can meet someone anywhere. In the grocery store or on vacation. Whatever is meant to be. Which could include online dating of course, but I feel like there is this energy around it. As people go online more it is more about the perception than the connection. There was an article in the Economist talking about these cities of “sociable loners” talking about the depression rates rising. Why is this? I believe it’s because people are disconnected from themselves. And ultimately disconnected with nature. It’s easy to forget that we come from nature. That we are nature. That our bodies will ultimately return to nature. That we live in an intelligent ecosystem that is always striving for balance. And that when something is put out of balance then it affects everything in the ecosystem. We are all interconnected.

Five years ago, I saw the movie interstellar. The move movie starts out viewing this desert-like landscape. You can tell it used to be a farm that grew lively crops, but now the land was so dense and dry nothing could grow. There were violent wind storms over the landscape. This family was working with the government to try to find a way to get humans off the planet because it was no longer habitable. I remember seeing this and getting chills. Feeling everything from growing up and feeling how our planet was changing. Seeing what we were doing to it, but not knowing fully what this could mean. I saw on the screen a potential future. A visual representation of what this could mean. A visual depiction of what had been bubbling under the surface. I got caught up in life as we all do. Caught up in my career in the tech industry, which is why I am here to say I understand all of you who are reading this. How the media and many answer out there are based around fear or try to make us feel bad or like we are not doing enough. But I understand that many are just trying to get by. Many are focused on their lives, school, family, and living from survival mode. They don’t even have time for themselves. Over the past couple of years I am so grateful to have created the space for myself to get back in touch with my truth. With who I am, and what matters to me. Recently, I had a dream over the summer while I was in London. In the dream I was in Europe in some time in the future. In the dream there were mass migrations all over the world. People fleeing in fertile land. Land that had been flooded. Land that could not be lived on anymore. I was talking to this man who had fled the south with his father. They were living on the street and trying to get food from this street vendor. I was talking to him about where he had come from, what had happened to his home and the situation in the south. He said they had to leave their home, but that it was hard for them in Europe, so they were trying to see if they could go back and help the situation. I realize everyone has difference opinions about dreams – to me this felt like a clear answer form my soul about what I felt called to be a part of. I knew I wanted to do something to make meaningful change to our planet. But what? I started to connect with organizations. I was looking for something that felt meaningful and like the core of the issue. While I was in Los Angeles – I attended a panel on global solutions to heal the Earth. During the panel, I learned about how the health of our soil was the heartbeat of our planet. How regenerating our soil was a key solution to regenerating our planet. How the degeneration of our planet didn’t start from the burins of fossil fuels, but that it start 5,000 -6,000 years ago with agriculture practices. We have seen societies crumble from this. Egyptians used to have lush verdant land. The Middle East. They started these tilling practices to turn over the soil and depleted it of nutrients and now have lands that can no longer produce. We have started these practices in the US, plus adding pesticides that kill the microbiome in our soil. And the more the soil is overturned the more carbon is released into atmosphere. Although we have been told Carbon is bad, Carbon is actually good. It’s just that Carbon is meant to be in our soil, not the air. The good news is all of this excess Carbon can be pulled into the soil. Soil that is regenerated (via composting which is putting organic matter back into the soil) has space to receive and pull down the carbon that has been released into the atmosphere. Giving back to our soil not only heals our planet, but it makes our food more nutritious. I learned that our food is less nutritious than it was in the 1940s. You can taste it when you taste a tasteless tomato of fruit or vegetable. That’s why people are needing to get so many more nutrients from other sources.

When attending this panel, hosted by the organization Kiss The Ground, they talked about how if we continue at the rate we are going we will only have 57 harvests left. 57. That is within most of our lifetimes and definitely within the lifetimes of children or grandchildren who are yet to come. I remember at this moment flashing back in my mind to that scene in the movie Interstellar. Seeing this and understanding the prophecy. But what I loved about this was that we were discussing a solution. That there was a way to not sustain, but to reverse. There are many people that say if humans left the Earth it would be fine, but at this point, since our soil is so depleted it requires human intervention. This is all new information! Many scientists are realizing how much they didn’t know about the soil and are learning so much now.

FDR seemed to know though. He is quoted as saying “The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”

I knew that this was what I wanted the Aurora Conscious Love events to be centered around. As we heal the planet. We ultimately heal ourselves. As we love the planet. We love ourselves and others. I thought this was the perfect way for singles to connect. Come out and do something good. Learn something new because you don’t have to know anything about the environment to participate. Don’t need to be an eco-friendly nerd or consider yourself to be an environmentalist. The intention of the events is to connect with each other back in the soil. I learned the when humans connect with the soil it gives off oxytocin which is the same chemical that a mother gives to her child. I thought this was such a beautiful realization and shows how the Earth really is our mother.

Our intention is to connect people in nature, reconnect them with themselves and others. This is a moment that we will create together. A moment to not only regenerate planet, but to regenerate ourselves and our relationships with each other. So many people have been looking for a new way to connect and our events are providing this. We have been getting people flying in from other cities to come to our events. People all over the United States are asking for us to come to their cities. We have had the most requests from NYC though as cities tend to feel the most disconnected with the Earth. I visited New York City recently and connected with some amazing gardens. We are now looking at creating our own regenerative gardens and are starting a fundraiser for this. To create these gardens and food security in cities around the world. Our goals is to not only grow this in the US but take this worldwide. Right now, we are focused on Los Angeles and New York City. We would be so grateful and honored to have you join our movement. This is a movement about connection and love. Anyone can be a part of it. Of regenerating ourselves and our planet. This is about all of us, and we will succeed when we all come together. We are all so powerful when we come together and we can accomplish so much. I am so excited to see where this takes us.

Has it been a smooth road?
It hasn’t always been easy. There have been other business that I have started. I’ve worked with CEOs, Entrepreneurs, World Famous Fashion Designers. And I have had ups and downs in my career. But it’s seeing the lessons. I am grateful for everything I went through as it made me the person I am today. Pushing through the perceived bottoms that allowed me to create stronger foundations. I don’t believe there is such a thing as failure. Failures are just lessons learned if we choose to learn the lesson. Having a vision that you believe in is so powerful. It will keep you going if no one else understands. People that do not give up, but learn how to flow with life are the ones who are ultimately successful. It’s important to have a good support system around you. Also, to cultivate a practice within you. I love meditation. Yoga. Getting out in nature. Re-connectting with who we were before the world told us who we should be. Spending time with ourselves getting to know who we are is invaluable. And from this centered place, we can accomplish anything.

When I started Aurora Conscious Love, everything just aligned and the right people and organizations started to appear. It was really a sign for me that this was meant to grow. That this was meant to be. I had always felt like I never resonated with the dating paradigm, and I always felt like I wanted to make a greater change and impact in the world. And this idea came to me at the right time. I will say life is all about timing too. Just because something isn’t working now doesn’t mean it isn’t going to work. It’s really about getting in touch with yourself and knowing what is right for you. If something is coming from doing something because you think it is what you should be doing or if you’re doing it based on what other people will think, it will have a different outcome versus if it’s coming from a centered place within yourself.

We’d love to hear more about Aurora Conscious Love.
I specialize in providing a space for people to connect with others who want to make an impact in the world. All of our events are focused on regenerating the planet.

We also provide content for people to change the relationship paradigm. We have a podcast and provide content for people to deepen their connection with themselves and the connection with others. To see that everything comes from within. And when we heal ourselves we are able to date and be in a relationship from a whole place. We are able to create interdependence vs. co-dependence or independence in relationships. Our goal is to not only regenerate the Earth, but to regenerate ourselves. Give back to ourselves what has been depleted. Because when our cup is full we all have more to give. It’s like putting on your oxygen mask first before putting it on another person as they said in the airplane safety talk.

No one else is providing a space like this for people to connect and we look to continue to grow and provide these spaces. And our online space, podcast, and online content is to provide connection for people who cannot come to an event, but to still connect with our community online. This is a movement around love and connection and shifting the paradigm that we will all create together.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on female leadership – in particular, what do you feel are the biggest barriers or obstacles?
I feel like growing up, especially coming from the tech industry and being one of the only females. And not only female, but young females it could feel very lonely. I remember attending the Grace Hopper Conference, which was for women in Tech and hearing so many women who worked at Fortune 500 companies discussing barriers and obstacles they have encountered again and again. How they felt they could not speak up about it for fear of being fired. I have gone through my own situations, but I realized through life that they were all just signs of where not to be. I realized when we connect with ourselves and know who we are and what we stand for then people also react to us differently. I feel like the world has this story telling women that they have to “lean in” – close off their hearts to become more tough. What we are missing in the world is feminine energy. We do not need more masculine energy – we need more balance within ourselves. Just like the Earth. Vulnerability is real courage. Being able to be so authentically yourself that you allow others to feel comfortable be themselves as well. To be truly seen, heard and valued for who they are and what they bring to the table. This is where true innovation and sharing comes from. I believe the competition mindset in the workplace only leads to the demise of all.I’ve seen this time and time again in corporations where it’s like there is a hole in one side of the ships and everyone says that’s your problem not realizing we are all on the same ship. I have been successful because I have cultivated true partnerships and I now only strive to work with people that have similar values and integrity. I realize that to others that may feel hard or they may feel they don’t have options in their current situation. But I would like to encourage and let everyone know that they do. If you cannot leave a current situation – then I would say spend time investing in yourself. Cultivating connecting. Networking outside of your current job. Finding examples of others doing what you would like to do. Other examples help to expand our minds to see what is possible. I realized it is usually only our own self-limiting beliefs that hold us back. And by seeing others like us doing something we would like to to – allows us to realize it is possible for us too. I used to have a podcast centered around this to help other females see others succeeding that were just like them. This can be true for men and women. And when we start to see each other as allies, as people, as individuals that all offer unique perspectives and have unique skills then I feel like we will heal a lot in the world. We will stop sequestering ourselves to only teams of male of females or only hiring people that are like us. It’s important to have different perspectives. Diverse teams. People with different backgrounds because they see things that we couldn’t see and this only helps all of us. So, I think the biggest thing we can all do for ourselves is to see where we hold our own self limiting beliefs and change the paradigm from there. Learning this changed my life, and allowed me to create the business I have today.

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