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Meet Trailblazer Elani Kay

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elani Kay.

Elani, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Thank you for allowing me to share! Well, my name is Greek and it means “Light.” I am half Japanese and half Chinese. My father was born in Hawaii and my Mother in Los Angeles. I happily grew up in the Bay Area (California) and currently live in the Valley in Southern California. I am a mother of three boys, an entrepreneur, business owner, a momager to my oldest son who is 12, a life coach, International bestselling author, and philanthropist.

I started my younger years as a performer when I was eight years old. I learned to play the violin as a young girl and went on to learn the oboe, flute, piano, and a little guitar. With a background in music composition, I also performed in musical theater, orchestra, and was in a handful of musicals like Fiddler on The Roof. I took my music theory knowledge and joined a jazz a capella group in college. I performed as a solo performance singer for over 15+ years. I was one of the lead singers of my church band, I sang National Anthems and was a featured artist for the 250th anniversary of the city of Fremont in California. My performance background and experiences gave me the confidence and energy later in life to successfully handle speaking engagements as well as dealing with new clients directly in sales and marketing. I left college to pursue business as I felt college was a choice and I would only pursue a degree for the specific career choice I knew for certain I’d want to make. I started a network marketing business when I was 18 and successfully built a large team and learned how to turn a cold market into a warm market and generate sales instantly through my ability to speak to people on a one on one level.

In my five year residency in Hawaii, I was the music research Director as well as the Promotions co-ordinator for four FM radio stations and three AM radio stations. At Clear Channel Communications, I successfully assisted in developing marketing and advertising projects and campaigns while also assisting with the sales and programming departments of the seven radio stations. My love of writing developed during my tenure at the radio station where I would often assist in writing commercials and other promotional material and campaigns. My organization and team building lead me to begin running the promotions and marketing team for an international online radio station where I became the VP of Marketing and Artist Relations. I also created a street team in Northern California as well as an African Street team with representatives in over seven African countries. As creative director for one of the online radio station’s charity events, I was instrumental in organizing and executing a major National talent competition campaign. The website jumped from 25,000 hits a month to 2.3 million hits in one month at the peak of the campaign.

I am also truly passionate about youth and the community. As a philanthropist, my constant goal is about helping serve others and providing them the tools and resources to succeed. I served on the board of a youth non-profit organization as one of the key executives raising capital to save domestically trafficked youth. I am also a momager of my oldest son who is a working child actor and model. He can be seen on Disney Jr., Comedy Central, and TV Land, as well as past National Commercial Campaigns, and national modeling campaigns for Walmart, Nike, and Samsung. My oldest son who is currently 12 is a definite driving force in my life that has motivated me to work as hard as I do. He has had big dreams and big goals since he was very young and opportunities have been given to him that most adults would only dream of having. From working with seasoned and successful directors in Hollywood to working with Jordan Peele and having the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with him, my son has been able to hear from the mouths of these individuals their own perspectives, goals, and advice for my son.

Life coaching is also a passion of mine, where I describe my role as a medium to help my clients find their own way to create the life they want to live. I have worked with clients and seen them transform a full 360 degrees with the ultimate result of being highly productive and goal driven individuals. My life coaching business led me to speak at Harvard at the Business Expert Forum. I was honored to share the stage with the likes of Suzanne Summers, as well as doctors, financial experts, and other business professionals. As an author, I have offered published work to serve as stories of healing. I contributed writing pieces in two International Best Selling books; one called “Love – A New Generation of Hope Continues” and the other “Peace – A New Perspective of Hope.” I also co-wrote a book called “Talent Agency Guide.” My business partner of our company called “Talent Agency Guide” joined me on a mission to help guide the working and aspiring actor in the world of acting. With the book, classes, resources, workshops, and more, we help these actors truly understand what it takes to reach their goals and make their dreams come true from the business side as well as the individual personal development side. I am currently working on a trilogy. I would like my readers to know that I consider myself to be more like a mirror and a messenger. Messages can only be received from a source that feels familiar, and so if you are one of my readers, I believe it’s because a part of me is a reflection of a part of you. I believe we are all very similar regardless of our past, present, and future.

I am also the owner of a multi-channel network and various companies that provide resources and tools for creatives in the entertainment industry. Working alongside production companies, PR companies and the like, I have been able to provide platforms to help creatives increase their value, get their message out there, and build their brands. From a production studio to recording studio, podcast studio, to event space, the various outlets I have to offer has been able to empower others and give them the foundation to start their creative ventures. The goal for me is to continue to increase my bandwidth of platforms to help others and myself to get their unique messages out there to the world. My most recent venture is an exciting way for me to be able to not only get my message out there on an international stage but also get the messages of powerful and inspiring content from those who are on my network.

The most important part to my story I believe is that where I am today is a result of an immense amount of pain, struggle, hardship, failure, and chaos that I had to go through. My life before now was immersed in drama and I felt for years that I would not be able to escape it. I made choices for everyone else, put everyone first, I lived life for the approval of others, I struggled with setting healthy boundaries and I had a lot of growing to do. All of this led to the discord and imbalance in my life which attracted people who did not have my best interest at heart. I had some very unhealthy relationships, but they taught me so much and was instrumental in my growth in life. The past two years were the most intense as far as growth. I believe I have grown the most over the past two years in the shortest amount of time. This was a time where I was finally feeling free to be myself and at the same time, I was in the process of testifying in criminal court as a victim of a crime against me. My life had been threatened along with other things. I was also healing from years of trauma and an unfortunate situation that led me to have PTSD. Many suffered from this situation that was unfair for all involved, but we all have to heal in our own way. I needed to remove the drama from my life in order to be able to be the best version of myself for my kids. I may be a single Mother, but it’s not something I claim. It was never something I wanted to acknowledge as a means to make an excuse. I also never wanted to claim to be a victim of anything. I’ll leave my #metoo story for another time. No matter what life has presented to me, it has been my job to find my way through it. It’s not been easy, but it has been worth it. When you experience so many life and death situations, all the other stuff is easy and that’s really what got me to this present day. Any problem that I have come across if someone wasn’t about to die, I was prepared to find a solution.

I can never thank enough my parents who are in Northern California, my friends, and the special angels along the way who have been there to support me, believe in me and protect me. There are individuals out there who are consumed with anger and hatred for me, but with social media, I’ve come to learn that we sort of all have that in common don’t we? The type of hatred may all be different, but I think we all know what it’s like to fear or to be hurt by others not liking or approving of us. The peace in knowing that someone doesn’t like you is actually more about what’s going on with them then it really being about you. I have walked my life in compassion to offer love to those who feel this way towards me. I genuinely feel that even those who dislike me the most that I am rooting for them to find their peace and joy. We can only put out there what is inside of us and after going through such an intense healing process, the level of peace I have has given me the ability to not walk in resentment, to not walk in fear, do not need to control the outcome of my life or the outcomes of other’s lives. I wish the best for all and I am a believer in the philosophy that we can all win.

To know that I am in a position to be able to help others and truly support them in ways that will impact their lives on all levels is really living the dream for me. My boys get to watch all of this and be a part of the process and learn how to create a life that you want to live, and for that, I am so grateful. Why be anything else?

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I recently had a meeting with an older gentleman and I needed to remind him that life is actually much easier when we acknowledge the need to expect the bumps in the road. Whoever tried to make us all believe that life is supposed to be some smoothly paved road had to have been speaking out of fear because that is 100% not true. What I have learned on a very deep level is that the truth really will set you free. The truth in the same situation can have many versions though, but if you are absolutely honest with yourself that is the truth I speak of. Be real with yourself, be direct, and be strong and brave when you talk to yourself. Life is going to hit you hard and you’re going to face all kinds of opposition, but the only way it’s going to stop you is if YOU allow it to. From my experience of facing some of the most horrific struggles, you have to look at yourself and take accountability for the things you have control over no matter how hard it may be. You can be your best friend or your own worst enemy, the choice is yours. I know it’s tempting to sugar coat things and try to be soft on yourself in order to cope with all of life’s obstacles, but once you actually face what you are dealing with, the sooner you can come up with a solution and move forward. Strive to be the most resourceful person you know and any and all problems will be that much easier to work through. Don’t get too hung up on titles or the way society defines you. Define yourself. You create the life you want to live and be confident in who you are. It’s really all about you! Anyone that makes the choice to apply themselves and pursue “ANY” dream or goal of theirs can do it, I truly believe that.

We’d love to hear more about Talent Agency Guide, All In Alignment, CEITA TV.
I love this question because it forces me to actually have to narrow down what is my “work.” I honestly don’t feel like what I do is work because my life work is helping others. My focus is creatives, specifically in the entertainment industry. From producers, writers, directors, artists, speakers, actors, parents of creatives, business owners who provide services for these individuals, and more, I aspire to help individuals like these accomplish their goals. Most basic goals for people in the entertainment industry are very similar. Most just want their voice to be heard, their message or artistry to be put out there to the world, to be able to live life doing what they are passionate about, and for their lives to be elevated in all areas. I believe there’s a lot that makes me different than others and sets me apart, I suppose the best way to put it is just to say that there is only one me and I truly wish to help others realize their dreams. I am a woman, a Mother, a life coach, an author, I own a talent management company, I own a multi-channel network, I am looking for content creators, I am a photographer, and I can help people with their podcast shows, help people get their shows on FM/AM radio, help people produce their web series or TV show ideas, help people who are looking for production space, help people who need studio space to record, help people who are looking for a venue to execute their events, and more. I choose to surround myself in diversity, from all ages, race, and gender and I am most proud about the authenticity of the dream work that my team and I are about.

Finding a mentor and building a network are often cited in studies as a major factor impacting one’s success. Do you have any advice or lessons to share regarding finding a mentor or networking in general?
I believe that having a mentor is about being okay with asking for help. I struggled with asking for help for years, but I had to change that. I have had many coaches; from life coaches, business coaches, to spiritual advisers. I have asked every single one for some form of help whether it be for advice or just a listening ear. I think one of the easiest ways to find out if someone has the capacity to be a mentor for you is if that person asks you powerful questions. It’s great to seek the advice of others and for those more experienced than you to tell you what to do, but it’s also equally important to surround yourself with mentors that also understand you enough to help you reach your own greatest potential as you walk your own journey to greatness yourself. When I needed to vent a lot due to personal problems, I went so far as to utilize anonymous hotlines in crisis, when I felt I needed additional professional support, I spoke to a professional counselor, when I started my first big business, I called my life coach to start sessions again, and when I needed to learn more about various things from money to legal matters, I went and spoke to experts in those fields. What has worked the best for me is recognizing the fact that there is so much knowledge out there that not one mentor should be the absolute voice for your entire life. I believe that mentors should not be idolized, but more so respected and appreciated. As a mentor myself, I don’t wish to be looked at as perfect or one who has all the answers. I have three kids with my own life experiences, so what works for me may not work for the next person and vice versa. We are all here to support and guide one another and serve as mirrors to each other. We can all learn from each other and once I really figured that out, it has helped me to be surrounded with a plethora of incredible mentors, coaches, guides, advisers, and people.


  • $49 – “Talent Agency Guide” – the book – comprehensive guide to over 150+ SAG-AFTRA & ATA talent agencies in LA
  • Starting at $75 – one on one coaching sessions for actors – learn the business & craft on one of our top acting coaches
  • Starting at $100 – one on one life coaching session with Elani Kay
  • Starting at $50/hr – Production Studio – filming & photography studio
  • Starting at $35/hr – Event Space
  • Starting at $25/hr – Space for large classes and seminars

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