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Meet Trailblazer Christy Lee

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christy Lee.

Christy, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My passion for food started back in junior high school after taking a cooking class over summer when we made Rice Krispies treat. This may not sound like a big deal but I grew up in a household where no one made American style food or desserts. You can imagine how excited and new this experience was for me. It was through that class where I’ve started to show interest in baking. After buying a couple of cooking books, I started to experiment on my own.

I wasn’t always a foodie and only ate because it was necessary. As time went by, my palate grew a lot more sophisticated after dining in various restaurants. After trying a dish, I’d come home to replicate that same taste in my kitchen.

All my friends know how much I love to cook and my best friend even gifted me an Instant Pot for Christmas back in 2017. At first, I had no idea what this gadget was or how popular it was going to get amongst every household! After testing out couple recipes, that’s when I’ve decided to start up my own YouTube channel called Christy’s Kitchen. My friends would text me for recipes all the time. I would watch YouTube to learn and get inspired for recipes. Although I knew nothing about making videos or creating content, I wanted to give it a try. There are a lot of people on YouTube who would post home videos that does not look professional at all. And they were getting thousands of views and over 10k subscribers. Why can’t that be me? And that is when I just dived right into the world of YouTube. Just my iPhone, my kitchen and having no knowledge about filming, editing or cooking… ok maybe I knew a little more about the last part. And my niche? Mainly using the Instant Pot. My highest viewed video is making homemade Pho in the Instant pot which got over 150k views! Who would’ve thought an amateur home cook who knew not one single thing about creating YouTube content can get so many views! Glad I was able to start off with this niche to grow my subscribers!

I’ve had Instagram since it first started but my postings were just about my dogs, random pictures with friends and food pictures. It wasn’t until March of 2019 when I’ve realized that I could be using Instagram as my personal food journey page. Instead of posting random things and being all over the place, my page becomes all about either what I’ve cooked or ate at a restaurant. I started to focus on just food and that’s when amazing things started to happen.

My email inbox started to receive brand or restaurant collaborations where others saw value in me. My opinions and voice mattered where others wanted me to promote their business and products! It was an exciting moment where I’ve felt so humbled to be part of this opportunity.

After reaching over 5k subscribers in two years, I wanted to do something different and start a new channel that is all about my own personal vlogs. It’s only a month since I’ve started to upload my foodie adventures on my new channel called “ Let’s Mukbang “ which directly translates to Let’s Eat Room. It doesn’t make sense but in Korea, young generation came up with that phrase to showcase foodies who’d eat their meals in front of the camera so others can watch for entertainment purposes. My channel is more about eating at various restaurants from a hole in the wall to fine dining where I talk about the food, film some behind the scenes on how it’s being made and how I feel about each dish. It’s like doing a Yelp review/documentary/personal vlog all at the same time. Would this new channel become popular? I’ll definitely give it my best!

Through my new focus on Instagram for the past eight months, I’ve learned a lot about creating content and how to build a better social media. I’m still teaching myself on how to take vibrant and better quality pictures, record videos, edit photos and videos, create an interesting vlog, make cooking videos, come up with better recipes, figure out how to reach my audience and still make time to be the best mama to my two fur babies!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
My personal life has gone through some tough moments where social media had become one of my outlets. It helped me to focus and push forward with the negative impact it was causing but soon after a big drastic change started to happen. Diving into social media and working on brand promotions along with restaurant collaborations became a part of my new life. It was confusing and intimidating at first because I felt much older to be starting this social media life at my age. However, I’ve seen retired older people in their 60’s starting something brand new and successfully accomplishing their new goals. It doesn’t matter what age you start anything. Just start. Push forward and give it your best. It may fail but you won’t have any regrets later on. Even if it does fail, start all over again and learn from those mistakes. Building anything from the ground up doesn’t happen overnight. You will end up spending a lot of hours on the smallest task. Don’t be discouraged. Keep going and make it happen. If this means something to you, just go for it. It doesn’t matter what society thinks of you. They are not the ones living your life. You make that change and stick to those goals. Be assertive yet humble. Ask for help and connect with those people who can add value to your life. Leave the ones who try to hold you back and think what you’re doing is a waste of time. Keeping them in your life is a waste of YOUR time. And just keep moving forward because the only person who can stop you is YOU. No one else can ever have that power or control over your life.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Missfoodaddict – what should we know?
Creating cooking videos became naturally easy because I’m used to teaching students of all ages in both Piano and Violin. Music is another big part of my life that I’ve started to learn since I was 4 years old. Teaching myself to create content and showing my audience on how to make various dishes is challenging but fun. Being a music teacher means having lots of patience and the knowledge to help students on how to play the instrument. This was applied when I started to make cooking videos. My audience would send me compliments on how easy my videos shows, all the step by step procedure. Even people who don’t know how to cook enjoy watching my videos and would follow the clear and easy to follow instructions. I guess my strength would be helping others learn something new. It’s rewarding and also makes me feel good that I’ve helped others accomplish a new goal!

Do you recommend any apps, books or podcasts that have been helpful to you?
Favorite app is IMovie!

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Christy Lee

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