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Meet Tracee Dunblazier of GoTracee Publishing in Pasadena

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tracee Dunblazier: spiritual empath, shaman, and award-winning author.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
My life story transcends this time and space we share—it traverses many other spiritual dimensions. I was born psychic and empathic and had a mature, conscious awareness of the divine matrix, with memories as early as a year old.

By all accounts, my life looked filled with average middle-class-white-privilege, but anyone willing to take a full breath and look deeply— saw something else. A multi-leveled experience—a soul so jam-packed with spirits—the subtle nuances of their presence made for a striking all-be-it confusing memorable encounter.

I remember many times as a child thinking to myself, how did you know that? And then giggling. Although it was a strange existence knowing that I had information far beyond my years or cultural understanding from this life, I accepted it as a beautiful part of my self and moved on. (I speak of it, in-depth, in book series, The Demon Slayer’s Handbook).

On the dark side, my nights were filled with spiritual trauma and attack. I intrinsically understood about the demonic and other-worldly entities with whom I was connected or afflicted but was drowning in a sea-of-confusion about the multiple dreams of past-life recollections. Somehow knowing that I carried—not only the memories of lives lived in other times, places, and ethnicities—I carried other spirits from those times as well. They often plagued my sleep.

As a child, I awoke frequently in terror from dreams of an endless room containing burlap sacks of apples… It made no sense to me either. How can something so apparently benign, anchor such a rage and terror? This was just one of the many spiritual mysteries to be revealed over time. It is those spiritually and emotionally traumatic childhood years that set-in-motion my conviction not only to reveal the mystery of my spiritual heritage, but to heal it all, and ultimately, help others do the same.

I began that conscious journey only months into relocating to New York City and piercing my nose with a Nubian gold ring (representing the never-ending-circle- of-life). Reminding me daily of my commitment to embrace, understand, and transform all the spiritual beings and dimensions to which I had access—or that had access to me. Every day was a secret lesson in spiritual and emotional mastery through the constant soul-retrievals and shamanic initiations I experienced. It was through these many transformations I understood the missing component to the western understanding of mental illness, and why so many never heal.

It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that I, through no effort of my own, was jettisoned into doing spiritual readings for the public. Up until that point, very few people knew of my skill-set. The public response was profound, since and for twenty-five years, I’ve had a referral-driven-private-practice with clients all over the globe.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I’ve always considered myself a lucky person. So, when I envision the path I’ve walked, I see it laden with bricks-of-gold. But, however beautiful, it was always immersed in an abiding grief. As if it came from the center-of-the-Earth, and for so many years was immeasurable. The long-suffering wasn’t easy, but I am certain it was as easy as it could’ve been.

The struggles for me, over the years? Of course, there were many financial hardships along the way, but I always believed those would disappear as I resolved the many spiritual and emotional traumas that lived in me. My biggest obstacles were, feeling; crazy, alone, isolated, confused, sick, broke, and angry.

I was continually objectified by men and women from the age of three and suffered a rape, at eighteen, that changed the course of my life. I found myself unwilling to remain victimized, but thinking back, the most potent obstacle to my freedom was overcoming my childhood notion that others would receive my grief as sickness, my talking to spirits as delusional, and the rejection of my immense spiritual knowledge because I wasn’t old enough to have it (or so was the opinion of many.)

Most importantly, it was the living in rage, resentment, and bitterness that taught me—they are the culprits to our inability-to-heal, not the events that inspired the emotions. No matter our challenges, our indomitable spirit gives us choices—we can choose forgiveness. It can be easy or hard, and I believe although my path of learning to express the process of grief felt harsh, it in-fact, was the easiest and shortest route to the peace I deeply needed.

Please tell us about Tracee Dunblazier—spiritual empath and shaman and GoTracee Publishing.
My business as a spiritual empath, shaman, and grief counselor.

Spiritual Work: People come to me for all sorts of reasons—most often they are experiencing anything from a low-level confusion about their path to a high level of anxiety, spiritual intrusion or attack, all forms of trauma, unsettling spiritual imprints or past-life memories, and uncomfortable dynamics in all types of relationships. My fearless approach has garnered the trust and respect of clients and colleagues alike, to bring me their most difficult or stubborn obstacles-to-healing.

I specialize in entity releasement and demonic deliverances as-well-as helping people address the deeper spiritual attachments they have—causing addiction, suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety. However, it is my ability to bring out the dark humor in any situation that provides an opportunity for others to find the neutral perspective from which they can begin the healing and grief process.

In a session, via phone or in-person, I make an initial spiritual assessment as to the core dynamics at work and then channel in the information necessary for the client to begin the process of resolution. I specialize in connecting to the original seed of conflict in a person’s relationship to themselves or others—pulling it from the root creates a void for the new positive-relational-dynamic to grow.

Healings: My favorite experience in my work is to witness others making a healing connection that resolves their long-held mysteries. I use many modalities to facilitate them: soul-retrieval, spirit-releasement therapy, past life regression, crystals, spiritual journeying, spiritual reading, grief counseling, and Reiki to name a few. We don’t necessarily have to feel bad in order to receive healing.

The healing is an integration of the spiritual, mental, and emotional elements of ourselves. Our spirits are encoded with questions and answers that we spend our lifetime responding to through resistance, love, and self-reflection. We’re all haunted in some way, whether from memories or entities—all they want is to tell their story. Reevaluating each memory from a new perspective in order to transform it or walk away from it feeling empowered.

Grief Counseling: Grief is the transition from one state or idea to another. It’s not just about the loss of a loved one or the sorrow and mourning for the things we’ll miss.

Physically and psychically, grief literally changes our brains and emotions and helps our bodies process and transform themselves to receive higher vibrational information (the transition we seek through grief): more understanding, wisdom, joy, completion, or recognition of the spiritual realms that house our ancestors. My job as a grief counselor is to assist another through their grief, starting where they are in the process.

House, Building, and Land Healings: One of the favorite tasks of my job is doing home and land healings. When someone has a haunting, they call me. I travel frequently and love healing structures and land from the unresolved historic, energetic-conflicts that remain.

Feng Shui: I specialize in Flying Star Feng Shui—it’s the practice of aligning a home or space and its contents with the natural flow of supportive energies for the year as presented by the flying stars.

Writing, Publishing, and Speaking: Over the course of my life, all my work experience has honed my ability as a natural-born-educator and my love of bringing forth old ideas in new ways. Spiritually speaking, there really are no new ideas—just old wisdom reimagined. I write and speak on the spiritual perspective of any topic and have contributed articles and expert commentary to many radio shows and online magazines, including; BuzzFeed, Variety, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Thrive Global, Sivana East, MeetMindful, and Authority Magazine to name a few.

GoTracee Publishing: In 2015, I started a publishing company to create what is now a newly acknowledged genre in the literary industry (but has always been a part of the metaphysical-self-help industry)—the spiritual healing-memoir. My first title: Master Your Inner World: Embrace Your Power with Joy (The Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series- Volume 1), launched on’s Top Five Hot New Releases list.

My second best-selling title: Heal Your Soul History: Activate the True Power of Your Shadow (The Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series- Volume 2), won a Living Now Silver medal, one of the highest honors in the industry marking the title as a book that makes the world a better place.

Finally, my most recent launch: The Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck (a spiritual oracle deck/meditation tool) won the Living Now Gold Medal—their highest award, for its unique approach to connecting an individual with their soul’s spiritual language, allowing for the development of the right/left brain connection and intuition.

As a Publisher: I am consulted on an hourly basis by authors beginning their own quest for independent publishing or can be hired to facilitate an entire project from completing the final manuscript to printing and marketing the final book or deck.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
Somewhere between the age of three and six, we drove through El Paso, Texas to Mexico on a family vacation. Prepared with a Thermos of ice-tea and Mom’s fried chicken, as-well-as a smattering of joke books and mind-teasing games, the adventure was under-way. We arrived at the beach-front, flat-topped stucco bungalow (complete with vibrating beds for the price of a quarter) and ran out to the sandy fisherman’s dock to find the latest Marlin catch hanging from a large metal apparatus.

The pungent fish smell didn’t seem to bother me at all, and the plentiful black-plastic-looking prickly barnacles provided hours of fantasy and amusement. The memory is potent for me, in part because of the entire family being together, but mostly because it was the first-time, I experienced the depth and abundance of the ocean. It triggered in me a feeling of invincibility, I find myself still calling on today.

What were you like growing up? Personality wise, interest wise, etc
Growing up, I was very creative and entrepreneurial. I dreamed-up my projects and facilitated them one-by-one. I liked to sew, draw, paint, write, and sell things—I was a Brownie and Girl Scout all my early years, and often, when I had a lot of energy on me (an indistinguishable idea), I would go to bed and toss-and-turn until the anxiety quelled and brought forth a vision of what I wanted to create.

When I’d awake from one of these dreaming sessions, my hair would be in knots. Not only would this incite laughter from the family—at times it would be so bad mom would have to cut the knots completely out. At least it left me with one good memory of permed hair. Along with the creativity came an enormous empathy for everyone and everything in pain.

After the death of my father at age eleven, I relied heavily on the mask of altruism to get me through the day, while crying or visioning myself to sleep at night. I was a mediocre academic student while excelling in extra-curricular activities—I was president or vice president of just about every organization with whom I participated during high school. I wasn’t always a great friend to those closest to me, but I always saw others with an open heart and without judgment.


  • Spiritual Session Pricing: 1 Hour: $250 45 Minutes: $200 30 Minutes: $150
  • House, Building, Land Healings/Energy Clearings: Starting at $350
  • Feng Shui Consulting and Charts: Starting at $500

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