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Meet Tiffany Marie of Trampoline TRIM in Sherman Oaks

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Marie.

Tiffany, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Trampoline TRIM – THE WHY:

I created Trampoline TRIM because I realized fitness will forever be an integral part of my well being and that of our community. My goal with Trampoline TRIM is to provide a space for tangible, meaningful, health-conscious changes within the community.

Trampoline TRIM is bigger than just the workout. It’s healing, unique, exclusive and unlike any other workout. Our mission is to nurture the mind, body & soul while getting a damn good workout! At the beginning of every class, we ask our clients, “What will you TRIM today?” Meaning, as you go through the workout, what will you let go of that is not in the physical? What will you release to allow yourself to elevate? We understand the importance of loving yourself enough to let go. Trampoline TRIM will inspire you to do that.

I’m taking this leap of faith and stepping into my greatness with building Trampoline TRIM. I imagine it’s like having a child and realizing you have to boss up to make sure that baby flourishes. I want to explore and be a catalyst in building upon our well being as a community. I encourage everyone to join me on this fitness journey and #GetTheTRIM with Trampoline TRIM!

Has it been a smooth road?
One of the biggest obstacles that I encountered while building Trampoline TRIM was conquering my mental space. Choosing to ACTUALLY believe that “I, Tiffany Marie, can do this” was initially a task in itself. Consciously deciding that the ideas in my head, things I’ve written down to even acknowledging the natural pull that told me I got this —was a “thing”. Acting on my faith and TRULY believing this for myself, as one person building an empire, was something I had to practice daily. I had to mentally prepare for things like being a black female business owner who is starting from the ground up and building on something that has never been done. At times it was difficult to see that these were only challenges that did not equate to an impossibility.

I didn’t have a blueprint or anyone to tell me how it’s done. I had to trust that my belief in self was sufficient enough to begin the journey. The real struggle came from within and being able to consciously decide that my dreams with Trampoline TRIM will absolutely become a reality. I had to first believe that I was capable of creating a groundbreaking fitness trampoline workout of this caliber and thus build off of that. I had to have faith beyond what I knew which, for me, was key.

I am now my own corporation and no longer working for a company (Previous Engineer for Verizon Wireless) that provides set scheduling and structure. I have to create that foundation along with the skeleton that I envision for my company. When it comes to creating office hours, structuring the class, hiring trainers, catering to the client, planning events, etc, these are all decisions I now have to make. How do I bring on trainers and simultaneously market to get clients in class with very little money? In other words, what are my options with what I have now and how do I create to expand on that?  In this, I understand that it takes patience with finding that groove, staying consistent with what works, being ok with mistakes and open to change. While it’s not always easy, it has definitely built character and growth within myself which then translates to the growth of Trampoline TRIM.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Trampoline TRIM is a high-intensity, low-impact trampoline workout designed to improve the overall immune system. It enhances endurance, balance and core strength while working all 650+ muscles in the body. Within each class, we acknowledge our mental space as we work together as a community. We do this while vibing to great music from today’s top hits to a range of old school mixes. Each workout supports total rejuvenation as we ask our clients one simple yet important question, “What will you TRIM today?” The class itself is called “theTRIM” and it is important that we as a community consciously release or “TRIM” the weight of the world as we elevate. Hence, #GetTheTRIM! Trampoline TRIM is not your traditional workout; It is healing in the most creative way.

Rebounding or bouncing on the trampoline has many health benefits. It is more efficient than running as 15-20 minutes of rebounding burns as many calories as 30 minutes of running. Rebounding is easy on the joints with 30% less impact than running or jumping on a hard surface. It boosts the metabolism, enhances digestion, clears the body of toxins, drains your lymphatic system and even reduces cellulite. In knowing these phenomenal health benefits I wanted to design a work that was unique, challenging and freeing.

I am proud of Trampoline TRIM for being known as that kick-ass workout that allows you to tune into yourself, release the weight of the world and ELEVATE. I am most proud of the moment when this clicks for my clients. It’s a beautiful thing to see my clients “Get the TRIM”.

Clients can sign up for group classes or private training sessions via our website. We are also on platforms such as Instagram, Mindbody, ClassPass, Yelp and Google.

Search our hashtags for a look inside the class!

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Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Los Angeles is definitely a great place for Trampoline TRIM. We are in a city of dreamers where the things we dream of are momentous yet tangible and realistic. There can be a ton of pressure when it comes to balancing dreams and reality. Wherever you are in your journey, believing in the unfathomable should not weigh on beauty of your current space. Mental, physical and spiritual health are key foundations to this journey called life. Trampoline TRIM provides a safe space for our community to free itself from this pressure. We consciously and subconsciously apply pressure to ourselves and even take it on from the world. We can choose to let that go. When you need a place to release, reset, and elevate, come #GetTheTRIM with Trampoline TRIM.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 5915 Kester Ave
    Sherman Oaks CA 91411
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @TrampolineTRIM
  • Facebook: Trampoline TRIM
  • Yelp: Trampoline TRIM
  • Other: #GetTheTRIM

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