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Meet Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer: Nicole Henshaw

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nicole Henshaw.

Nicole, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I grew up appreciating the art of photography because my dad used to collect antique cameras and did photography as a hobby. We would develop film in his closet and I would read about Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. It wasn’t until in 2009 I picked up my first DSLR and then in 2013 started the business.

Has it been a smooth road?
Oh, there’s definitely been ups and downs. It’s definitely a saturated market to be in. It took me awhile to hone in on my own unique style. But what I have learned is to just focus on yourself and be true to you, don’t worry about the competition. People came to you because they liked your work,

What’s your outlook for the industry over the next 5-10 years?
I think there will always be a demand for photography. People will always want their special moments and memories captured. But I have noticed over the last few years that there has been a decrease in value for photography. There seem to be more people who want their uncle bob taking snapshots, or use iPhone and a GoPro, rather than investing in a professional photographer. But I’m not too worried about it. In 5-10 years, though, who knows! Every year new camera equipment gets released and the images are getting better and better. Film photography made a huge comeback with the Contax 645 but I think with the release of the new Canon Mark IV digital is gonna set the pace again.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you over the course of your career?
I think the biggest challenge has been learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) honestly, haha. The photography and editing part of the business are what I thrive and am passionate about. But there’s so much to learn in order to market yourself correctly and efficiently. I’m still learning! Google and all of the social media algorithms are constantly changing. It’s always a challenge keeping up on top of that stuff.

What would you tell someone who is just starting out?
There’s going to be competition. Always. But in order for anyone to believe in what you do, you must believe in yourself first. Never devalue your work. Do research of similar photographers in the area and what they charge to make sure you’re at least competitive and pricing appropriately. Remember you’re running a business and it’s okay to charge family members 😉


  • Portraits begin at $300
  • Weddings begin at $2000

Contact Info:


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