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Meet Teresa Lebron of YogawithTee in Sherman Oaks

Today we’d like to introduce you to Teresa Lebron.

Teresa, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I am a native New Yorker who back in 1998 ish noticed the bicoastal lifestyle needed to change. By 2000, I moved out to LA taking my then Dance career in the Contemporary realm to full-time opportunity in film, television, and world travel. While on tour or breaks in between dance jobs, I often studied Yoga to help with body maintenance as well as getting a sense of grounding and feeding my spirit.

Always so important for me. As time went on in the wondrous life of dance, then came the time to consider next chapters in life.. 10 plus years later gears shifted as life also brought about many challenges, accomplishments, some tragedies along the way, through it all my practice was something I continuously returned to no matter what. This life changes IE the search for a career change, Marriage, Divorce, loss of children. I came to realize the practice of yoga continues to heal me and guide me for the better. Yoga became more and more of a priority and a staple element for me to just function day to day. By 2007, Yoga was truly a very committed practice of mine that also then became a necessity just as eating and breathing are. I haven’t stopped since and knew in my heart I was to become a teacher. Life’s trials and tribulations can be much yet my healing, the discoveries of reconnecting to self, rediscovering my identity, and realizing this passion is truly a purpose I signed up for a 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and graduated in May of 2013.

Immediately after as my movement journey continues and I find my way rebuilding starting a new, I dove into a partnership of running a space as a mini yoga studio within a gym facility. Although wonderful intension was established we found it was not quite the right fit and so we went our separate ways. I decided I needed to gain much more studio experience. Learn a bit more about the business of yoga, get more trainings and education under my belt, build more of a following and narrow into my niche as an instructor. I’ve been blessed to study under incredibly well versed, intelligent, compassionate, strong teachers/mentors for me and also blessed to have the opportunity to teach at some of the best-known studios in LA. Tantris Center for Yogic Science, Sweat Yoga, Hot 8 Yoga. Instruction in the styles of Vinyasa Flow, Power, Yin, Meditation, Yoga Sculpt, Hot Power Fusion.

I co-lead my first Yin Teacher Training this last September 2019 and look forward to leading more trainings, retreats, and workshops. Having a platform to share and spread this wealth of knowledge and experience of this life saving historical practice to communities, to individuals, eager to embrace it all is a dream come true. Today I am a better person all around as I continue to learn and grow through Yoga…

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Ummm. I won’t say super smooth but not terrible either. Some of the struggles especially at the beginning, is having to prove you are meant for this. That you’ve got what it takes. Well, at least for me. I have been confronted with some places that as a staff, as a community looked a certain way which was not like me. I’m a little older than the norm, dark hair, olive complected, fit and petite but with a lil curve in all the right places if you know what I mean 🙂 Finding cultural diversity was a bit of a challenge not only to practice but to teach. Also being able to make this my full time only source of income also took some time. Well, let’s just say most Yoga studios are not usually presented with special hiring packages that include fancy yearly bonuses or paid vacations. Thankfully I have found a way and it’s grown and continues to grow into abundance in so many ways. The journey, no matter what I wouldn’t change for the world. Honestly… The experiences, the growth which really is never-ending all worth it.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about YogawithTee – what should we know?
My business is about Yoga and Wellness. I’m still in process of building it up and perhaps will forever there are always shifts and changes as we and what we do grow. We must in order to stay relevant and evolve for the better.

I teach Yoga in studios as well as private’s. I would say I’m known most for Yin Style Yoga and Power Yoga. I teach different modalities but most popular are my followings in those styles. I believe it’s because the niche of my teaching is focused most on young athletes in training to become pro and woman who are looking to return back to self to rediscovering their identities and their bodies. Yin and Power are ideal for these communities. I started as an instructor who taught mainly those completely new to Yoga and in time my niche working with Athletes and predominantly female students organically revealed itself. Although I think in my heart there was the passion to assist and develop these groups more and more and so maybe on an unconscious level, it is what came about. I really love how that happened.

Each group is seeking an ultimate balance in their lives that the practice of Yoga truly provides.

Perhaps a new Mom or older Mom, an empty nester, a single divorced woman, or maybe at any age experiencing a complete change in career and lifestyle. To manage. To cope. To grow change and find strength, length, courage, confidence, health, identity, happiness, exhilaration, focus, clarity. Yoga is the way and the one place and time dedicated to attaining all of these things. A true effort to find balance of mind, body and spirit

Young Athletes, most often are juggling finishing H.S. prepping for college, being scouted to be drafted to then be trained for professional level teams be it baseball, basketball, track or football to name a few. Yoga helps to maintain, to counterbalance performance training, assists with alignment and injury prevention. The skills on how to focus reach that over the top extra edge in one’s game quite often Coaches will recommend Yoga.

Yin really helps to heal the body from the inside out as this practice is less vigorous yet can be a little more intense as the technique of holding postures for long periods of time and breath awareness allows one to work with connective tissue. Also, ligaments and moving past muscles to create more length and release tension blocked energy and tightness in many parts of the body especially our joints. The focus of breath awareness guides one to move through challenging moments while holding postures and you also discover a deep meditative state. The fluids, oxygen and energy are freely flowing through the body facilitating that healing from the inside out. As the physical aspects of the body are being cleansed and released so are many of one’s emotions, we typically tend to hold inside not expressing.

Power Yoga has many similar elements but the practice is more vigorous. Building more on the strength of our muscles, a strong mental focus that those with a competitive nature learn to do so in a more productive way. A lot of cardio activation and creating more challenges when it comes to the combination of postures known as sequences and moving thru them with breath that creates a Flow feeling like a dance if you will heavy on cardiovascular activity.

I believe this niche and focus on these particular communities is what sets me apart. As I cultivate more opportunities outside of the studio or one on one trainings by curating workshops, retreats and now due to COVID, more Virtual practice on Zooms. I am able to really zone into the needs and wants of my students. My training and their practice together are unique to them because the practice is now tailored specifically for them. Also, classes can now be available to them on-demand thru this platform that is growing so much in these times. A large part of the success of my students is they are able to give feedback offering me more understanding as to what I can provide allowing them to build from there as they learn and share in the practice. Students feel safe, supported and trust on another level. They also know that the tools gained are not just to use on the mat but also off the mat and into the world.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
Absolutely. Firstly my Mother! My biggest supporter and always encouraging me reminding me of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. My number one fan with so much love. Actually, when I was just about 7-8 years old had a moment in time of teaching yoga herself! She has always been involved in holistic healing and arts and then would teach some yoga from home to some of the women in her network and circle of friends and family. Me a little ballerina then and always at my Mom’s side, I would be her demonstrator for class! Lol, she would hold class sometimes in the basement of our home. I guess on an unconscious level, she planted the seed of Yoga for me. Current;y my Mom is an amazing Dr. of Acupuncture, Reiki and Herbs.

Sara Boutine, amazing Spirit also a Yogi and instructor and although younger than me I always felt she has this wisdom of a well-traveled elder and has always has been an inspirational force for me especially at my earliest times of training as she was one of my teacher trainers when I sought out more education. At times she was my an accountability partner and definitely a great encouragement for me. Love Sara…

I would also like to mention some key players to my finally establishing a place on a schedule. and if you too are an instructor, it takes time most often to be able to first get a job and then get a permanent class or classes on schedule. These people saw and had the faith in me and the knowing somehow that I can do this and would go to bat for me. I have soooo much love and appreciation for Karen Russell, Britton Darby, Cornelius Jones Jr. Lastly, my students. When they consistently show up for themselves in class and I see their dedication, or when they come to me and express what the practice, my energy, and guidance have done for me, or a first-timer after class letting me know of their experience and the positive, healing they have received and so love what I have offered is THE most rewarding blessings ever to receive and is the force behind why I do what I do…

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