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Meet Tarzana Photographer: Tatiana Davidov

Image Credit: Ellis Martin

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tatiana Davidov.

Tatiana, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
In my understanding Photography is not just snapping a shutter button. It is rather a fine Art. That is how I see it – Imagine a violin with a fine tune bow. In a skilled and talented hand Violin will evoke unsuspected emotions and bring tears of Joy within a sole of those who is accustomed to an art like that.

On the other hand, if a violin is being played by an amateur, then the sounds coming from it could be even rather unpleasant.

Same with photography. It’s not about how big or expensive your equipment is, It’s all about your vision and skills. I usually do not say those words “Let’s take a picture” I guess I say more something like “Let’s capture a moment”

So, what is important to you in this process?
I’ve got to make my Subject relax, trust me and open up emotionally. I love talking to them, asking questions, provoking deep responses. My goal is to find that moment in their eye, their gaze when something comes from within. If I miss hat moment through my lens and won’t capture it then it’s gone forever. I like when people not just look at my photographs, but stop and see whatever may lay deep within. I hope I’m making it more or less clear.

How did you start?
I had my first film camera about 30 years ago, back in the Republic of Georgia, where I even had real darkroom in my parents home in a windowless bathroom.

My first digital camera was tiny Nikon, but quickly I’ve become a fan of Canon. Now I’ve got Canon 60D with bund of different lens. My favorite lens is Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens
I love Adobe photoshop and being self-taught I am very advanced in my skills.

About 6 years ago I started using photo opportunity on red carpets in Hollywood. It’s a good exposure and good experience. Among celebrities who I took pictures of are Larry King, Magic Johnson, Kevin Costner, Paris Hilton, Smockey Robinson, Justin Bieber, Antoni Villaraigosa, Michael Jackson children and brothers, Chris Tucker, Pat Boone, Shirley Johns, Rich Little,Carol Connors, Jon Voight, Lou Ferrigno, Mario Lopez, Gilles Marini, Constance Marie, Florence Henderson, Sally Fields, Rosey Griar adn so many more.

Here is a link to with all events I was working as a photographer (Celebrity Pictures by Tatiana Davidov )

What else do love and care a lot about?
I have a grown up son and daughter. They both are avid martial artists in several disciplines. My son will be an animator, and my daughter is a Karate instructor and Black Belt to be. Other stuff I like – I’m a blogger ( and Social Media specialist, love spending time with friends and dancing.

Has it been a smooth road?
If the road would’ve been smooth than I wouldn’t be able to grow from my mistakes and enjoy whatever successful steps I’ve accomplished. Los Angeles is a tough place to make living as a photographer. A lot of competitions. I still learn every day how to be better photographer, how to market and advertise without big budget for it, how to WOW my Subjects and show them what I can create and give them not just photographs but rather created memories to keep

What’s your outlook for the industry over the next 5-10 years?
Future of photo industry is very enticing and somewhat surreal. I am a big Harry Potter fan, and a few years back, before new technologies like Apple Live Photos started to emerge, I was somewhat envious of those moving photos so vividly created by J. K. Rowling imagination. Now it’s becoming our reality! Without going into big details, and pros and cons of this new digital ventures I should elaborate only on a small aspect of it. As an Artist-Photographer, as I call myself, I am excited to discover new trends and technologies coming into the digital world. It is so exciting to have under fingertips so many possibilities to unleash imagination and create photo art and to be able to convey one’s vision or an idea. The only things I firmly stand by is an ability to see the end results in photographer’s head long before he or she starts using the camera. We can put on the panel 10 different people and equip them with the same high-end cameras than put in front of them a subject to be photographed. What will happen? We will have 10 different versions of the same subject: some will be good, and others not so much. My point is no matter how highly and sophisticated technology will change in the next 5 to 10 years nothing will substitute an eye of an artist. I have a favorite joke which a lot of my fellow photographers really enjoy. Any semi-professional camera has a letter “P” on the dial, and it means just a “portrait” setting of the camera. So I usually say – “P” is just for “Portrait”and not for the automated “Professional.” So no matter how high digital technologies will soar the artsy end result should always rely on the vision and integrity of an artist no matter what types of photography mediums will be used.

Has there been a particular challenge that you’ve faced over the years?
Integrity, and being true to myself. I love photography and Photoshop. Working with a camera and creating either just memories or a sophisticated photo-art defines me as an artist and helps to express myself.

I love being an entrepreneur, but the challenge is taking time away from creating photo-art and spending it on marketing my photo-art. Competition is tough in Los Angeles, especially when it comes to small studios. One of the examples – over last several years besides taking pictures in the studio I participated in a lot of photo-opportunities on various Red Carpets in Hollywood. Most of photographers, they are simply willing either to give away pictures back to celebrities for free, or just post them on Facebook. This became almost a standard when photographers are expected to cover those events for free, It is not right, because we still use our time, equipment, give out business cards and use our gas, and it all adds up to cost and rarely gives back any monetary return. That’s why lately I stay away from Red Carpet events, though they are great opportunities to meet with different people, and when I was starting out that was a great opportunity to get my name out.

What advice do you wish to give to those thinking about pursuing a path similar to yours?
When we want to get ahead of the game there are few rules to comply – first and most important – to know your craft and constantly developing and mastering our skills, developing relationship and trust with your customers. We don’t like to be sold to but we love to buy! So the most important things is to develop trust and relationship, show them value and making sure customers clearly see why it is You, the photographer, who will be their best choice, and finally not to spare time and participate in a lot of networking groups online and mostly in your communities through places like Chambers of Commerce, various Meetups and Coffee Connections. You’ve got to sell not your equipment but yourself to potential clients. Once they know and love you, they will hire your and best of all – they will spread a word about you. Word-of-Mouth is the best reward and most powerful advertising. Once again – integrity is the key!

As a creative entrepreneur besides photography I have learned how to build websites starting with my own; later I became a certified WIX Webmaster and Blogger ( I would love to share my thoughts and give advice on aspects and benefits of social media marketing for small business to those who are just starting out or looking for ways to advance in the industry.

Contact Info:

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  1. Mercy Alpert

    February 7, 2017 at 16:29


    Great story. I’ve learned so much more about you and all your talents.

    I’m blessed to have met you and that you have captured people’s personalities through the lens. I love my photos you took of me on the Red Carpet and at Photo Shoots.

    Thank you and look forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Stephanie Cocom

    February 23, 2017 at 07:30

    This is truly an amazing part of one’s creativity but there are no words to describe the substance behind Tiatiana”s visions and her passions. My words cannot hit the mark of what she is all about! Her dreams, her devotion,her inspiration’s, her determination is impicable; she set the stage for perfection and her attributes are divine. Short example,in my experience with her, I ask her to create my website, she said yes; she ask do you have an idea on what you want or like; I said not really but how about this and that; her solemn response ok.Later that week,I was overwhelmed with tears and daily worries, but to no avail as I open my website, I saw this magnificent website;just the way I saw it in my mind it was transform right in front of my eyes. Her work has no limit. She is 1 among the great!
    We are still working on my website but it will be out and ready soon!! I can not wait!! Eager me!!

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