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Meet Tami Daylami of Tami Sofia in Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tami Daylami.

Tami, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. This is a copy of one of my blog posts basically sharing all about me. It’s kind a long, so you can take what you like from this.

“All the Things That Equal Tami” My parents are Iranian. I was born in Germany. Moved to the US as a refugee (just found this out recently btw). Grew up in Glendale and La Crescenta, CA. I’ve lived in LA my whole life and don’t know anything else. I’ve actually only moved once, to Vegas for about 7 months, and other than that I’ve been right here. Wouldn’t really have it any other way. I grew up playing with Legos, dressing my Barbie’s and dolls in cute outfits (I’ve loved fashion and styling as long as I can remember) and then sitting them all pretty and going outside to ride my bike and play in the dirt (more of a tomboy at heart). I was pretty shy all through junior high and high school. Very late bloomer. I’d say I’ve always been rather mature emotionally. I wanted to start working as soon as I could. I got a work permit at 15 and got my first job at Hot Dog on a Stick. (shout out to my mom for driving me to and from work since I couldn’t even drive yet). The last couple years of high school sucked. School was hard, I couldn’t focus. My grades sucked and I just wanted it to be over so I could go out and work and gain my independence. (note: my home life didn’t suck. I was lucky to have loving parents. I just wanted out of the high school bubble and I wanted to start building my future) I didn’t want to go to college (since HS sucked so much) My parents made me go to community college and with much effort my dad insisted I go forward and get my bachelors from somewhere. Anywhere really. He just insisted I do it. I really didn’t want to, but I said if I was going to, it had to be for something I loved. He helped me find a bachelors program at Woodbury for fashion marketing. I loved it! Go figure- something I was interested and I did pretty damn good too. I graduated with a 3.6 I think, which was huge for me! Then I just started working any job I could find in the fashion industry. Assistant designing, helping with sales, production, dealing with vendors! Anything. Anyways, so I worked and worked and worked and just about 2 years ago I quit all the bullshit “day jobs” and finally put all my efforts into my dream… So here we are.

Also- some random facts about me:

I love cars! All kinds. Foreign, domestic old and new. I don’t know a ton, but I love learning about them!

MMA is my favorite sport. Pretty much the only thing I make sure to watch.

I don’t watch TV. If it’s a show that’s come on in the past 10 years, odds are I haven’t seen it. A few exceptions here and there. I’ve caught some episodes of some shows that I find interesting, but nothing has stuck. But I will say, my favorite TV shows are Friends and That 70’s show. I can practically recite every episode of Friends and my sister and I can talk in all Friends quotes for most everything.

I’m Vegan! For the animals, for our planet, for my health, for my karma, for my soul. It’s my moral compass in life. (I’m not religious- wasn’t raised with any religion. Just to be a good person and treat people how I want to be treated)

I love to dance. I love hip hop. I love empowering women. I love to workout. Shots over drinks. Candy over chocolate. Rather sit and have a conversation with someone than sit in front of a screen. I wish I could sing, but I suck, but sing in my car like it’s nobody’s business. I try not to a judge a book by its cover because I hate when people do that to me. But also love proving them wrong!

Things I’m passionate about (some are repeats, but bear with me while I just get it all out)

Veganism (because it’s not just a “diet” for me) Styling (not necessarily fashion- because I feel like that’s focused around trends which really aren’t my thing) MMA Organizing Cars Love (yes love. Not just relationship love, but finding what you love in life) Relationships Music Dancing Business/entrepreneurship Mental health Physical health Traveling- even though I haven’t done it in a while and not nearly as much as I want to in my life. Empowering and motivating people to get out there, makes changes, chase your dreams, don’t settle, don’t be mediocre and find your happiness! It’s out there! Children- this one might seem random- especially if you know me and know that I am choosing to not have children. I just believe if you choose to be a parent you better make that your number one priority because you are raising our future. I’m big on adoption and think that if you’re ready to be a parent- because it should be a conscious decision-then you should consider adopting. I’ll do a whole post on all this. Not sure how much of this will cross-over for others, but hopefully I’ll find some awesomely, weird people, like me, that care about some of the things I care about!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way? Definitely not a smooth road. Most of my struggles with work have been finding a job I love, that pays well enough to live, that has room for growth. A place I can be valued. A place I can learn from. I found many jobs along the way that had maybe one or 2 of those components, but never anything that fit all of those. Which was actually perfect and exactly what I needed? Which you never know that at the time. I needed to learn from each job what I could. Sometimes I learned what not to do in my business. Other times I learned to speak up for myself and that you often have to ask for the promotion or the raise. That often times things aren’t given to you simply because you deserve them and you worked hard. That things aren’t always fair. And if that’s the case, cut your loss and move on. That no job should be an obligation. I’ve worked for so many different companies over the past 20 years. I only had one place that I stayed for than 2 years and that was with URBN, Inc. which surprisingly was one of my least favorite jobs. The hardest one. The one I learned the most from. And It was just retail management, not rocket science. But it tested all my boundaries. I really had to learn to speak up for myself. That company will eat you alive. Retail is known for high turnover and they really don’t care about their employees. You’re all replaceable and you can feel that. It’s hard to make a place for yourself there. But I’m proud of how I handled myself there and again, I learned so much.

Please tell us about Tami Sofia. My company is just me (for now). I’m a stylist! I do work for brands/companies and help them style for their look-books, social media, websites, whatever they need. I also do personal styling. I have clients that I work with one-on-one and help with everyday looks, work attire, events, packing for travels. I think one thing that sets me apart from other stylists is that I have I worked in almost all aspects of the fashion business. I’ve worked in retail stores, I’ve worked in wholesale sales, I’ve worked for small companies, and I’ve worked for big corporations. I’ve worked in-house as a design assistant, I’ve worked in production, with samples, pattern makers, designers. You name it! I know fashion from every angle and I think that really gives me a lot of depth into the industry and a lot of versatility as far as a stylist. I’m also very proud to say I’m an ethical vegan and that 100% translates to my wardrobe and my clients. Vegan and ethical fashion is still new and growing and I’m happy to be on the forefront of this new chapter in our world. The fashion industry has a lot of room to grow here and I know so much about Vegan Fashion, I’m hoping to really turn some heads and make people see how cool ethical vegan fashion can be!

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently? I would maybe have learned to walk away from some jobs sooner. Learn when it’s ok to throw in the towel. I think I really push myself to try and make things work when sometimes the other person doesn’t really care to do the same. So, I need to learn when it’s ok to walk away. That’s really it. Everything else has been a lesson and I wouldn’t trade those for anything!

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