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Meet Sunshine Parenago of SiLA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sunshine Parenago.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sunshine. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Starting from the present and working my way back… what a journey… I guess I’d have to go back to the first time I ever paid a visit to Cali in order to start my story, because the story of SiLA is really the story of our company mission which is: Self-improvement, Human Connection, World Peace. I was 13, and we landed in LAX, my dad picks me up and says… “Welcome to LA! How about we go check out a cool spot” I say sure, and he takes me to Lake Shrine aka The self-realization fellowship. I thought the Spot was very cute and didn’t think much of it back then because the rest of our stay was filled with so much sightseeing and fun activities here in LA (balling on a budget.)

When I actually moved down to Southern California, we landed in LAX and once again my father picks me up from the airport and says how about we check out the spot, Lake Shrine… again the opportunity to experience a truly enlightened gem of the West Coast… throughout the years I’ve had many opportunities to visit and learn more about the inspiration which provided the founder of Lake shrine the will to cultivate such a beautiful space. Fast forward to when I was about 18… I’m standing outside of a 7/11 at around 2 am after work (back in my nightclub host days) sipping on a drink, munching on some chips, and a homeless man sleeping on the curb bursts out with a horrific chronic hacking cough. I could quite literally feel his suffering as I was peacefully enjoying my snack. I thought to myself “God, why this suffering?” And a quote I learned at the Shrine rang in the back of my mind… “God sleeps in the minerals, dreams in the flowers, awakens in the animals, and in man knows that He is awake.” Mahatma Paramahansa Yogananda- founder of Lake Shrine. In that moment I knew that the homeless man was providing a very important experience to our overall cumulative consciousness, and I felt how valuable and valid his experience was, even in his suffering, which made me sad, as well as outraged at society in which I don’t deny my participation. There was simply nothing I could do to help him, without jeopardizing the well-being of my family and the people who provide me with support. I simply didn’t have the resources I needed to provide a man such as this unfortunate person with the right type of attention that it would take to help him and everyone else in his position. Next day I woke up and I began to journal in my journal (I still have that entry somewhere in my old books) what I wrote was something along the lines of “the world is a sick place with a horrible headache, what am I to do? Go become a doctor? And who am I to think that I can be the one to heal the whole world… what an ego I must have to declare myself as savor… how egotistical… but whatever! This sucks, and someone has to do something! Mind as well be me. Mind as well be a proponent of World Peace! And not care what anyone thinks.” I figured… if what Yogananda said is true in any way, then God is awake in that poor man, and he’s also awake in me, so I may choose to provide God with a noble and excellent experience! Years later after our company had changed its name to SiLA (Sunshine in LA) which I thought was cute because it also means power in Russian, and that’s where I was born… I found out that Yogananda came to the west coast because he had a premonition from his guru that told him that World Peace was to start here in the golden state! Mind you, this was after I had already declared our company mission, even more profound was the discovery that the word SiLA, if you look it up on Wikipedia has another meaning in Sanskrit, Mahatma Yogananda’s native language… and it’s a component of the Buddhist eightfold path to righteousness which means right speech, right action, and right livelihood… call it what you want, but I’ll call it a sign… I’m here to be of a service and I’ve got work to do!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
The only thing that is smooth is the constant flow of challenges. In my industry we are constantly dogging cops, even if we are in compliance with all the laws… they can basically bully you and then you have to prove it to the judge… innocent until proven guilty does not apply to the cannabis industry. Not to mention the internal criminal activity within the movement itself… robberies are pretty common, try calling the cops and you might get robbed one more time… and did we mention the influx of competition? But none of that matters when the mission you are on is bigger than life, and the vision you hold is greater than filling your own pockets with weed money.

Besides, every challenge I have come across has been so fulfilling to overcome, it’s like they come at me, and I keep meeting them head on, growing and expanding my capabilities to overcome the adversity… with life’s pressure you can let it crush you, or you can sit on it and turn into a rocket ship! Blast off to the next level of leadership. So… no challenges as far as I’m concerned…. smooth sailing all around.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the SiLA story. Tell us more about the business.
I feel like we are known for the way we come to your house. Unlike anyone else in the industry, we bring you the best selection of medical cannabis. That sort of thing takes guts! LA is not for the faint of heart. Along with sharing our service with you, we also care to know what your personal mission in life is. The goal is to support one another and develop a truly stable foothold on our individual lives, with our clients, as well as team members. We have these 7 steps to World Peace we follow as part of our company’s decree… and the second step is, utilize the services of your community members and give them an honest review! So… we do that! I’m proud of our values and how the gals and guys that work with SiLA practice them. Not a single company of any kind in LA can say they have a self-improvement chat where the team members actually want to chime in, and do so on the regular.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I learned that luck is an equation… preparation and opportunity equals luck. I don’t believe in luck as a thing you get that is good or bad…

I have faith everything happens exactly as it’s meant to be, because every atom in the universe had to come together in this exact way so that we may have this exact moment… it feels like every moment is a miracle… I’m never surprised when things work out, and I’m never dismayed when they don’t… because it’s gonna be whatever it needs to be for you to learn and grow into the person you chose to be here now!


  • Our minimum is $45 for great quality bud… you get an 8th for that price… we beat most other delivery services!

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  • Phone: 3236804372
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  • Instagram: @sila_movement
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  • Twitter: @sila_movement
  • Yelp: SiLA collective

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