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Meet Suave Profit

Today we’d like to introduce you to Suave Profit.

Hi Suave, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
Music has always been a sense of therapy for me. It doesn’t matter where this life seems to take me, music is always something I find myself running back to. Growing up, my childhood wasn’t easy. In general, life itself hasn’t been the smoothest path for me, but I understand that my past has led me to become the artist I am today.

I was raised by a single mother of four children. In my household, music shows such as 106 & Park, Rap City, and MTV Videos were played all day long. When the tv wasn’t on, my ears were tuned into the radio. I was always so immersed whenever music would fill the airwaves of our home. It’s like it really touched my soul. It wasn’t something I could escape. At 13 years old, I wrote my first rap and I fell in love with it. There was no turning back, even if I tried. After writing my first rap, I remember taking my mother’s laptop and an old microphone and I started recording music with my brother. It was habitual and freeing in a way. Even though we didn’t have the best quality of equipment, my older brother and I were able to make it work.

It was also during this time that I got my name Suave Profit. Everyone used to call me suave which I found very amusing. Even as a little kid, I always paid attention to the details whether it was with my clothing or life in general. I would go into any situation and never leave empty-handed. It was always my mentality which is why they gave me that name. It didn’t matter if it was in regards to money, knowledge, or relationships, I made sure to always gain something from the situation. You can always profit and gain knowledge from all circumstances. Additionally, your name defines the music so my name embodies the type of music and messages I bring forth.

Fast forward to high school, I began taking my music even more seriously and I began selling candy at school and recycling cans to buy a better quality of studio equipment. However, my pursuit of music wasn’t always so easy. My mother wasn’t a fan of my brother and I making music for religious purposes. Since my mother didn’t like rap music, we would often come home to our mics and headphones in the trash which made it very difficult to pursue music. It was hard, but I found a way to release my emotions and channel my anger into the music.

Throughout my life, I’ve battled with depression. Life’s circumstances, in general, can lead you on an emotional rollercoaster if you allow it. Whether it’s your home life, childhood traumas, losses, betrayals, etc. this life is filled with many highs and lows. It’s why I’m also a huge advocate for mental health awareness in the music industry. Previously, there was a sense of shame around the topic and even embarrassment. Life is all about transparency and reclaiming your power. When you do, it brings forth an even more powerful voice outside of you that’s able to resonate with people from all walks of life. Music is ultimately an outlet meant to bring forth healing and it’s truly been that for me. Now, if I go through a situation, I immediately go to the music. When I write the lyrics to my songs, it’s like a journal to me. I used to hold everything in, but now I’m able to release it.

In today’s news, we always hear about the growing number of artists who are taking their lives and overdosing due to trying to cope with their pain. Music is an outlet, but I also believe that these labels should also do more to help their artists move forward with their lives through therapists and other means. Artists are people too. Sometimes without even realizing it, when you put your past and traumas in your music, it can keep you in a toxic cycle of thought that really affects your spirit and psyche. The music industry needs to do a little more to help these artists become the full package spiritually and mentally because it’ll make the music even greater.

It’s my aim to really make a difference in this industry. It’s time for a much-needed intentional change. After enduring some tough situations and taking a temporary break from music, in 2019 I found a new sense of motivation. I decided to drop a song every month with a visual attached to it. Obviously, 2020 was an interesting year for us all especially with the pandemic and studios, restaurants, etc closing down. However, I’m glad it happened because it allowed me to take some much-needed time for myself and self-reflection. On December 31, 2020, I had a real conversation with myself and I asked myself if I wanted to be old with regrets or do I want to look back and say I put my all into something I enjoyed? So, on New Year when everyone was celebrating and partying, I went to the drawing board and wrote out my plan for 2021. As a result, I decided to drop a freestyle video every Monday for the remaining six months of the year to build my fan base. I’m grateful and it’s working. I’m also beginning to see it’s translating with the people which means everything to me.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
The road has definitely not been a smooth one, to say the least. Just being an artist in this industry is hard. There are a lot of roadblocks and setbacks I’ve had to endure and overcome. For example, I’ve dealt with heavy depression for a while now. But, it’s also been a tough experience of learning how to navigate people in this business. Especially in the beginning, I had to weed out a lot of fake friends and people in my circle who truly didn’t want the best for me and my success. Also, I had engineers try to hold my music hostage. There’s a lot of posers around, but that also goes for any industry. But, this is also why I have made an initiative to learn more about the music business so I wouldn’t get messed over. It’s best that I learn these lessons now because on a higher level, one could pay a heavy price.

Additionally, there’s a lot of people who prey on young artists. The struggles will never stop. That’s a part of life and it’s a journey leading you to a greater path and evolution. I’m still battling struggles and obstacles to this day. But, I know they will just be temporary in the grand scheme of my life mission and purpose.

However, I now have a good support base and solid individuals on my team. Before, I was really struggling to find the right power team. When you’re building your career, your team is everything and in the beginning, it’s a lot of trial and error to find the right inner circle.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I am a rapper and songwriter. Currently, on Instagram, I’ve garnered over 63,000 followers. I make lyrical rap music that aims to break outside of stereotypical boxes placed around Hip Hop Artists. It’s all about versatility! I place a huge emphasis on storytelling in my music. As a result, I make music about motivation, victories, relationships, and more.

I’m also known by my fans for dropping freestyles every Monday. All my freestyles are attached to visuals. I’m all about creativity and freedom which translates through my art. I record all the songs in the studio the same day we shoot the music video. The visuals always come naturally in my head. I really don’t have to write my lyrics down nor my visuals because it’s a part of me. It naturally flows. It’s creatively how I move and it helps me to not restrict my artistry and creativity. There’s freedom in visuals and being able to play around with different concepts.

Above it all, I am most proud of my consistency. Right now, for four months I have been consistently dropping content without taking any breaks. I’m also proud of how I’m building up my fan base. However, I’m truly proud that I have never compromised myself nor my art in this industry. I am authentic to my style and artistry. This is who I am even though there are people out there who want me to change and conform.

I truly want people to know me as a lyrical rapper. I want to make a lasting imprint with my lyricism and original content. Good lyricism is hard to find nowadays and I want to have a lasting impact like Lil Wayne, 2 Pac, and Kanye West. Not only was their power felt in the industry, but it was also felt around the world.

Any big plans?
Next year, in 2022, I will be releasing my debut album, I Made a Profit. The album title and album itself exemplifies how I made myself and there is no one that can even attempt to take credit for what I have built for myself. It will take listeners on a deeper dive into my life, my past, and where I am headed.

There’s a lot of big changes on the way. I’m an overall creative and I plan on eventually moving into film behind the scenes. Storytelling in general is my passion and where I thrive.

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