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Meet Stefanie Blase of Blaze Modelz in Beverly Hills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Stefanie Blase.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I started modeling at the raw age of 15. Modeling came naturally to me, as I stood 5’10 and had a personality ready to take on the world. (… and I did) 😉

I knew being a pretty face wouldn’t last forever… so, I decided to start my agency after 9-10 years of being a model.

I did start my agency at a young age, but I learned A LOT along the way — trial and error.

My very first office was a simple studio office on Fairfax, right across from the Grove. The first month or so, it was solely me in there, meeting models holding open calls, booking gigs, etc.

I realized I needed some help, so I hired an assistant/office employee. And then there were TWO.

After about 6 months of purely hustling the LA market, I met with a big name in the industry (Pau Fisher). I’ve met with him for advice, working together, anything and everything. That day he became my mentor. Not only did he become my mentor, but he also proposed his new reality show to me.

I ended up getting that gig and having to move my little office… to the beach! (South Bay). I did this solely for the sake of this reality show (Remodeled, on the CW network… Wednesdays 8 pm… prime time). I knew I wasn’t getting paid, but the opportunity was once in a lifetime… or so I thought.

Everything happened so quickly, I moved my office within weeks, and here I was commuting to Hermosa Beach every single day. I hired a whole staff and things really felt, REAL, at that point.

The reality show came & went…. that was definitely an exciting part of this whole ‘adventure’ if you will, and the whole process definitely shaped me and the agency to where I am with it all today! (We actually won an award for ‘best reality program’ for OUR episode.) Having done that show put our agency on the map — so to me, it was worth it. We ended up staying at that beachfront office on the pier much longer than that year lease that I signed, I fell in love with the ocean, fresh ocean air, bike rides to lunch/around town… along with our ‘SCOUT’ team biking around searching! We had fun, great memories! But that LA commute–from Weho to Hermosa….every single day, and driving back home to the city at night. I definitely had the best of both worlds, but the novelty wore off after 2-3 years of spending hours of each day in my car when I could be using that time elsewhere.

After years at the beach, another opportunity presented itself and we moved on and upward.. we were off again… to the Colorado Center (formerly, the Yahoo Center) in Santa Monica.

This was the biggest and worst office of them all… now, we were officially LEGIT, I made it… we made it!

Fast forward to NOW… we are currently in Beverly Hills — we work the local Los Angeles/greater California market, while we also work heavily overseas. We contract our models internationally starting at 3-month contracts. I strongly believe that is the best way for a young model to start her/his career. This is what I did and I went a long way — being well traveled and consistent.

I am a workaholic, I love what I do — I LOVE helping others, and that is EXACTLY what I do. Aside from the day to day office work, contracts, overseas and local events… I have been requested in doing a few public speaking engagements per year. (Motivational speaker — yes — but SO MUCH MORE.)

I actually just finished one a few weeks ago at USC for the WIM group (women in management) I love speaking to women, empowering and educating women (and men alike) along with our youth; that a DREAM — ambition, dedication and handwork are all it takes. Anyone can be anyone, you just have to apply yourself. I am doing the best that I can to help our youth make wise decisions and work on their future for a better stronger America.

I am ALWAYS working on new projects… a book or TWO will be in my future — be on the lookout!

Thank You kindly for your time & for having me share this concise story, MY STORY of Blaze Modelz!!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Is anything a smooth road?

The start of the agency, I had a very small office/studio office, I didn’t have any employees yet. I had to do everything, solely on my own. That was a very tough start.

I sacrificed my life/my youth/my early 20s to start a business, while all of my friends were out partying 24/7.
I was sitting in my office from 6am-5/8pm. Whether I had a meeting or not, I was still there. Because no matter what anyone says, when you have your own business… THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO DO! ALWAYS!
And if they say different, they probably work FOR someone and always will.

When I mentioned having the mentor, Paul, I thought everything would go smoothly with that, WELL, it didn’t.

I did learn A LOT from him and his team and will be forever grateful. But really, he wanted ME and my look and my bubbly persona on that reality show. In turn, I was supposed to sign a contract under his company (The Network) and they were ‘supposed’ to help us with our models etc., etc.

But what they really did was meet with us, and our new models & they would contact our models (rather, the models that THEY liked) they would contact them behind our back and offer them X,Y and Z!

So, everything wasn’t exactly rainbows and unicorns like we thought it would be.

BUT, I was always two steps ahead… I never even signed that contract with them,little did they know. Until they did. Haha!

-Jermey Meeks-
Remember hearing about this guy? He was on the news for the hottest mug shot! He made TV NEWS records!
TMZ called the Blaze office and I spoke to Harvey and one of the guys at TMZ. They asked me a few questions on the topic of Mr.Meeks. Basically, they asked IF we would sign him at Blaze, etc.

I didn’t do my research about the man, I only had enough time to google his pic and make a comment. I stated something along the lines of, “I believe in second chances & being that we are in LA, land of second chances I figure we might give this man a second chance in life and invite him in to meet with us, like any other potential model’ and basically left it at that, as I thought that comment would appease everyone?!

WELL that’s not what 50-80 media outlets across the united states said I said… there were claims that I gave him 30-40-50k modeling contract! SO, you can imagine what kind of (negative) press I got for that misconstrued info! Fake news is all around us… and it can really suck when it happens to you or your business. That’s a really tricky one.

Blaze Modelz – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
We are a full service modeling agency. We specialize in; fashion, print, fit, commercial, swimwear, lifestyle, TV and film.

Most proud of:
The reality show (that helped shape us and get us on the map — in the very beginning).

Also, getting not only myself, but MYSELF and a handful of my girls in Sports Illustrated! Those photos went around the internet, we made many many websites and publications! Very proud month!!!

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
I would had said starting my agency… being young and under 25, that was a big step in my life and it’s changed who I am as a person today. I grew up fast… and I am a very old soul. But now, I feel even older (and wiser of course).

BUT, I am changing that answer… NOW, my proudest moment is having the opportunity to help others. It all started about 5 years ago, I received a call to speak at SM High School and then, some of the local HS caught on and called and eventually that turned into greater things. I am now speaking at large events, universities and festivals.

I thoroughly enjoy this more than anything. I love helping others, I love making people smile. I love giving others a sense of HOPE that they never thought they could dream of, until hearing me or speaking with me. That’s what I love the most about where I am today.

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