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Meet Stasha Washburn of The Period Coach in Culver City

Today we’d like to introduce you to Stasha Washburn.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I’ve had horrifically painful periods my whole menstruating life. I tried everything western medicine knew (some experimental stuff too), and nothing worked. I was a dancer and relied on my physical excellence daily. It was a really tough battle. After retiring from dancing, I taught fitness classes.

Having bad periods during those times was excruciating. I wanted a career that didn’t depend on my ability to drug myself into standing up during my period. This led to me to health coaching. I got my certification and started seeing clients. Specializing in athletes. Turns out all my clients had period problems too. I helped them and started niching down to women with hormonal imbalance.

This process led me to realize that it’s not us women at fault for 80% of us having hormonal imbalances it’s the TABOO around menstruation. It’s the lack of research, of curiosity. It’s the shame and embarrassment that’s causing these problems. Without the taboo we would be able to talk about them, we would understand them, women would KNOW about them, we would be able to FIX them. To live healthy balanced lives in peace with our cycles!

So I became The Period Coach. On a mission to educate women, end the taboo, and reclaim our cycles!

Has it been a smooth road?
LOL! Not at ALL!

The biggest struggle is one that I will be dealing with my whole life. Showing women that their period is not a detriment or weakness. It’s tough enough to convince women that it’s not an inconvenience, let alone share with them the actual POSITIVES that their cycles hold.

It’s SO hard to get the patriarchal PUSH PUSH PUSH all the time, busy badge of honor out of our beings. But we ladies are hardwired for a time to push and a time to receive. Our cycles have power at each stage, including during our bleeding time.

We just have been left in the dark and told it’s weakness, when in fact it’s strength. And of course, people think what I do is gross.

We’d love to hear more about what you do.
I specialize in helping female entrepreneurs run their business with FLOW. Literally, It’s called Your Business Your Flow. To help them do more in less time by utilizing their strengthens throughout their entire cycle.

I’m known for my direct truth-telling. For being a safe place for women to put down their shame and pick up their power. I’m SO proud of my clients who bring their bodies AND businesses into balance!

I also am known for helping women balance their hormones by eating delicious food. I run a group called Food & Flow, and it’s about adding in great foods throughout the cycle to help your body get the nourishment you need for the balance you deserve.

I’m totally unique, tho I expect to see this more very soon! I’m writing a book that focuses on the taboo, how we got here, and how we get out. It’s for all women, not just business women.

All of this is about teaching women to lean into their bodies instead of running away, pushing down with birth control, or starvation.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
My favorite thing about LA is hiking to the right, swimming to the left LOL! I love that in two hours I can be in the mountains, the desert, at the lake, or on the beach. I love the galleries, the music, the FOOD. I LOVE to eat! (I mean it’s not quite NYC food wise, but it’s worth it for the outdoors being SO accessible).

The SMOG. Sometimes it’s just hard to breathe here. I also wish the public transport was better. It’s getting there, when I first moved here, you couldn’t get from DTLA (where I lived till it was overrun) to the beach without a car. Now, there’s the expo line so slowly seeing improvement there.


  • Food & Flow is $297 for lifetime access – til 2019
  • Your Business Your Flow is $88 a month – til 2019

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