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Meet Silver Lake / Echo Park Hairstylist: Kayla Lofaro

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kayla Lofaro.

Kayla has always loved the hair salon, even as a little girl. “That was my playground,” she recounts, “I knew when I graduated high school that I wanted to go to hair school so that’s exactly what I did.”

She started as an assistant and worked her way up. She has been doing hair for 8 years and has developed a real passion for color. She moved to Los Angeles, about 2 years ago, from New Jersey to further her career as a stylist. “The busy city’s trends are constantly changing,” she notes, “and I admire that.”

She plans to open her own salon one day.  Her vision for the salon is to have a super cool, fun salon that will marry both of her passions; hair and music. “Music in a salon place is SO important to me. The vibe has to be perfect and I plan on achieving the perfect experience for my clients. You wouldn’t be just another number in my salon.”

She has only been in LA for two years, but her skill and professionalism have allowed her to thrive and build a strong base quickly.  We can’t wait to see lies ahead!


  • My balayage usually starts at $130 and could go up to $160-$175 (depending on how much product needs to be used)

Contact Info:

  • Instagram: @hairby.kayla

Check out her work below:

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  1. Donna

    June 5, 2016 at 17:49

    I can say first hand that Kayla is an amazing hairstylist, she was my only hairstylist for years until she moved to California. She is one of the few stylist that will be honest with her clients if she feels the look they are going for doesn’t suit them. I miss Kayla as my hairstylist, but I wish her all the luck because I know she will do well whereever she is. So proud of you…

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