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Meet Sherman Oaks Photographers: Bleu House Photography

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bleu House Photography.

Bleu House Photography, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
We met by happenstance – doing a TFCD photography and modeling gig via Craigslist, and then through mutual friends – and we all became close one hot LA summer when we were all young and broke and hopeful. We spent many days laughing and dreaming in a little house in the San Fernando Valley, and we eventually realized we love telling stories through photography. Rosanna had a degree in photography, Michael had become a fearless portrait photographer, and Chelsea had shot many weddings throughout southern California. We decided to band together, and our superpowers combined to yield Bleu House Photography, which we began in March of 2016.

Has it been a smooth road?
Definitely not, but smooth roads are so boring (and dare I say “basic”)? We have had to learn about the logistics of owning your own business, as well as how we can each bring our own talents and skills to a team environment. There are days when we have to lean on each other, because life has ups and downs, from emotional rollercoasters to demanding work days. But even if we’re feeling tired or juggling lots of balls in the air, we get together over a cup of coffee or a fun photoshoot or a brainstorming session, and we leave feeling like the road “up” is so worth the climb, especially when you’re traveling with friends.

What are your plans for the future?
We are definitely excited to see how Bleu House Photography continues to grow, moving forward! We would like to expand our initiative of working and supporting other small local businesses that we believe in, through creating images to help share their stories. We are just over six months old now, so we’re also looking forward to developing a strong foundation for BHP and successfully marketing to clients regionally. One day, we want to have our own brick-and-mortar location, where we can work as full-time photographers.

Let’s explore some of the challenges you’ve faced along the way. What was the most difficult part of your career so far?
Oh man, there have been so many ups and downs! The hardest time is always the beginning, because you have this relentless, nagging idea of what you dream of doing, and it refuses to be shut off. Saving the money you need to start a small business is challenging because you want to dive right in, once you make the commitment to really “going for it” (becoming a listed company, getting a website up, et cetera). Yet all of those hugely important, sometimes tedious first steps require capital, which we didn’t have tons of. It’s difficult to make gear and business wish lists, and then to slowly and steadily acquire the things which you need, in addition to trying to be creative about engaging with new clients. We’ve gotten through the first six months by leaning on each other, especially by utilizing the past experiences and strengths each one of us brings to the table. From administrative duties to shooting protocols to retouching techniques, we’ve all been able to help BHP evolve by working to elevate the entire team.

Do you ever feel like “Wow, I’ve arrived” or “I’ve made it” or do you feel like the bulk of the story is still unwritten?
Recently, our work for a local furniture store was featured in a magazine publication, in an editorial piece about the owner and the pieces she sells. It was really exciting to receive a copy of the magazine, as well as a thank-you card from the company. It’s nice to know that you create a product worth showing off, and even better to know that people enjoy the time they spend with you, maybe even look forward to it. We like the Mom & Pop vibe of small businesses, built on friendships and community, so that makes us proud.


  • Maternity Session – $300 (1.5 Hour Session, 1-2 locations, 20 High-Resolution Images)
  • Newborn Session – $350 (2.5 Hour Session, at your home or in studio, 20-25 High-Resolution Images)
  • Family Lifestyle Session – $300 (1 Hour Session, 20 High-Resolution Images)
  • Pet Session – $250 (1.25 Hour Session, 5 Edited Images)
  • Engagement Session – $300 (2 Hour Session, 2 locations, 20 High-Resolution Images)
  • Wedding Session – $1650 (8 hours coverage by two photographers, 600-700 High-Resolution, Edited Images)
  • Headshots – $200 (1 Hour Session, outdoors “au naturel” cinematic shoot, 3 enhanced images of your choice)
  • Portraits & Corporate – $300 (1 Hour Session, in studio, 3 enhanced images of your choice)

Contact Info:

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Image Credit:
Chelsea Vincent, Rosanna Chan, Michael Nguyen

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