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Meet Sherman Oaks Personal Trainer: Malachy Okeke

Today we’d like to introduce you to Malachy Okeke.

Malachy was pursuing an athletic career playing soccer at the University of Illinois in Chicago. However, after a series of injuries and a desire to hone in on his studies, he stopped playing soccer.

“After so many years of playing sports though, I couldn’t just stop being active – this lead me to start weightlifting. While I had done weight training for sports practice, I had never actively focused on it; it only took a little time for me to grow to love it. My college roommate noticed my progress and asked to train with me. After noticing his own transformation with my assistance, he suggested that I should pursue personal training as a career.”

He laughed and waved off the idea initially; at the time, he was going to school to become a physical therapist. However, as he thought about his options, he realized that his passion was for inspiring change in a person’s lifestyle, rather than just solely rehabilitating an injury.

“If you’ve read The Alchemist, I’m sure you’ll understand. The main character, Santiago, says, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” With functional movement as my basis, I felt the universe pull me toward personal training and I started researching personal training certifications.”

He discovered the American College of Sports Medicine was hosting a quick 3-day workshop for people to prepare for the personal training certification exam. Best of all, it was being hosted at his school in only a few weeks! The whole situation felt too perfect to be a coincidence, buthe took the plunge and registered for the workshop. Once he passed his exam and became certified, his career as a personal trainer took off.

His story and his work are inspiring and we are so proud of what he brings to the LA fitness community.


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Contact Info:

  • Email:
  • Instagram: @solivethetraining
  • Twitter: @solivetraining
  • Facebook: So Live Training
  • Snapchat: @solivetraining

Check out his work below:

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