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Meet Shane Chunephisal of Spirit Metacine

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shane Chunephisal.

Shane, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
My journey started when I turned 25, moved here from Washington D.C. after completing a B.S. in Business Management & Administration @ Virginia Commonwealth University. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Sound Engineering, attending the School of Audio Engineering in Hollywood in the fall of 2009. I finished my diploma, went into the film industry from about April 2010-August of 2012 working on commercial shoots, and landing a production assistant/script coordinator role at Sony Imageworks on “Hotel Transylvania”. During my time on the “Hotel Transylvania” project, my whole life forever changed due to some experiences that really shifted my reality of the world I was living in.

During the summer of 2011, I had met a man by the name of Tyde during a production shoot. He was a security guard at the time, and from the moment we met, there was just a kindred friendship between the two of us. We stayed in touch and had shared lunch in September of 2011. During lunch, Tyde asked me, “So did I ever tell you I am psychic?”

Being a pretty open person to what is out there in the world, I never doubted the esoteric, holistic, or occult perspectives on how the world operated. Long story short, he gave me a psychic reading which all of it was spot on, to the T, and I was pretty amazed and mesmerized that a person could do all these types of things without knowing a lick of information about me.

For the next 3-4 months, my whole life unfolded in the way he had predicted. It got to the point that everything was falling into place so fast, it was difficult for me to keep up with the roaring changes of it all. In December of 2011, I decided to go out to dinner with Tyde, to thank him for the reassurance and the reading he gave me that pretty much solidified my stability in Los Angeles. Same experience unfolded in our meeting, we had dinner, he gave me a psychic reading, but there was something slightly different about this part of the journey. Once he finished giving me the reading, he challenged me to “Why don’t you give me a reading.”

My immediate reaction was “ABSOLUTELY NOT”. Yet in that resistance, I remember feeling/hearing this voice in the back of my head gently whisper, “do it….. yes please….. just do it.” I had never tried meditation or knew much about any of the esoteric and eastern beliefs on chakras, etc. Nor did I have any experience in ever giving someone a psychic reading. To make a long story short, I then logically broke down the intuitive framework of how to do it, which then led to a 20 min reading that was completely spot on for Tyde. Afterwards, I went home in a complete haze and odd-like trance. I remember going to bed exhausted, and the next morning when I awoke I knew something was different.

I remember lights, sounds, colors, everything around me was super sensitive and piercing. I remember being able to “FEEL” everything around me, from the pages in my books on the wall, to the hardwood floors under my feet, to the glass mirrors on my closet doors. I checked in with myself, “what does this feel like….” and my answer to that was “this feels like when I was doing that psychic reading last night, why hasn’t it turned off?”. And that’s when I knew something had completely and forever changed in my perception and awareness to my reality. Being a person who has done a fair share of drugs, been in alternate states of consciousness, I knew something had drastically shifted in how I was processing the world.

And so began a journey of rebirth, as I would soon find out that the experience I went thru, was called a kundalini awakening. And for 9 months, every part of me from my early childhood, too since before I was born and the entangled quantum web of past lives, ancestral karma, generations of lineage, flooded thru my existence, spewing out of me like a broken faucet leaking gallons of water. My shadows and every piece of darkness within me was energetically vomiting day in and day out.

For months I sought information, anything I could get my hands on, about how to treat or handle the situation. Unfortunately, there was little guidance or literature about my experience and how to manage it. Following my intuition and guidance of that “inner voice”, I found myself flowing into different areas of study, from psychic abilities to chakras, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, crystals, and what would eventually lead me to my salvation and calling in life.

In May of 2012, my cousin took me to Mystic Journeys Bookstore, located in Venice/Santa Monica. It was there that I encountered my first crystal singing bowl. I immediately felt a strong resonance with the instrument, because I could not only “hear” the sound, but I could “FEEL” the sound all thru out my body, and the sense of calm and balance it brought me immediately, was paramount to my whole experience.

Within a couple weeks, I owned my first bowl, and within weeks of acquiring it, I attended a “sound bath” at House of Intuition in Echo Park. After the first experience of sound healing, I was hooked. I purchased a full set of bowls within that month and began doing treatments on myself at home before work and after work. And for the first time, after 7 months of excruciating inner-self work, emotional/mental healing, I finally felt “ok” and “balanced”.

Once I finally felt “healed”, I found myself feeling “hollow”, almost as if I was a new-born child with brand new eyes experiencing the world for the first time. I felt empty, unbeknownst to me that the REAL journey of my path had only just begun. For months I searched high and wide what I was supposed to do with all of this now. I knew I couldn’t return to a normal, everyday 9-5 job, so the question beckoned me in every breath “What do I do now?”.

And that inner voice whispered to me, “You have to share it…”. I, of course, came up against a lot of resistance of wanting to share my experience, for the world to pick it apart, and for me to offer something I wasn’t entirely sure would lead me to any level of financial success, stability, or existential fulfillment in what I wanted to offer and help serve the world with.

And so began the quest of the next 2 1/2 years of reprogramming my mind, body, and soul to acclimate to a new way of living, in tune with the universe, and sharing passionately my creative art and healing modalities with as many communities as possible. It has led me all over the planet, sharing in locations like New Zealand, Croatia, Australia, all over the US, and encountered a demographic of people from celebrities, CEOs, healers, musicians, and so many more types of souls on this planet.

Before I knew it, I was thrust into the next evolution of my path in 2014 when I moved to Santa Barbara to be more involved with their collaborative conscious community. I had the opportunity to connect with more of the Lucidity Festival tribe and gained enough experience working with them to start producing my own environments at festivals that would turn into healing sanctuaries and sound temple experiences for the greater communities.

This became the nexus point of what would be the trajectory of the next several years of establishing myself in the community from 2014 to the present day, not only as a skilled sound architect, but as a facilitator and producer of wellness events, healing experiences, and so much more. It has been a blessing to share in the passionate understanding of what originally helped heal me, and how that gift can be shared with the world thru trust, surrender, empowerment, and the desire to move towards our reconnection to Spirit and the universal flow of our existence.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has never been a smooth road. The road was paved with challenges after challenges of seeing where and how the universe would test me every step of the way to see if I would fall, and succumb to all my old programming of the conditions and traditions I was raised within society, by my family, and the trauma, PTSD, and mental/emotional scars that were exhibited due to all of those experiences.

Reprogramming my body and mind to stay in a balanced manner between the shadows and the light, was probably one of the most challenging experiences to quiet the mind, empower the soul, and free the body from all the years of limiting beliefs, self-deprecating thoughts, and emotional stress.

One aspect of the struggle that was most difficult, was having to harmonize within a sickening society of people who aren’t fully aware of whats going on. No one is perfect of course, and some are more open than others, but it can be a far cry to making life easier for you when everyone around you doesn’t exactly see your reality or understand where you are coming from. Finding the right people to support you, empower you, and help you along the way took time for me to identify and move towards in terms of friendship, professionalism, etc etc.

Spirit Metacine – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Spirit Metacine is a two-part service. One side of the coin is offering healing modalities (mostly sound healing and meditation), to help assist people with a variety of healing options for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual cleansing. In my almost 7 years of sharing this, I’ve been mostly well known for the way I play crystal bowls, and how it can truly help heal a variety of different traumas, challenges, pain, etc.

The thing I am most proud of the company is the ever-growing opportunities it has provided me in sharing the service with a variety of people and business. I would say the thing that sets me apart from others, is the space I hold, as the feedback I’ve gotten from the communities over the years, is that I hold space unlike anyone else out there on bridging the science and mysticism of sound healing, with our everyday world.

The other half of Spirit Metacine, are the wellness events, healing sanctuaries, and sound temple spaces produced at festivals, retreats, and various other experiences that serve a greater and larger community. From workshops, yoga, meditation, tea/chill lounges, and more environments to really relax and kick back, it’s so important that we have these types of places to connect and share in community.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success to me is the fulfillment of your dharma. The actualization of your purpose in how you offer and share with the world your passion, art, creativity, and heart. Success is not a monetary number, not how many cars you own, how big your house is, how many security clearances or degrees you own.

Success is the acceptance of you are doing your best every day and showing up for that. Anything and everything else should fall to the wayside.


  • Sound Healing experiences at studios – $25-50
  • Sound Healing private sessions – $300-1000
  • Instructional classes on sound healing – $300-1000
  • Wellness Event Producer and Environments – $3000-35,000

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