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Meet Sean Costello

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sean Costello.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I’ve loved making art since I was a kid, but paging through fashion, music and entertainment magazines during my first year of college made me want to be a photographer. My walls and ceiling were covered in magazine pages. The photos seemed like another world full of artists, actors, eccentrics, musicians and cool people. Although my hometown of Cincinnati was a great place to grow up, all those magazine photos made me want to move to the “bright lights and big city”. After getting my BFA in Photography from Ohio University, I briefly worked in Miami Beach and then moved to Los Angeles(Venice). I’ve always loved making studio and environmental portraits. In the last few years, I’ve also been able to turn a long-time love of architecture, interior design and movies into shooting for designers, architects and production companies. It’s been a stellar 20 years in LA and I’m looking forward to more!

Please tell us about your art.
Movies, TV, portrait and design photography rely on your emotions to be successful. Shooting unit stills allows me to capture the project’s visual tone ideally making you want to know more about a character or story. I love photographing people with eye contact, mood, characteristics, personality and style; making them look cool, fun, sexy and strong. I love environmental portraits that tell a story or give you a view into a person’s life and what defines them.

On the flip side, I love shooting the light & shadow, shapes, precision and symmetry of architecture. Have you ever seen a house, building or living space and wondered what it looked like inside? The design elements of architecture or interior design can immediately arouse your senses, memories and feelings. I want my photos to make you wish you were in that space.

Given everything that is going on in the world today, do you think the role of artists has changed? How do local, national or international events and issues affect your art?
I don’t think artists’ roles have changed. People throughout history have used art to depict, criticize and bring about change in the world. The technology, mediums and outlets for art have changed some. The world needs almost any art that stirs emotion, encourages healthy conversation or makes people question their beliefs & opinions. My work is based on emotion and sometimes that emotion is affected by world events, people and subject matter.

Contact Info:

Amanda Rau

Image Credit:
Main photo: Howard Huang
Alma Lake-singer
Amanda Rau-actor/model
Flemish Project-Santa Monica CA
Don Rickles & Snoop Dogg for Dinner with Don
L Design Interiors
Unvarnished-Scott Gillen
Rebecca Driggs Interiors
Pharrell and Pusha T for Adidas

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