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Meet Sean Bartholomew

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sean Bartholomew.

Sean, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Currently, I live in Twin Peaks, tucked away up in the mountains, with my beautiful wife of 17 years and two children, Brooke (14) and Max (10), and our many rescues of tropical fish, and felines, and our five year old German Shepherd, Charlie. Our business is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Southern California – in LA, Woodland Hills and Laguna Hills. Watching Jack La Lane and Chuck Norris workout in their places of business just a few short blocks from my home in the Miracle Mile district, I saw early on how important exercise and wellness were to a healthy life. In junior high, I learned Martial Arts disciplines, and how to fast, from a 3rd Degree Blackbelt. At age eleven, when I heard of a neighbor with a back injury, I sensed the origin of their problem, manipulated and worked on it, and caused a marked improvement.

I served our country as a Medical Specialist in the Army, where I assisted in Labor and Delivery, delivering eight to ten babies a day and doing C-sections. Once I was out, I had the misfortune of seeing a traditional massage therapist for a bad shoulder. The man pummeled me and unfortunately, I didn’t know any better to stop him. He didn’t fix my shoulder, and I was in pain for days. My perception of what body therapy should be started to form, and I began thinking of a better way to do it.

By 1999, I optimized my own health by eliminating toxicity from my life, both in diet and lifestyle. I knew my journey should be toward some kind of holistic healing, and I enrolled in the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing in Culver City, Los Angeles, where I studied multiple massage modalities, Polarity Yoga, Body Posturing and Tai Chi. I worked as a teacher assistant at IPSB for two years and then taught a 720 hour course in massage therapy at ICDC in Van Nuys. My continuing education includes Cranial Sacral I & II at the Upledger Institute as well as Reflexology and Herbal Heat Wrap Toxic Relief at Dermologica Institute (both in Atlanta, GA).

Throughout my education and teaching, I sensed there was a link between bodywork and health and wellness, beyond what I learned in school. I started putting together the puzzle – of anatomy and physiology, pain, ill health or blockages present in a patient’s body, toxicity, and all the modalities I had mastered in school. I created and developed my own method of healing therapy, and trademarked it as The Bartholomew Method.

I combined heat, reflexology, toxic relief techniques such as lymphatic drainage, and other massage modalities, and I came up with something that really worked! I have achieved positive results with even the most afflicted clients. I set out to create the possibility of optimal health for everyone, with an easy holistic program which includes good nutrition, therapeutic movement and my pioneering bodywork (The Bartholomew Method). I am passionate about helping others to reach their own level of optimal health.

For example, my work has helped a quadriplegic tormented by chronic pain; he experienced pain relief for the first time in fifteen years, and grew three inches taller after six months of weekly treatments. A survivor of breast cancer, told with absolute certainty that she would have a relapse of her disease, remained cancer-free for three years with weekly treatments, and continues to be in remission today, with monthly treatments. Clients learn that pain from taxation or injuries, toxic buildup from anxiety or stress, and complaints such as headaches, jaw tightness, and joint stiffness caused by lactic and uric acid build up are all things of the past after experiencing my Method.

This is “where I live” today: I use The Bartholomew Method to help my clients work through emotional issues, physical pain and injury. The Bartholomew Method is my own style of psycho-structural balancing, a body-mind realignment. My clients leave the table renewed and remade. I fix people, and I am rewarded by THAT weekly.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
My intention and passion for the work has been smooth. Selling people on a new healing technique was a struggle. I’m past that point now, but there are always new people to help. I have always thought it was my mission to get my Method out to the whole world.

The Bartholomew Method – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Simply put, we specialize in The Bartholomew Method, and we are known for our positive results. We’ve been in our new ROW DTLA location for just over a year, and we are proud to say we have seen a steady influx of new and returning clients. We love ROW, and have been received well by both management and patrons, since we fit well into the category of “self-starters and spirited creatives” that make up the ROW Collective Community.

What sets The Bartholomew Method apart, besides its effectiveness, is heat. My wife, Heather Holland (co-owner of The Bartholomew Method) jokes that I’m part dragon, because of the temperatures I am able to tolerate when it comes to stones, water, and steam. When I immerse myself in hot water, use one of my heat packs, or experience steam heat, my toxins release, and I feel better than I did before. I figured out that heat is the key to all the modalities in my work. Heat is a major element both with hot stone therapy and reflexology, as well as with herbal heat pack therapy, and it plays a major role in The Bartholomew Method. It preps muscles for the work, easing muscle tension and pain, increasing blood flow to target areas, and even reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia. Add to that the aromatherapy benefits of the premium essential herbs used in the herbal heat packs and you have a combination that stimulates circulation, breaks down toxins, and provides restorative comfort.

We do offer additional services such as Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Hot Stone Reflexology, TMJ Treatments, and Cerebral Spinal Therapy, which are offered as individual treatments or in combination with The Method. All services include our Bartholomew Method Herbal Heat Pack Therapy, we sell our handmade heat packs, filled with our specially formulated 10-herb blend, in-house and online.

The Bartholomew Method is next level healing, and that sets us WAY apart from standard massage therapy. I like to think it raises that standard considerably.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
If I died tomorrow, then I would go knowing I helped a lot of people, and that’s great that’s success. I feel fulfilled and accomplished, to have developed a formula that WORKS. I feel successful every time a client tells me how amazing they feel after seeing me. That their lives have changed for the better. That they have tried everything, but The Bartholomew Method is the only thing that has worked. THAT is personal success.

But my truth is this: I wish everyone had access to The Bartholomew Method. I want every person who seeks toxic relief, or wants to be free of pain, or who simply needs to attain vitality and health, to know The Bartholomew Method. I want this innovative formula to be everywhere. THAT would be success for my practice.


  • TBM Realign & Balance, Fix, and Deconstruct: $150-$300, depending on Session Length
  • Add-on Treatments such as TMJ, Hot Stone Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Cerebral Spinal: $125 (3o min.)
  • 7-Series DISCOUNT: 10% OFF purchase of 7 (seven) of any of our TBM Services

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