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Meet Santa Monica Boxing & Fitness Trainers: Kevan & Tony

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kevan & Tony.

They are a pair of boxing pros with an overriding passion for passing on this art to others. After starting with a single Box ‘N Burn Academy, they have opened up two more locations and now they are preparing to cross state lines pretty soon.

Tony: from Great Britain, has an impressive resume as a competitive boxer, winning a Bronze Medal in the 2008 Olympics and undefeated as a pro. Tony began Personal Training after retiring due to hand injuries in 2011. His training style is developed around the methods he used personally as an elite competitor. Kevan began his training career working as an Ass. Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Kentucky Basketball team where he coached many high-level amateur and current professional athletes. He is also completing his Masters of Science in Sports Admin & Coaching.

Kevan: has amateur experience as a boxer as well. As trainers, Kevan & Tony value the training methods to optimize their clients’ athletic ability, power & explosiveness, and capacity. They’ve had great success in assisting their clients’ in reaching their fitness goals. Together they have created California’s #1 Gym.

Below you’ll find edited excerpts of our interview with these amazing boxing enthusiasts.

Tell us about some milestones you’re proud of.

Some of our biggest milestones were opening our two locations in Santa Monica and Brentwood, getting ranked on Yelp and Men’s Fitness as California’s #1 Gym, our partnership with ever last and the creation of Box ‘N Burn Academy, our collaboration with ONNIT. As far as obstacles are concerned rapid expansion is a good problem to have but also has its challenges. Also new competition can be a bit of a challenge, but so far has not been a major issue for us. Lastly getting started with no outside investors always makes getting the momentum going a bit more difficult. Despite any challenges we have had, we have done amazingly well and are seeing exponential growth in the short and long term.

Has it been a smooth road?
On behalf of the company I can tell you that the main difficulties were definitely getting a location and getting started with no outside investors. Just growing the business from grass roots and teaching classes in the Santa Monica Bluffs to what it is now has been a great deal of work and effort. Opening up the two locations was a moment where we knew as a company that we were going to have great success. We have built ourselves on first class training, community and wonderful clients who we wouldn’t be here without. The majority of new members come in due to word of mouth and hearing about us. That tells us we are doing something right and we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

What are your plans for the future?

The plans or the future include taking our Box ‘N Burn Academy to a national, and then international level. In this academy we train people how to teach boxing to others the Box ‘N Burn way. We want to bring this to everyone. Our first out of state Academy will be taking place this May at ONNIT Academy in Austin, Texas. This is a big step in the right direction. Also we want to open more locations in the future all around California and grow nationally, and of course open gyms internationally. We have big goals and dreams, we are passionate about what we do.


  • First Class is Free. There is no membership fees or registration fees.
  • Classes are priced at $29 a session for our Santa Monica Location and $30 a class for Brentwood. 

Contact Info:

Box ‘N Burn Boxing & Fitness Gym 1654 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90404

Box ‘N Burn Boxing & Fitness Gym 11980 San Vicente Blvd Ste 106 Los Angeles, CA 90049

Check out their work below:

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