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Meet Sam Williams

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sam Williams.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sam. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I’m a 24-year-old Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Podcaster/Multi instrumentalist born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Sherman Oaks. I host a Podcast about the Education and Preservation of 60’s Music. I started writing songs when I was 16, and I attended the Musicians Institute, and I’m currently performing/recording musicians in LA. Besides being a singer-songwriter, I’m also a music historian with a deep appreciation and understanding of music from the ’60s. I first heard that kind of music when I was a kid listening to this Oldies Station that used to play music from the late ’50s and ’60s and early ’70s called K Earth 101. Even back then, I knew that there was something about this music that made me fall in love with it, and even at an early age, I always felt much more of an appreciation towards the music of the baby boomer generation vs what was popular and on the charts when I was a kid in the late 90’s early 200’s. I’m also born with Perfect Pitch. I can listen to any song and Identify the chords and notes in the melody by ear without any kind of visual reference.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Booking the guests I have had on my podcast has relatively been easy for me, since I had already established relationships with 90% of the guests I had on my podcast, and the people I have interviewed have been willing and able to donate their time to me interviewing them on my show  to share their legendary stories of their time in the music business many years ago, but what hasn’t been easy is getting people that are around my age to listen to my podcast and for them to listen to more then one or two episodes of it, and it reaching the threshold of 1k listens per episode in order to get a Sponsorship because when you do a podcast, your automatically competing in a very crowded marketplace and it can be difficult for just one podcast to rise above the rest and for it to become extremely popular as there are several of them out there already online. And As far as my original music, since I do a very specific genre of music, finding Film and TV sync licensing opportunities to match the specific type of music I do hasn’t been easy (because that is what I want to accomplish) as I’m mainly writing and recording music for myself and I’m not trying to write music to match a specific brief that is sent out by a music supervisor that is looking for music for whatever visual project they are working on (such as a Film or TV show) and I don’t really have a desire to work with a pay to submit company. But I know in my heart that my music will one day find a home in a visual project such as a Film, TV show, or commercial and if I keep improving on my skills as a producer/engineer I will achieve this goal that I have had of getting my songs placed in film and TV, a goal that I have had since I was 18.

What do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for, etc. What are you most proud of? What sets you apart from others?
I write and produce songs that depict the struggles of finding love and rejection and the frustrations of trying to get a girl from a man’s perspective set to a retro 60’s chord changes and arrangements/productions. I also plan on submitting my music to Film and TV Placement Opportunities as that is my primary goal with my original music. as far as my podcast. My main objective with my podcast is to educate people of my generation (I’m a millennial) about the popular music of the ’60s and that includes talking about the important people behind the scenes of some of that music (including the songwriters/producers/engineers/musicians/studios, etc.). I also break down each song from the ’60s and analyze it and show the people of my generation what makes the song so good and relatable to them despite the fact that they might have not been alive when the songs were popular and brand new. There is no other podcast out there like it right now, as I am one of the very rare millennials who is an expert on 60’s music.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I feel very fortunate to have had some people believe in me and have done some incredible things for me without them asking for anything from me in return, and I also feel lucky to have  had the opportunity to have talked to some of the most legendary music industry people of all time on my podcast, but when it feels like they are certain things are out of my control it feels frustrating to feel like I’m not in the right place at the right time for what it feels like most of the time, as I have not gotten my songs placed yet, and it feels frustrating that since I don’t have relationships with certain people that I would wish to have good business relationships with in the music business and when it feels like the stars don’t align and I experience rejection I don’t feel very lucky, but I know that if I keep working on my music and I keep growing as a songwriter and producer, opportunities will eventually present themselves to me, even if it takes an extremely long time for that to happen, and if I keep doing my podcast, eventually I will hit the 1k listens per episode threshold and I will attract the kind of companies I want to attract for a sponsorship.


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