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Meet Milahroy (Roy Halim)

Today we’d like to introduce you to Milahroy (Roy Halim) .

Milahroy, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
As I remember things, I was a very expressive soul from a young age. My mom, however, always said I screamed/cried like Mariah, so I guess it depends on who you ask, but I feel like, at the root, we are saying the same thing. Haha! When I had trouble sleeping, my grandma and sisters would sing to me to help me sleep. It made me feel so comforted, safe and loved. I held onto that love as I grew up and realized how much I, too, enjoyed singing. The release I experienced while belting felt healing. I would pour my heart & soul into every living room performance my cousins and I would do for my family. Even then, I craved the applause.

Being raised in the New Haven County of Connecticut, I was made very aware through my young teen years that my passion wasn’t “normal” and neither was I. But I didn’t care. The more music I was able to listen to and experience the more my love for the arts and my creativity grew. I was inspired by my father’s love for the beetles, the doobie brothers, & more; my mother’s love for Albanian music; my sister’s love for 90’s R&B and Punk/Rock. It all began to shape me, but it wasn’t until I got my hands on my sister’s guitar at age 14 that I realized that creating music was something had to do. I used YouTube and locked myself in my room after school and taught myself three chords. I joined my high school concert band and started diving deep into music theory and understanding the language of music. I joined my first local band that same year and became the frontman. At our very first gig, I forgot all of the lyrics to a Blink-182 cover, but somehow, I picked myself up and we went on to play many more shows and some small festivals.

Fast forward four years when I joined another band that was quickly signed to a label. Ultimately, the band and I went on to audition for a couple of shows like America’s Got Talent & The Voice. None of which worked out, but I was able to learn so much. I discovered a resilience in myself and a true passion when I get on stage and perform something I created. It was revelations like that that helped heal me through some difficult personal times. When the group eventually disbanded, I decided to travel around America for eight weeks and soon discovered I wanted more. When I got back to Connecticut, I applied for a visa and moved overseas to Australia, where I created new music, played shows, got into my first real relationship and learned so much more about this vast and beautiful world we all live in. It wasn’t long, after returning to the states and a little more healing, learning, writing and releasing music, that I decided to take the jump out to LA to really get serious about this passion. A couple of records, more than a few tears, loads of gratitude and experience later – Milahroy (He/They) was born.

Milahroy is L.A. based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Roy Halim. Myla finds his genesis in the wrestling of self-identity & the urge to express with utmost authenticity.

Milahroy is their birth name flipped on its head. The first half, his Muslim surname spelled in reverse, butts up against their given name Roy.

This all represents internal reflection of my family’s spiritual history, my own personal truth and the internal changes I’ve had to make in order to accept them both into my heart with love and honesty.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
I believe no one has it easy and a rocky road is not only a better flavor of ice cream but it also shapes us artists and creatives into who we are. Childhood trauma has carved its path in my life and I am doing a lot of inner work to get through it now as an adult. I was an emotional youth and, like so many before me, I struggled with so much from religion to depression to bullying to sexuality and so much more. Shame seemed to have rooted itself in me. I struggled for years during my time as a teenager to understand who I was. After so many years of self-hatred, I decided I had to live MY truth. I finally realized I couldn’t get through my life lying to myself. So, I came out as a gay man after I graduated high school and instantly I saw a huge positive shift in my life. I realized I had “catastrophized” what would happen if I truly accepted myself and allowed others to get to know the real me. I discovered a resilience I never knew I had before with the love and support I was surrounded with as well as the love I felt internally. Now I accept that life is filled with setbacks, but I see those as opportunities to grow and learn and knowing that I can bounce back after a fall has kept me driving forward.

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about what you do?
I take hold of my feelings and emotions. I let them ruminate in my veins, then I write about them as if I’m letting them free. I pour them into my sounds and lyrics; whether it’s minor chords, the subtle restraint of a hard-hitting verse, or a falsetto that can emote or a wince of pain or a burst of joy. I am known for my authenticity as well as my infectious pop-synth sounds that have a hint of 80’s new wave. I can’t fake my emotions and I’m proud that I have allowed myself to find a balance between my “hairier” physical traits and my “delicate” emotional state and I let it flow freely through me and into my sounds. What sets me apart from others is that I’m not afraid to feel it all. I will take hostage of an emotion, interrogate it, understand it, then let it out into the wild.

What are your plans for the future?
I am so grateful for what life has given me and excited for what’s to come. Aside from my next single, “Daylight,” I have a couple more singles coming out this summer before the drop of my EP, “Facets,” which I have been working on throughout the pandemic with my producing partners, theLMNOP (Rob Shore, Jessie Sharpiro, & Kyle Brady). It will also include a Visual EP that I have been working on with my Director, Patrick McPheron of Interiorstate.

I’m continuing to develop more new work that I was digging into pre-pandemic at Berklee College of Music prior to my move to LA and I hope to have that EP out in the fall. I do have a personal goal of having my first full-length solo album out sometime in 2022. But I am doing my best to not put too much pressure on myself and to enjoy the process of creating art and living in my truth. I can’t wait to create art in this new post-pandemic world! Creativity and art is what is going to heal the world just like a vaccine.

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