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Meet Robin Hemmingway of RHemmingway Productions

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robin Hemmingway.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. My childhood was overall pretty great, until around the age of thirteen; when my father passed. I picked up the guitar and began teaching myself how to play and write songs as a way to cope with his death. I was already writing poetry ever since I was about six or seven years old, so it was something that came to me naturally.

Growing up, I always loved listening to artists like India Arie, Eminem, John Mayer, Sade, and Jill Scott. I mean the list could go on, even classical music is on my playlist. Those are some of my main inspirations when it comes to writing my own music, as you can tell from some of my songs, for example, 2night. I never really limit myself to just one genre. I have always believed that music is magic.

I eventually left the midwest after finishing high school and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue my love for music. It was a new environment for me. I did not know anybody nor did I have any family out there, that was willing to help me out. I met people that allowed me to stay over at their house, but really, it was not that great.

I was sleeping on the floor in houses that were extremely overcrowded. I slept in about three different homes before I got my own place. Within those circumstances, following my dreams was such a struggle, I remember crying and wanting to just give up on music so many times. I had no idea what I was doing, how I was going to make things work, or when stability would come into play for me.

Even though I went through my rough patches, I always had my mother by my side, although she was miles away. After a while, things started lining up for me. I got my own place in Sandy Springs, and I enrolled into The Art Institute of Atlanta. I went in pursuing a career in audio.

In 2011, a guy majoring in video approached me and asked me to come to help out on set for an online talk show. After that night, I knew that it was love at first sight. The thought of me being able to express art and my own personal perception upon things, through movies, made me give in. I instantly changed my mind as well with my major, so I went for Video Production.

After switching my major, my dedication towards film grew so much. I was not able to dedicate my time to music anymore. I became so focused on starting my production company and clients consumed most of my time too. In 2013, I graduated from college, earning an Associates in Video Production. That lead to me joining the military to pay back student loans and to open up more resources to put into my company.

Over time, I came to the conclusion that if I did well within the film and entertainment industry; I would be capable of making RHemmingway Production LLC. demandable to where I would build better business relationships. I mean, at the end of the day, you are who you hang around, right? Not only that, but it was also a great back entrance to the music industry again.

During the time that I was serving, a lot of adversities came my way. I experienced great and bad things that I never thought I would deal with, and I also built relationships with friends that I will forever cherish. The military was not for me though, I can definitely say that it was not meant for me to stay either. While being in the service to just about to when I was discharged, I was in a dark place mentally and emotionally.

I gave up on everything, from music to my own company. It was such an all-time low. For about a year, I contemplated on moving to California to pursue my dreams. They say “do not come, unless it is calling you.” I just felt like California was really calling my name. I decided to just risk it all and come out to Cali. It felt like I was picking up where I left off. I was going through some hard circumstances.

I started off sleeping in my car, to paying rent to a friend; just so that I could sleep on his couch. After five months, I was fortunate to get my own two bedroom apartment and started working behind the scenes for reality television shows like Drop the Mic, Car Pool Karaoke and even the American Music Awards. I gained a nice amount of clients that keep Rhemmingway Productions up and running and also help me take care of my responsibilities.

Having the opportunity to work behind the scenes for reality television shows has always been very rewarding for me. I got to work on sets with some of my favorite celebrities like Method Man, Halle Berry, and even Tracee Ellis Ross. It has honestly been such a humbling experience. Not to mention that I had the chance to record my songs in top recording studios out here in Los Angeles.

I recently just released my first single “2night” on November first of 2018. Honestly, ever since then things have been going great and moving along. Three of my songs have hit Top 40 on Steereo Radio, and they have been getting plays in many other online radio stations as well, such as the Bay’s KPOO, 89.5FM. A lot of great records, music videos, and even live performances are definitely coming this year.

In fact, my most recent release “Shirley” was this past valentines day, hitting iTunes and Spotify. Shirley happens to be a lot of people’s favorite song. Shirley is a very special song to me. I wrote this song after my grandfather passed away last year. Me and grandfather had a really special connection, we were really close. He always supported me and my decisions, especially my music.

I remember him calling to check up on me and would ask me “Hey grandbaby! Still playing that guitar? You make sure you always play it even if it is just for you.” He loved it when I played the guitar and sang, it was our special thing. One day, I decided to ask my grandmother the story of how she and my grandfather met and how they managed to stay together for so long.

My grandfather rolled his eyes and slightly blushed as he was shaking his head. She told me their story, I admired it and loved it. I asked her if at any point she ever felt like leaving grandfather and she said, ” NO! Not for one second, not even when he was running around acting crazy… I was always right here. I love him and always will.” I wrote “Shirley” based off of the story grandmother told me.

I felt my Grandfather’s spirit with me when I first played this song on the guitar. I feel like this was his final message to my grandmother through me. I hope everyone enjoys this song as much as I do. It breaks me down every time I play it. Through it all, I’m thankful for everything that I have been through. Mostly thankful for my mother, because without her I don’t know where I would be.

Nobody has had my back and has loved me the way that women, and I want to give her the world, I truly do honor my mother and father; may he rest in peace. I’m excited to see where the future will take me. I look forward to growing and getting to know the people that love my music as much as I do.

Everything I write in my music is what I have experienced in some kind of way or how I may perceive certain hardships that I have had to deal with. I like to learn from everything I go through, whether it is good or bad. My music expresses those experiences and those lessons that I want to share with others.

Has it been a smooth road?
It definitely has NOT been a smooth road. I have dealt with many obstacles, but through everything, I always find a lesson in it for myself. Losing my father at thirteen and just recently my grandfather this past year has really took a toll on me. My family is my best friend at the end of the day, and losing them was just hard to accept but made me a stronger person and value my time in this life and the loved ones around me as much as I can.

I have had equipment purposely damaged by close friends and unprofessional deals made behind my back and under my name. I mean, I remember at one point hearing that if I would not perform sexual favors, I would never make it. As a woman and as an artist that is just so degrading to me for someone to come at me in that way.

I rather hold on to my dignity before I let someone play me. I’ve also invested so much time into other artist helping in pushing their careers and even in some cases investing money. Only for them to turn their backs on me. Some cases I have been left stranded in a different state with no money and calls sent straight to voice mail after driving seven hours to come out there.

Some never showed me the kind of support that I showed to them non stop, and I had to stop ignoring that. I had to notice that I’m better than letting damaged people take advantage of me. One thing I’ve learned is never look back. They will always find a reason to hate you. Even with the same 24 hours each day they will still look at you and find a reason to be upset. So love you enough feel me…

We’d love to hear more about what you do.
Robin Hemmingway, a Singer, and a songwriter brings you a new fresh sound that I can grantee you have not heard before. From soul music to alternative rock and even a soulful pop sound. I like to make sure that I keep my listeners interested with different genres. I tend to attract my audience with my unique voice and different writing styles.

I like to believe that you can not be committed to just to one genre when it comes down to making music and listening to it. I’m all about stepping out of my comfort zone. The content that I put out is always to attract different audiences within different countries.

Although I am a recording singer-songwriter, I also own my own L.L.C. RHemmingway Productions. It specializes in producing high-quality media content. From music videos, social content to business commercials and even movies. We have the capability as well with the experience to fulfill all of our clientele needs.

Currently, we are mostly known for music videos, online reality series. We make sure that we provide and live up to our clienteles vision in every single project that we take part in. Recently we just had the pleasure of filming some behind the scene footage for the Steve Harvey Show with one of his special guests. It was a very enjoyable experience.

The part that sets my production company apart is that we provide three different departments. One of the departments is for media and production development, second one is for brand marketing, and part three is our music department. And my new single All I Wanna Do written and produced by me is now streaming on all music platforms and a music video is on the way.

I am looking for management to assist in building my career.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and the least?
I love Los Angeles, there are just endless amounts of opportunity and creativity here. All you have to do is hustle and keep and a clear head. There is just so much diversity which I think is very cool.

However, it is very overpopulated here. Traffic alone will shoot your nerves straight through the roof. I have never been to a state where people would rather crash their car or possible risk dying than letting someone over into their lane.

Unlike New York or Detroit where I am from people will really get out of the car to fight you for disrespecting them on the road. Thank God I have not seen that just yet out here in Los Angeles. People normally talk a lot to play a few road games and then drive off only creating more traffic.

The cost of living as well can be very tough because it’s so high out here, but there is always a way if you really want to make it work. Besides that Los Angles is a beautiful place wonderful whether legal weed fresh fruits and veggies I mean how can you can wrong.

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