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Meet Robert Schultz

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robert Schultz.

Robert, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I am originally from Detroit, Mi. Grew up loving the arts always dancing and acting since I was five. I trained at The Turning Pointe: a School for the Performing Arts owned by Kelly Powers who was my dancer teacher along with other great teachers Mrs. Anne. I went to New York for four months and trained at Steps And Broadway dance Center. Then making my way to LA where I got an agent and in my first month in LA booked an industrial and from their went on to dance on the MTV European Awards with the Backstreet Boys, Soul Train Awards with Toni Braxton.

Then worked in films, TV and music videos as a dancer. Movies: She’s All That, Gigli, The Wedding Planner. TV: Scrubs The Musical, Fame LA, Grown Ups UPN. Commercial for Pepsi, AT&T and the hilarious Jack in the Box spots “The Meaty Cheesy Boys” Just to name a few. From there I got into choreographing some of my credits include Modern Family ABC, The Opening Number for The Daytime Emmy’s, Keeping Up with Kardashians, Half-time shows for the Holiday Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Camping World Bowl Games. Did some choreography for the Oscar Actress Juliette Lewis Music video which her brother Lightfield Lewis Directed and worked on a couple projects with him. Worked on an amazing pilot produced by OPRAH, and another pilot “move like me” CW. Choreography for Kimora Life in the Fab Lane TV show, The Bachelorette. Heartbeat NBC and Major Crimes. Again, these are just some of the things that I have done in the choreography world.

I’ve been working on a script(s) with my writing partner Jenn Larson for six years. It’s actually a whole universe we created in the scoff/horror realm. I pitched a show a few years back, my first show by the way and Eone studios were interested in it and they had pitched along with my pitch producer Aisha Corpas Wynn who got it to Eone and it made it’s way over to VH1 where they were interested in making it, but after almost a year of holding they let it go. But I still have high hopes that it will happen. Which brings me to every No is a precursor to a YES. This journey has been such a beautiful learning experience. Learning not o be attached to anything. Never comparing myself to others instead be inspired by them and their successes.

On Top of all that I love to teach dance. I have taught at Millennium Dance Complex, Edge and currently teaching at the DRLegacy (former Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. I travel all over the country teaching guest classes, choreographing and judging at different dance competitions. So through all my ups and downs I never had any moments of giving up. I believe if you love what you do, do the work, show up, be present, be persistent and DO NOT give yourself an expiration date you will achieve what you’ve set out to do. Most importantly surrender to it. Let it go. So learning all this on my journey brings me to creating my new rebranded company Artists in Training: In-studio Dance Retreat with Executive Director Kathy King. I want to give back to the dance community that has been so gracious to me and give back to the world. I am gathering some of the most inspiring choreographer/teacher and wellness mentors to travel to studios and have a retreat at different dance studios. We want to bring fresh energy to each studio and not only inspire the dancers, but their faculty and the parents.

Our mission is to create a safe space for them to not only dance but the mind, body and spirit. Bringing awareness about being your true self, bringing awareness to wholeness, honoring our life and those around it, supporting community and circulating inspiration and love. If we can awaken this in one person it will be a beautiful domino effect. We live in a different time. So polarized. So scared. So disconnected. With Artists in Training they will walk away from the weekend not only being a more mindful person but artists and supporters to the community. We will donate to a charity in their community in the studio’s name. There will be scholarships we give to students that are being donated from different dance conventions and competitions. It’s all about circulating. There is room for all who want to create. We must support this small business, because in return your supporting your community. AIT will have a clothing line where we will donate part of our proceeds to different communities that we go to. So I took all my knowledge, all my experiences and brought friends together looking to share and circulate and created Artists in Training.

I’m excited for these new adventures, along with continuing to pitch a bunch of TV ideas, finishing the scripts, get back into acting class, create more things to circulate with the world.

Stay tuned to hear about my Coffee Magic Podcast I have created along with my friend Tia. Actually a movement. I teach on Tuesdays at Legacy Studios 11:30 am-1 pm Contemporary 11401 Chandler Blvd, LA, CA. Follow me on Instagram @moveyoutoinspire. Relaunch of website coming soon.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It’s been quite an adventure. In 2003 I was in the hospital for over a month at Cedar Sinai with pancreatitis. I had a 105 fever for 15 days. They had no idea what was happening. I wasn’t a drinker. It got to where they didn’t think I was going to make it. My pancreatic enzymes were in the 1,000’s. Normal being 160. But thankfully with the amazing doctors and nurses, I made it. They found out later after many many tests that I had a birth defect with my pancreas. So I can never drink alcohol which doesn’t bother me and watch what I eat. When I got out of the hospital I was 85 lbs so it took me about six months to start getting back and then getting back into dancing and auditioning. To be honest it took a couple of years.

The depression sucked but I had a light inside and it stayed bright which help lead me to really explore who I was and what my purpose was. I have always been a spiritual person but I became more spiritual. Reading every book that was inspiring, made me think outside the box. Thank you to Oprah for her super soul Sunday shows. It just made me more aware of the power I have to make choices from love and not fear. So actually me going to the hospital really woke me up. My sister Carrie and I lost our mom when I was 9. So I had a bit of fear of dying, but something said I have more to do. So one of my purposes is to just spread awareness of inspiration, connection and love through my art.

Please tell us more about your work. What do you do? What do you specialize in? What sets you apart from competition?
Artists in Training In-studio Dance Retreat.

We specialize in inspiring and teaching young dancers a mindful practice of artistry. Creating from a space of inspiration and love. Making them aware of their uniqueness, individuality and their capacity to create and circulate with community and the world. Basically, on our website the studios can choose what kind of dance classes they want and along with our mentorship program of journaling, feed the soul classes for teens and for our children we have crafts they create on what inspires them and start instilling value, worthiness and permission to be a creative being. We design their retreat package and take care of getting our mentors and choreographers/teachers. We also provide inspiring. classes for the parents and faculty members so they can connect and understand their young artists. Everyone is an important piece to the puzzle of nurturing our younger artists and in return bring a great shift of energy to every studio we go to.

What makes us different is our approach. Most dance workshops and conventions are about getting you ready for the industry which is incredible. So I wanted to create something different. We want to make them powerful artists knowing who they are, what is being authentic, knowing your value. Basically giving them more of a solid foundation of knowing their worthiness and making them aware of being a whole person in the sense of connecting mind body and spirit. Not only the dancers attending, but their parents and faculty of their home studios will have inspirational classes they can attend too. So connection and bringing awareness to all. With an emphasis on circulating our talents to do good in our communities.

I’m most proud of our company because it’s about spreading love and inspiration. There is no better feeling than creating a space of mindfulness for this young artist so whatever adventure they choose they’re operating from a space of abundance, worthiness and value. To share that with others is such a gift and make a positive impact.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
Well, we just rebranded our company. So we’re just excited to share this with the world. Looking forward to witness the domino effect of positivity that will shift and hopefully inspire so many people.

Creating a movement of circulating to the world.

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