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Meet Rick Wagner of “My Haunted Reality” in the Arts District

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rick Wagner.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Rick. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I have been encountering spirits since I was 6 years old growing up in Buffalo, New York. It wasn’t until my near death experience on a motorcycle that I learned how these spirits can affect our lives on a daily basis. I began to study why they are here and what they are trying to tell us.

My new book takes you through my lifetime of encounters, how I dealt with each experience, and what I was able to learn. I came out to California over 25 years ago on a motorcycle. There definitely was something different about being out on the “Left Coast”. I felt a wonderful creative energy here. Someone told me it was because Los Angeles was built on special soil, that there was something magical in the ground here! So I stayed…

The energies and entities around us do have a substantial affect on our lives. Everything around us is made up of energy, including spirit energies. As energetic beings ourselves, it becomes necessary for us to look at the reasons why we have so much pain and unhappiness in our lives. It may not be our own, authentic voice at all, but just the association we have with the energies around us. I am able to sense these energies and through an empathetic connection and communication, I can determine why they are here and how we can help not only them, but ourselves as well.

I have been working with people for over 10 years dealing with the repercussions of having these energies in close proximity. My clients have suffered with everything from personal loss, confusion, loneliness, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, trauma, panic, despair, physical pain, depression, and even thoughts of suicide. By separating these energies from us, we are then able to see ourselves clearly and rediscover our own “authentic voice”, true energy, and joy of life.

To assist people in understanding more of what I do, I spent most of last year writing it all down. In the short time my book has been available to the public, I am already receiving daily texts, emails and phone calls on this popular and relevant topic. Everyone seems to have a curiosity of the spirit world or a story of their own relating to the energies and entities in their home. Welcome to, what I like to call, “My Haunted Reality”!

Has it been a smooth road?
I had a very analytical mind that was constantly questioning everything. Instead of intuitively trusting what I was seeing and experiencing, I attempted to approach these energetic connections and entities from a scientific perspective. This mental conflict had to be resolved one way or another.

I realized the purpose of these encounters was to deliver messages that were for someone else. I was just the messenger. I receive information which involves feelings, emotions and energy and then I interpret this information into words for the person to hear and comprehend. This information can be overwhelming at times with negative emotions, sadness and despair, and I can also feel their intense joy and happiness when they are acknowledged and reconnected with their loved ones. The painful part is when a spirit wants to show me how they died or I connect to the actual pain that another human is going through. I stopped doing this work many times until I learned how to protect myself from what people may recall as being “slimed”!

My own personal obstacle was the thought that people would not understand what it is I do, or that they would just be terrified because they had seen too many horror movies and think that something was after them. I try to placate their fears by explaining when you lose your carbon exterior, your body, you do not instantly transition into an evil entity. You are still you and everything you were before, but now you have gained an incredible sense of freedom.

I am actually overjoyed to find this to be a major topic of conversation and interest today. People are constantly asking me questions with the desire to learn more. I love having the opportunity to be in a position to help people see themselves more clearly and achieve a greater level of health, happiness and awareness.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with “My Haunted Reality” – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
I just received a text from a client, “I am mesmerized by what you did for me”! She told me she got more out of her 2-hour session with me than she did after 40 years of working with her therapist!

We have a tendency to take our troubles and stresses to bed with us, which interferes with our ability to sleep. We need rest to recuperate and recharge for the next day. This lack of sleep leads to health issues, increased stress, weight gain, medications, addictions and deeper depression. These energies need to be dissipated and entities need to be relocated so we can regain our natural way of being, return to a place of happiness and experience the satisfaction and joy of life once again. It seems inconceivable to me that 80% of Americans today are on some form of daily prescription medication. Let’s take a look at the energies around first, before medicating!

My clients now refer me to as “The Ghost Doctor”. I can conduct sessions over the phone because energetic connections are instantaneous and I can assess the situation quickly. If I am in a client’s home, I will use a very special clearing technique to remove all of the stuck energies in the home. I will then replenish the space by bringing new energy in and using my client as a conduit. If an entity is present, I will ask permission to connect and see why it chooses to be here. I find in most situations that the spirit is just attracted to the human’s light and energy and still wants to be part of the human experience. They may also have a family or love connection with the person, or just haven’t realized that they are dead yet! The hard part is when I have to be the one to inform them that they no longer have a body.

I believe that every spirit is inherently good, so I make sure to listen to both sides of the story to find out what is best for both the spirit and the human. I don’t banish spirits, do exorcisms, or send them “into a light”. (There are millions of lights out there.) I find a love/family connection and redirect them to where they are supposed to be. This results in an instantaneous transformation of the person’s energy. One of my clients was considering suicide and had no idea where these thoughts were coming from. After separating him from a very nice, but lonely spirit that had connected to him, he described the following: “I felt more at peace, balanced, and grounded with a new outlook on life, with a purpose. Thank you, Rick, for reinforcing the belief that life is more than meets the eye, life is about the journey of our souls!”

I am flattered and grateful for all of the wonderful responses and reviews I have received. I am tenacious in getting to the root of the problem for my clients and will hang in there until the issue is resolved. Someone told me that I am bringing light into an area that was considered dark for a very long time. I try to get everyone’s mind out of the horror movies every time they have a spiritual encounter!

Since my book came out, I have been getting texts, emails, and phone calls daily from people needing to have their energies redirected and their spirits looked into. I am surprised to hear so many people tell me, “I’ve never told anyone this before!” That is a true confirmation to me that there is more spiritual activity around us than ever before. With our planet becoming over-populated, it makes sense that there are more ghosts and spirits around us all the time. Everyone has a ghost story now and I love the fact they aren’t afraid to talk about it anymore!

If you have a story or are dealing with energies around you that you don’t understand, send me an email. If you feel it is more serious and an entity needs to be relocated, we can set up an appointment. You might also find answers in my book, “My Haunted Reality”.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
I like LA’s sense of spirituality. I was just on LA’s #1 Talk Radio Show, “The Sheena Metal Experience’. Sheena asked me what I thought was special about doing this kind of work in Los Angeles. I said it was because people here were more receptive and aware of the energies around them and they have a greater sense of their spiritual selves. There are also the creative entrepreneurs and self-starters searching for answers and new ways of doing things. When I talk about my book and explain the work I do, I can tell by their enthusiasm and interest that they understand what I am saying and want to know more.

I dislike the current homeless situation downtown. I love living downtown, but I am very troubled by the ever-expanding homeless situation here. We have a tremendous volunteer group called, “Down But Not Out” that meets every Thursday night and delivers food, water and clothing to the homeless, tent by tent. You get to meet these people and hear their stories. At last count, I read that we now have over 58,000 homeless people in Los Angeles and the prospects of housing them all seems to be a distant hope and dream This is a situation that must change.

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