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Meet Rev. Gillian V Harris, M.S.P. of Valet Of The Dolls, Bless & Clear Sacred Ceremonies, Life Design With Gillian

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rev. Gillian V Harris, M.S.P.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Rev. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
From the time I was very young, I knew this incarnation was going to be a spectacular ride! SPECTACULAR, I say!!! I knew this time was merely a perspective – a chapter I refer to as the human experience. I loved/love mine. And I remember, very young, as a teenager, being very captivated by someone else’s life story. I wanted to know how they got to the where they were. I did this with other teens, adults, anyone! I’d often sit with someone and was so excited to explore their journey, “tell me everything”. “I’m so intrigued by the human experience”. And I meant it! And even more on point, I was very intrigued by THEIR experience in this realm. Everyone’s story was like a movie in my head as they told it… and I always wanted to know what their plan was. That question changed form in sentence structure as I matured. What started as “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” evolved into “and what’s your ambition? What’s your plan to achieve your goals and desires?!”

I came into this lifetime with a lot of wisdom and instinct from previous and parallel incarnations. In fact, I am one of those who, as a child, vividly recalled a previous or parallel lifetime. In this other life, I was a young handsome white guy. Well-groomed and hip, brunette. Jeans and leather jacket; confident walking ambitious bloke living in some western society – not necessarily America. Maybe Europe. I saw him over and over again through a portal that connected me here, to his world in that other dimension. Finally, I shared these phenomena with my math tutor. “There’s this guy and he looks like… and he’s walking along a path of sidewalk and bushes in a city….” My math tutor, Ken Brenneke, knew I had a strong interest in metaphysics and clairvoyance. His eyebrows raised as he asked me, “oh! Do you know him?!” “No”, I said, “I AM him!” I’ll never forget Ken’s face! Ha! He had no idea how to respond to that! But he said the right thing, encouraging me to keep exploring it and that eventually, I’d figure it out! My first book, ’The Secrets of Lost: The Validity of Multi-Dimensional Existence’ is the result of me having spent those decades looking into it and… figuring it out!

I not only came into this incarnation with Intrigue and a strong handle already on Conscious Creation/The Law of Attraction, but I didn’t know that’s what it was called! I didn’t even know I had any kind of relationship with the law of attraction. Without realizing the formula of what I was doing, I was simply in forwarding motion automatic-action-mode in terms of creating my life’s desires. When I get an idea… and it’s a good idea… I feel it in my solar plexus! I get EXCITED which seems to change chemicals in my entire body! It’s a full body exhilaration and I clearly feel the shift in my energy field as not only a decision is made but my entire being focuses and harmonizes with the reception of whatever it is I’ve decided to draw into my world. Part of what would rouse me when I got a great idea was the fact that I knew there was something going on within me that was going to propel this into action/manifestation! So, I might as well go ahead and get excited in advance! I had no idea how incredibly POWERFUL that is! Lol! I was excited AND I was GRATEFUL, in advance! I didn’t need to understand how this worked but I had 1000% faith in it! Whatever “it” is! I remember I made the cheerleading squad in my junior year of high school. Unfortunately, my mother decided that I needed to go on a trip to Europe with my grandmother instead of being a cheerleader that year. Why I couldn’t do both, I don’t know! In this instance, I definitely had some honing to do in my conscious creation skill! I was frustrated. Some people would wonder “Oh no, what if I don’t make the squad next year?” I didn’t worry about that. I figured oh well, I’ll just try out and make it again for my senior year – which is what I did!

I got my bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications/Communications Theory at California State University at Long Beach. During my last semester, I was being nagged by a lady who worked at the grocery store (true story! It was a Ralphs across the street from my apartment). Every single time, she saw me she went nuts in my voice she urged me to contact “that broadcasting school that’s always on the radio”. I took her advice, I figured what the heck.

The school accepted me in a heartbeat and not just for my money. I was a natural. The instructors were excited about the gem they’d found. I’d do Cal State L.B during the day and the KISS Broadcasting Workshop in the evening! I graduated from Long Beach State on a Thursday, from the broadcasting school on Friday and started my first day on the air at a radio station on Saturday!

Now, in school students were told not to even THINK of working in the L.A. market or ANY market larger than #50 before we had 5 to 10 years experience on the air under our belt. Out of 200 markets in the country, New York is #1, L.A. is #2. “Don’t plan on working in a market this size until you are 5 to 10 years into the business”. You know what?! I just figured they weren’t talking to ME when they said that! LoL! I genuinely heard me say in my head “they don’t mean me”. Three months later, I was graduating from that broadcasting school and starting my first job at a job right in the Los Angeles market at the once historic FM rock and roll station KNAC, Long Beach. That frequency is now used for something else but at the time KNAC was a very popular hard rock spot on the dial! AND…. I was TERRIBLE! No! Really! You know how ya need to breathe in order to talk?! Well, try talking without breathing! Go ahead! Please! Experience what being on the radio was like for me in those first 3 torturous months at KNAC! It was not only torturous for me but for anyone listening! – I decided I had to get out of there. So I picked a city, Santa Barbara. Seemed like a cool place to spend a little time. Not too far from home and… it was market number 131 at the time! Perfection! I figured I’d hide out there and hone my skills!

We’re talkin’ 1980, now! Six months into my job at KTMS-AM, Santa Barbara I was RIGHT on the verge of being fired for being too progressive and… maybe a little too colorful (!) and right at that time I heard about an opening at Stevie Wonder’s 103.9-FM, KJLH in Los Angeles. I created an audition tape as a newscaster and within two weeks, I got the job! I was, however, an imposter newscaster. I faked my way into that job! That’s worth a whole other article! Lol! But my objective was to be on the air until I could find my way into the position as a DJ. I wanted to play music and chit chat about fun positive stuff! But, alas, the opening was for news and I was a great writer with an amazing voice and as a Gemini, I knew I’d pull off this imposter thing: I’d fake it til I made it!! I had complete confidence about this! My News Director at the time, Carl Nelson, realized early that I was faking it. He basically taught me the formula for writing a news story! That’s all I needed! My writing skills, my speaking skills, his news writing formula and bada boom bada bang!

I remember I was still working at KJLH one day… 1981 or maybe 82… I was talking to a friend. I remember we were standing in the parking lot outside the station when I realized… ”I get anything I want”. I wasn’t being Prima Donna or anything like that I was just making a simple observation that at that moment, had my attention. “I get anything I want”… I wasn’t even smiling when I said it. I was almost… perplexed! Like… I don’t know why this is happening but, I get anything I want! I pick a city, Santa Barbara. There were only 5 stations at the time! I called all five and two of them made me offers! I picked one! As I talked to my friend, I was actually kind of weirded out… I mean, it was a nice problem to have and… it wasn’t really a problem except that I really, genuinely didn’t understand it!!! I knew, there was probably some kind of formula but… I didn’t know what it was. I only knew that somehow, within me, I worked whatever magic it was to make these things happen.

Back in those days, my voicemails outgoing message would always end with… “And don’t forget; If you need a miracle, make one!” Again, I did not know what I meant! Other people didn’t know what I meant either but many, many people commented, “I love hearing you say that if you need a miracle make one”! It would be many, many years later before I figured out the literal meaning and plausibility of that sentence, “if you need a miracle make one”!

A decade went by and I was still in radio. I’d moved from KJLH to much more money at union staffed stations. The stations may not have been as up my alley in a musical genre but – money talks!! Right!?! I could listen to my favorite genre on the way home from work in my brand new car!!! Meanwhile, I continued to automatically/mindlessly live the power of conscious creation!

Life was going along… and I was going along with it. I wasn’t completely happy. I wasn’t really supposed to be a new person. I grew more and more sensitive to the negativity I was partaking in as I did this work. Then one day something huge and horrible happened. The space shuttle Challenger exploded! I was very emotional on the air with that one!

I had just gone on the air and did the lift-off of the Challenger and went on to my other stories I closed out with sports and the weather and walked out of the studio to get a refill on my coffee. I’m pouring it when somebody runs to get me, “Gillian you gotta go back on the air the space shuttle just exploded”. I was like, “what?!” I was so shaken by this… I didn’t want it to be true… I was resistant. Like, maybe if I don’t do anything, then maybe it didn’t happen!” But I knew, what I had to do. I race back to the newsroom; over to the wires, rip some copy and sprint into the studio with the morning show host (the late) Charlie Tuna and break in with this upsetting news! There
I sat in front of the mic with this copy off the newswire. I’m reading it and experiencing this information for the first time just like the people who are hearing it for the first time! My voice is crackling… I am audibly shaken by this information and affected. When I got off the air I was admonished by Mr. Tuna! “Get a grip on yourself”! Something about that bothered me! And it was part of my whole dismay with being a news person; a broadcast journalist. In this country that means you’re a person who has to look for the dark side. We never led with positive. We always led with the bloodiest and scariest story. And then, we had to rewrite that scary bloody story for every one of the newscasts – which for me was EIGHT every morning as I went on twice an hour for 4 hours starting at 5:20 am! Rewrite that, re-rehearse, re-broadcast that bloody scary story eight times! So, by the time we got to September 1991 I was over it and it was showing in my work. I was late regularly. My program director Mike Wagner (whom I adore to this day) would call me in and urge me to quit. I’d say, “no – fire me”! He’d say “no! You need to QUIT”. I was like “nope”! I didn’t say the words but DUH – I was positioning to receive my severance pay and it was large enough that it was worth it for me to stick it out and just hate the damn job!

Ultimately, they still didn’t fire me! They discharged me! But this allowed me my severance pay. I had a delicious six-month vacation! My dog and I were traveling and living in different beach cities to see which we liked best. We were in New Port when suddenly there was fire! LOTS of Fire! In fact… more than 1000 fires busted out in L.A. as rage took to the streets in an expression of the Rodney King Riot! With journalism still in my bones, I’d left my rental in New Port and went to stay with a friend in Duarte where I could smell the smoke! I stayed away for 3 straight days with the news and a map where I used different color magic markers to mark events. I was focused and wanted to help somehow. I get whatever I want.

I got a call from KJLH’s R & B competitor 103.9 FM, KACE as its then Program Director (PD) Lawrence Tanter found me and requested my assistance so they could have more news coverage! I was actually chomping at the bit to get back behind the mic during this crisis! So I was back on the air like I wanted to be. Oddly… right around the time, the smoke dissipated Tanter was replaced by a new PD. I told this gentleman my truth. I really wasn’t interested in the new position. I want to prove myself as a DJ. That was my original intention but I’d become so good at the news side of it, no one believed I could be a great air personality! Finally, I got my chance! I was a natural! For the next 7 years, I was the only female – in fact – the first female in Los Angeles to handle an afternoon-drive slot, solo! And my ratings were STRONG.

We were Southern California’s Best R & B Oldies station. I told lively facts and stimulating trivia about the #1 R&B Hits we jammed on our airwaves. My show from 2–7 pm was also the one that would be visited by the artists who created the music we were playing! If there were still here! Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, The Average White Band, Lionel Richie, Teena Marie, MC Hammer (when he was still rich!) all graced my studio – most of those in-person. Only Aretha and Gladys were over the phone! I was even the very first person to interview Rick James when he got out of jail! The late great James Brown called one day to let me know he was listening and to thank me for playing his song. I proceeded to go on the air and talk to Mr. Brown through his speaker. “I know you’re still listening to me. Ya know… what would be super cool is if you get your driver to turn that car around and come on over to the studio! Pleeeeeeeeeease! Come on! 610 Ardmore St. Like… 6th street just west of Normandie!” He totally showed up! And what a sweetheart! Mr. Brown frequented my show many times after that! The Handsome, triple threat talent Gregory Hines graced my show! And asked me on a DATE! And I said YES! It was only ONE date but it was like a Cinderella night to me! Yeah… “I get anything I want”!

In 2000, radio as we knew it, ceased to exist! Deregulation, the Clear Channel monopoly, changes to automation, less true live voices. Radio changed. And, I was ripped from my microphone! While I sought another radio gig, I found myself parking cars! I was parking cars at an all-female valet company! Yes! All female! Absolutely the coolest concept ever! The owner of that company wanted to sell. If the deals fell through (which they did) I asked that she let me run her company for her. Such a deal $10 per hr, “show me how. Let me see if I’m good at it. If I like it, I’ll buy it from you”. Within a couple years, I’d tripled the size of her company and had grown quite a passion for the business. She turned down all of my offers to buy and fired me! Lol! No problem! I had an amazing Plan B! I wanted a valet company and I… get whatever I want!

Within a few months of being fired I shocked her and the world by opening my own all-female valet company! Valet of the Dolls, LLC! We are STILL going strong, still, the largest private event Valet company of its kind west of the Mississippi (probably east of it, too!)! More than 150 employees, 145 women and Five Guys! We do more than 600 parking operations for private events per year! And of course, the entertainment industry is our bread and butter!

In order to make this a successful venture my skills as a certified Precision driver come in handy as I created a driving course specifically designed for valet operations; PVOC: The Precision Vehicle Operating Course which I use to train my employees! The course is so effective, other valet companies in the city hire me to train their employees, as well.

So, I came up with a better name, better system, a better plan of action and proceeded to pretty much wipe the other female valet companies off the map! By the time I was 5 or 6 years into the valet business, I knew that I didn’t want to retire this way. The valet business is non-stop including evenings, weekends and holidays! I always have said that I would retire doing voice-overs… I picture that as a pretty kick back, relaxing livelihood compared to the rat race valet is. None the less, Valet of the Dolls is serving its purpose. I used the success of Valet of the Dolls to put myself through school. I got my master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and did it without needing a loan! I also went forward and continued studying Reiki and became a Reiki Master/Teacher.

In 2012, upon graduation from the University of Santa Monica with my Master’s Degree, I was also lead to becoming ordained as a minister. I was ordained by the International Assembly of Spirit Healers and Earth Stewards. SHES. The ordination is recognized in 24 states including California. With the success of the valet company, I had the opportunity to continue studying metaphysics and honing my skills as a medium, Channel, clairvoyant, clairsentient, Reiki master. When I graduated from USM, I realized I wanted to put these gifts to use! I spent the first year after graduating handling several cases as a Transition Midwife. In transition midwifery, I am a companion to a person who is transitioning from this life to another. I had the honor of companioning five beautiful people as they made that sacred Crossing. The longest one was a 7-month partnership. It started with Reiki treatments as he wanted to use life force energy to heal. Unfortunately, cancer moved and spread and so then it became a different kind of effort as we wanted to prepare him for the transition from this life to the next. Also in 2012 (it was a pivotal year!), I started a company called Bless & Clear, Sacred Ceremonies!! While we do a lot of weddings, baby-namings and project blessings, we specialize in house clearings and blessings hence the name Bless & Clear! Through Bless & Clear, I’ve done many, many ceremonies! Healed many homes, joined many couples in the holy matrimony! For a time I called myself a Spirit Coach. But as I took on clients on one-on-one sessions, I found that most of them came to me with goals that they wanted to accomplish! They saw what I had done as an entrepreneur! As an Entertainer! As a metaphysician and they knew that I knew that if they needed to make a miracle they actually could make one! So, in the realization of my life purpose, I began sharing the tools of conscious creation by way of my books, classes, one on one sessions and a work in reconstructive progress Articles, guided meditations and affirmations; tools to assist in consciously creating one’s life exactly the way they want it!

I am a Goal Coach! Like a Life Coach, yes but I like to get right to the point! What’s your goal, ambition, desire?! My specialty is Conscious Creation and Metaphysics with an emphasis on Productivity (the opposite of procrastination!) So, my newest company, is my practice Life Design With Gillian!

I am living out my life purpose by sharing with others how to step into and express their own life purpose! Life purpose is why we are here! What do you want to create? I’ve learned so much in this journey… we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and as such we are naturally designed to make miracles!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Ultimately, the challenges are all from within myself. WIth Valet, in the beginning – getting insurance was a challenge – The law of attraction solved that making my first policy only $3k! That is UNHEARD of by the way! Lol! But it was perfectly planted by the Universe so we’d have the opportunity to start in earnest. The next policy was 4 times as expensive and we had no problem paying for it!

Accidents! Again – that’s an energy-based issue! Even though I may not be driving the car when a valet hurts a vehicle, energetically, it sources from me! It affects me and starts with me! So, I have to watch my energy carefully! I also have to stay on the driving course and its scoring system. With PVOC our accident rate dropped to nearly 0%.

Life Balance; Just like a lot of people I allowed the Valet Business (AND RADIO, for that matter) to gobble up my time. But Valet was more thorough at that gobbling as I learned to create 26 hour days!!! Creating a balanced life in the face of the high energy, non-stop activity of the company is, to this day, a challenge! I continue to rock the Law of Attraction so that I can have enough balance to spend time with friends, family and… self!

Beginning any of my ventures is challenging. But I reframe the perspective of an obstacle. It is merely a challenge. Moving radio station to radio station of 20 years. Getting into the valet business and literally OWNING IT! And now, I take my coaching practice and after six years up and running I am finding the time and space to focus on and grow this business which I will retire in. The business includes voice-overs which I said I would retire doing! The challenge is that recording studios are expensive but I’m conquering that and loving the win at every turn.

To challenges, I say, “BRING IT ON!” Nothing will stop me from manifesting my intentions!

Please tell us about Valet Of The Dolls/Bless & Clear Sacred Ceremonies/Life Design With Gillian.
Oops! I think I did that already!

Valet Of The Dolls: the largest (almost the ONLY) predominantly female valet parking service in L.A. The only valet company that has a precision driving course for its staff. The only valet company is known for theme dressing!!

Bless & Clear Sacred Ceremonies; you can find a New Age/New Thought/Metaphysical minister for all kinds of ceremonies including Weddings…

Life Design with Gillian; There are tons of Life Coaches but few who specialize in Conscious Creation and Metaphysics! I’m that rare Coach filled with tools to assist someone in consciously creating their life the way they want it. I’m perfect for people who know that to achieve your goal you need to not only focus your work but your energy, focus and belief! Perfect for people who want to create miracles!

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
Nothing! I’m grateful for the learning that has come from every mistake! The learned wisdom goes with me now through this incarnation and into the next…

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Getting in touch: VoyageLA is built on recommendations from the community; it’s how we uncover hidden gems, so if you know someone who deserves recognition please let us know here.

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