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Meet Renee Ritchie

Today we’d like to introduce you to Renee Ritchie.

So, before we jump into specific questions about what you do, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I started my dance career as a young girl in Tasmania Australia at Jeninas Dance Workshop. I came from a little small-town that the thought of living in Sydney (which is what we would call the mainland) was a BIG deal. I had never thought I would be in Los Angeles America living the dream.

I left home at 17 years old to further my training at Brent Street Studios Australia. One of Australia’s best Full-time dance schools. Training intensely there for a year before heading out into the industry of being a dancer. It was not an easy ride for me coming out of my training. I did not book dance jobs immediately. I definitely had to work hard and hustle to be seen. I worked at Starbucks waking at 4 am almost every day doing 8-hour shifts and on my days off, I would dance 9 am till late evenings to continue my training & to be seen by choreographers. This went on for a couple of years until I was gifted a trip to the US by a friend’s father to explore the training and industry in America.

I couldn’t even believe that was gifted to me. He wanted his daughter to have fun & feel safe with her friends in the states and we all went together.

SYTYCD was a show at that time we were all dying to make it into the top 20. Both I and my friend Carly had been in the top 100 the past years and never made it. Traveling to America was our moment to train hard and Audition for season 3 2010 when we were to return.

Being in America for three months of training literally changed my life. I was a girl that was talented, LOVED dance, passionate as hell but not the best confidence. LA and NY changed all of that for me. I had so many moments of choreographers and other teachers give me the confidence to believe in myself. I know now that it’s really YOU that need’s to believe in you but at that time my confidence was so low that DANCE saved me and people I looked up to beliving in me changed my life.

I felt so accepted in LA. I could just be myself and people were cool and interested to be my friend and we were able to exchange inspiration as artists.

After three months in LA, I and my best friend Carly went home to audition for SYTYCD Australia. And………

We made it! We both made the 20 top.
That was a career breaking moment for me. I was seen, I was challenged, it really gave me a career in Australia and I’m forever thankful. It was a HARD show to do but I think that was the best training for my career on a job I ever had.

After the show work came, work came as a dancer, a teacher and also a choreographer. I was noticed and remembered for the choreography of my solos on the show and a Choreographer took a chance on me and gave me a job at one of the best schools in Australia, (Brent Street Studios) where I trained.

I become recognized as a choreographer in Aus and my work began to win prizes. I was not aware of my gift as a creator but still to this day it is such a natural thing for me. I love it. Teaching and creating is my passion and I am still able to say it comes very natural to me.

After having a successful career in Australia I started to feel like I wanted to learn more, experience more on a demanding level. LA is the dream. Well, was for me. I had stayed in contact with a lot of my LA friends and after seven years of networking, asking LOTS of questions I finally built up the courage to get a visa to move to America.

The scariest and most financially challenging thing I’ve EVER did in my life. It is not an easy process to get a work visa and move across the country. It still to this day it is the best choice I ever made. I moved to LA having to start ALL over again. The first three years were tough. Hustling and hustling. Class after class. Putting myself out there like never before. The one person who really changed my life in LA was Kevin Maher. He really saw me, he gave me the opportunities, the confidence and the training that built me up to the professional I am today. Working with him on multiple choreographer jobs such as J-Lo, Britney Spears, Madonna submission and so much more.

Being in LA also becoming connected to Paula Abdul and working and choreographing with her for a couple of years. Working alongside Tina Landon and Barry Lather. Getting to dance on the Latin Grammy Music Awards. Being a dancer in 2 of J-Los Music Videos. Working on the Ellen Show, also Good Morning America (Disney) The list goes on and I am beyond grateful for this life I created.

I love my career as a dancer-choreographer, I would never change it for the world. I now continue to dance, create, choreograph but I also am building a Dance Convention in Tasmania (my home town) with a good friend of mine from home. Giving back to my community.

Also, creating a 3-month mentor program in LA for Australians to Los Angeles allowing them to have the opportunity I had training in LA for three months in a contained and safe space with direction and mentoring by me.

Life of an Artist. We are always creating. My biggest passion in life is to always be of service to others, with a huge dedication to help the young driven artist to BELIEVE in themselves no matter where they come from. If I could dream, it can be true for YOU too.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It was defiantly not smooth for me. I had a full-time job at Starbucks for over a year.
Always having side jobs.
Did suit work.
Coffee shops
Teaching four years olds to dance.

Not a great deal of money. Fighting check to check.

Getting cut and cut at auditions. missing out on jobs with friends.

I was on hold for happy feet the movie 2 and was one of only a couple of dancers that got taken off.

I had moments of just thinking I was the shittys dancer and person in the world but I never gave up. There was none negotiable with me. DANCE was my live my escape, my everything.

What do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for, etc. What are you most proud of? What sets you apart from others?
I am my own company. Renee Ritchie is the brand.

I do many other things as Renee Ritchie.

I have a mentor program and dance intensive in LA. for Australians to LA (soon to open up to all countries)
It’s called Dance International.

In this business, I specialize in creating a 3-month program with American’s best teachers and choreographers. We hold yoga, fitness, health and wellness classes. Business classes. teach you how to create yourself as a brand. Visa seminars on what it takes to live in America and work. Social media guidance and so much more. Mentor by me specifically a lot on mindset and building confidence.

Tasmania Dance Expo is a dance convention created by Tasmanians for Tasmania’s.

I have my own online business as an entrepreneur guiding others in this space to build there own personal brand to create a residual income in the online space.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
I’m in a HUGE transition.

Other than dance, ALWAYS being there for me in all aspects as a dancer and choreographer.

In the past message, I wrote about:
Dance International
Brand new mentor program and dance intensive.
3-month Australians to LA to train.

Tasmanian Dance Expo
Created by Renee Ritchie and Lockhart
It is a Tasmanian based expo with American and Australian Industry professionals, with a 1-day dance competition for students to have the chance to win big scholarship prizes and cash prizes to further their dance career. An added dance market and expo with amazing Tasmanians owned and World Wide own companies with gifts and information to share.

Having now also stepped into the online market as an entrepreneur guiding and leading others to create a residual income online through an affiliate marketing platform. It is a truly powerful way to teach other artists like myself to create a flowing income regularly that will change the trajectory of the belief around “starving artist’s” its a way of the past and a limiting belief system. We are all deserving to live in abundance and this a new and powerful way for me to guide other artists like myself to do the same.


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