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Meet Rebecca Kim of Bizzy Box in Encino

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rebecca Kim.

Rebecca, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Bizzy Box is a Mailbox & Printing business with close to 20 years of history. Along with my family, I currently operate this historic mailbox center in the heart of bustling Encino as its third owner. To briefly introduce ourselves, we are not just a mailbox service center that provides temporary or short-term business solutions (though that’s part of it), but one that plays a more significant role of being a real, trustable, long-term address for our customers. Our customers trust us with their personal and private mails and packages, and we have many that have maintained a long, solid relationship with Bizzy Box.

When we first came across Bizzy Box, we fell in love with the office, parking structure, and location, among other things. But on top of everything physical that we saw, we also saw a vision; we saw greater potential for it and I personally became engulfed by the idea of developing it into something even greater than it already was. What sparked in my head was adding a modern touch to this historic business. And so, several months later, we acquired Bizzy Box and are now working towards making that vision come true, little by little.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
We have been and are always striving to develop our business with what would be most needed, most comfortable for our clients. On that note, we don’t know if it’s because our clients have recognized this, but throughout this process, they have been giving us a lot of encouragement and support. Their support is what helps keep us going and growing day by day. In the early days of our management, we made mistakes here and there due to the lack of information we had at first. But despite that, our clients actually continued to encourage and comfort us, helping us adjust to our new duties sooner than we would have without them. We are and will be sincerely grateful for their warm regards.

Please tell us about Bizzy Box.
Bizzy Box is a private mailbox and business solutions center. We offer private mailboxes for people who might want privacy of their address or are often away and need a secure place to receive their personal and business items. We give close attention to our customers and really care for each one of them and their mails/packages. Along with our mailbox services, we also offer other services so that our customers can rely on us as a one-stop “convenient store.” You can conveniently take care of your business at Bizzy Box without having to wait long lines at packed postal offices. Although you may be able to copy or print via self-service at cheap prices at places like UPS or FedEx Kinko’s, at Bizzy Box, you have a staff who is helping you get your job done right and fast. Our Notary Public and Passport Photo services are also very popular among our customers! Especially with passport photos, we’ve learned that a lot of people have difficulties finding places that do baby passport photos and foreign passport photos. Fortunately, we can be what they are looking for.

To set ourselves apart from others, we are constantly striving to optimize our services to the customer base today. A new service that we recently launched is a package-receiving service. It can be said that we are currently in an era of online shopping (as opposed to in-store, physical shopping). Every year, we see a growth in online sales, which can now be seen in all aspects of our lives – personal shopping, business orders, professional needs, etc. Our package-receiving service allows our customers to receive their packages to our address so that they don’t have to worry about all the little things that come with online ordering, such as running home to get their packages, finding a good address to receive their items, worrying about having their addresses leaked, having their packages stolen, etc. etc.

We have one business strategy! It is making sure that our customers can safely and conveniently receive the services that they need. In order to accomplish that, we are constantly thinking about and researching what our customers’ needs would be and make our plans based on what we would want as mailbox clients receiving our family/personal packages and mails here. We do not want to become a mailbox service stuck in a business model from decades ago; we want to become a modern business optimized to our customers’ needs today. We are planning and preparing even better programs that would better suit the current customer base, based on significant research. Please continue to support us and please look forward to what we have in store!


  • Our private mailboxes start at $13.50 per month for a small size with a one year lease
  • As for our package receiving service, it starts at $2 per package membership for “Size A”

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