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Meet Raquel Veisaga of V-Saga Coaching Courses in Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Raquel Veisaga.

Raquel, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
At the age of 7.5, I went from what most would consider a very spoiled and comfortable life to then experiencing what most would consider a fictional horror suspense thriller story. My life became very volatile and dangerous. I experienced consistent sexual assault, molestation and abuse from 7.5 to 11, to later as a young adult. I went from practically a luxurious life to extreme poverty.

The type of poverty when you go days without food, barter for food, and when you have a gang assaulting you as a group to a pulp the only thing that truly hurts is to see your bags of groceries you were carrying run down the street. Domestic violence were witnessing brawls, beat downs and either trying to avoid them or being part of them was a day to day thing. Running to call the police for help because you had no phone at home while being chased by the aggressor are more than a handful of memories. Experiencing the swat team, the narcs, and police ambushes at different times growing up that the last time it happened at 15, you remember the white van pulling up as the officers all swarmed out with guns blazing you froze peacefully as you yelled into the house they are here. You already knew the drill. By this age, I was somewhat numb. I wouldn’t know of my disconnect until I was 32 and a group in suburbia in the nice town I was living in would attempt to tear my walls down. I attempted suicide twice by the time I was 19. I would consider it again at 26 for the last time.

However, I must say when I saw the movie CAKE in 2014 my kids were worried as I went into deep depression state for a whole month. This is the cliff note version of my experiences from being denied to tell the officers on my abusers by my mom to so many other things that have giving me the gift to understand and relate to anyone because in the end, pain is pain. No matter how we experienced it. I am so grateful where I am today and how I am able to assist so many in healing and recognizing the truth of the power we are that I wouldn’t change one thing I have been through. I willingly would re-write the happenings exactly the same because today I know to the extent of our pain will be the extent of our peace and happiness. I learned and mastered to where I am able to guide others we don’t have to follow the scripts the stories of past, we have within us the divine right to create a saga, and if you really dare a VICTORIOUS SAGA. V-SAGA is my way to pay it forward the grace and glory God has granted me.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Opening my own Yoga studio at 27 with no former business modeling from my upbringing definitely made it a very painful and trying learning curve. Add the fact that my children’s dad failed on his promise to support the first two years of business placing extreme financial hardships in being a single, truly a single mother physically, financially and emotionally. Being young and Latina in a very suburban anglo city created its own challenges. Throw in the recession that was 2008, followed with re-zoning of the city, I opened business with a healing breakdown in 2014, followed with multiple deaths of close loved ones in 2016 made it for a bumpy road. Yet when you grew up where one of your experiences is helping a woman escape her pimp in extreme danger then these things are more like a to do list than struggles. Happy to be in such a different place I never imagined today.

Please tell us about V-Saga Coaching Courses.
V-SAGA Coaching & Courses is a company that dedicates itself to freeing people from present day and past hurt, trauma, and lie-based beliefs. Thoughts and feelings that keep us in the old passed down stories of limitation, scarcity and pain. Come to pass after engaging in V-SAGA e-courses, workshops or one on one coaching.

We create revolutionary shifts and healing with people of all walks of life from all ages. We are known and coined by most of our clients as magic because of how from one session you often will experience life-transforming release and empowerment. Clarity, certainty, and conviction of the fact that you can create a life you love is our intention and our clients confirm we are succeeding.

I am most proud that we are not a brand, we are a love mark. People can see and most importantly, feel that they are not business, we truly and deeply care about you. For many, it will be the first time they actually feel seen and gotten.

We are different in the fact we are not trying to have you as a lifetime customer. Our mission is to fire ourselves as soon as possible because we have roughly another 7 billion or so people we are trying to free.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
When I think of good memories of childhood, they are hard to come by but there are three that are equal.

1. I would say it is simply thinking of my older brother who was my protector, as much as he could and feeling his love and care for me. We where like soldiers that only had each other, that kind of bond is priceless.

2. I was in third grade. We had been given the task to write a letter to Santa. We then had to staple our letters in the cafeteria walls. All teachers and students were walking around and reading them. I noticed a group of teachers around one and somewhat of a fuss going on. As I got closed, I realized they were all talking about my letter. I was asking Santa to take me back to my old life with my father. I remember the teachers discussing that I was a future writer, that I had a way to make the reader feel. That stayed with me to this day.

3. Thinking about it, this might be my favorite. After being threatened to be held back, ESL classes and having detectives constantly pull me out of classes to cooperate regarding one of my sexual abusers, I triumphed. I was given the privilege and honor to speak for my whole class of 6th grade as we had a little commencement. I just remember that I was inspirational and there were no dry eyes. I can think back and realize that I have always been destined to present and propel the human race to the truth that we are greatness, stardust wrapped in bones and skin. We are perfectly and divinely made.


  • Peace &, One Day Workshop Happiness Course $222 One Live in Person or ZOOM 6
  • Emotional Education & Meditation $35 Hosted almost every Sunday
  • Intro One on One Coaching Discount for Voyage LA $100 REG. $155

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