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Meet Photographer and Wholesaler of Handcraft Bags: Kevin Lam Seck

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kevin Lam Seck.

Kevin, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I started photography five years ago. I bought a DSLR ( Nikon D5000 Kit) just to have better quality than a compact (I had a power shot from Canon), and especially no latency between the time I press the button and the picture is taken. And then, I started to take a picture of everything and a lot of my friends. I began to make a portrait, some staging with…and it’s at that moment that people started to call me for make pictures of them.

But it was in 2013, that I started my little project in Montpellier, France. It’s about photography of Dance (hip hop, jazz, dancehall), just highlighting the dancers of my city with good pictures. And with my project, I could do my first exposure! I started taking some dance classes to improve my knowledge in dance. And feel like a dancer. I think it’s important to dance if you do some dance photography. and now, i continue to take picture of dancer.

My dream is to make a photography of worldwide dancer around the world, do may be one day a worldwide trip for this.. but now I just go to Los Angeles. I enjoy to be there to learn English.

I wanna do all of my possible to make my dream comes true.

Has it been a smooth road?
My problem was the time, for makes photographies, for improve and test technics. When I was a student, It was good, but now I work and I do less in France.

Because I have a main job, I’m a wholesaler in Handcraft bag from Madagascar, but I’m happy to do both. My main job takes only 6 months per year. The next 6 months I do traineshipe for my own business, some diploma. But just for me. I don’t work for somebody. Only me.

I try to grow up slowly so. But it’s not easy. Because there are a lot of competition in photography, and more everyday. But nobody has the same quality of photography and do the same services.

For dancers, for example, I can do a website, headshot, freestyle video, dance photography with and press kit.
I try to make a pack for a dancer with everything they need. Also, I’m web designer too.

I think the most important thing and difficult it’s to gain some notoriety.

Any predictions for the industry over the next few years?
It depends on of my business, I do a lot of things – I do a vanilla farm, pepper farm in Madagascar, the business family with handcraft bag from Madagascar – because first I’m an entrepreneur, It’s for make sure I have money to realize my project in the future time ( Doing a worldwide tour for taking a lot of dancers around the world?), if I can.

But If I have to say something, maybe in the next 5 years, I wanna start to travel in Japan, South Korea, Australia, Norway.

When I did my first exposure, I though that it’s good to highlight dancer across photography, because we used to see dancers in the movement, and don’t like freeze moment. I began by highlighting dancers of my city. I have to keep my willingness. I wanna do an exposure for this project, because I really prefer when my pictures are print and in a picture frame than on social media. It’s more beautiful. really!!

What has been the primary challenge you’ve faced?
Start to travel in Los Angeles, because it’s a city who have a lot of international dancers.
And take dance classes for feel like a dancer, like how can I do this or this move. It’s for improve my knowledge and develop my ideas for taking pictures, because if I take dancers pictures, I have to understand why.


  • From 199$ for 1 look, 5 retouched

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Phone: +33610910232 (whatsapp)
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @kevinlamseck
  • Facebook: kevin lam seck

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Image Credit:
Personal : Kevin Lam Seck
With gold fingers : Siham Falhoune
Burgendy dress ; Marie Poppins
black and white with white top : Siham Falhoune
with snapback : JD Rainey
Black top, red lips : Kaity Martinez
Black and white guy : Martel Rudd

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