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Meet Phoebe Abraham of The Phoebe Connection

Today we’d like to introduce you to Phoebe Abraham.

Phoebe, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Pop culture, fashion, and art have always been a part of my life in some shape or form. The way some people can solve impossible math problems like their human calculators is how I know endless amounts about pop culture and fashion. The only thing is it really wasn’t until college that I realized that being a human IMDB was something that not only did some people find of value, but it could be something I could actually work in. I still remember my first red carpet it was my first internship working with covering the premiere for the movie No Strings Attached. The feeling I got that night was electric it was like riding the best roller coaster over and over again and getting that adrenaline rush that I knew I never wanted to stop getting. From that point on, I started getting in engulfed in the world of entertainment by covering events, red carpets, interviews and writing about them for different outlets. I loved that I was able to be part of the world that enthralled me so much all while also adding my own perspective, connecting with people, and giving it a narrative.

Over time, through a chance opportunity I got into the PR side of things and also began to work in celebrity gifting. This was essentially where my love of entertainment, fashion, beauty, and travel began to merge. Here I was able to discover and share new amazing brands, destinations, experiences and create genuine partnerships and introductions with celebrities that in turn also developed into a story for the masses to then also discover these amazing brands, products, and destinations. Along the way, my career led me to London where I worked in publicity with Premier PR, which honestly was a dream come true I had always wanted to live there again after I had first studied abroad there, and it was amazing. I got to harness my storytelling in whole new market and learn the differences in media practices. I was also now helping to put on those red carpets I once covered.

Simultaneously, in the states I had been working with a fashion tech start up before I had left for London called Spylight, which gave users the opportunity to shop their favorite TV shows and movies. London was an incredible experience and opened me to working in experiential marketing where I got to create experiences and content for PR campaigns. This was also where the world of working with influencers and bloggers became a reality for me creating on brand write ups, experiences, and stunts that promoted my projects and actually enticed our audiences. I eventually made my way back to LA and with influencer marketing growing I began working more in the world of fashion and beauty. The transition from simply covering it to eventually styling people for events, or life moments was gradual but a natural progression. The component of me running my own blog was actually something that came about as suggestions and gentle nudges from other creators, friends and PR relationships I had forged over the years.

My blog The Phoebe Connection is my latest adventure project it’s also where people connect with me to either work with me, create content, and or partner up and use a number of my various wheelhouse of abilities. Where I’ve redesigned and taken my blog now is very different from when I first started this new site is more of a lifestyle feed and where I share my experiences, likes, thoughts, or things people ask me about at work or on social media. I’ve taken a more curated intentional approach with the relaunch. So now besides my blog I’m styling people, creating content, still covering events, writing, and taking pictures as well. I like to think of myself as a creative storyteller of sorts that uses various mediums as her outlet.

Has it been a smooth road?
It hasn’t been a smooth road, but I wouldn’t say it’s been a terrible one either. I think with anything creative the hard part is the uncertain road. It’s not like your traditional careers where it’s a laid out path of school, residency, exams, and bam you’re let’s say, a doctor. In my case, a lot of the time it’s been carving out my own path and putting myself in the conversation, which isn’t always easy or a guaranteed success. I’m a person who is in tune with my surroundings and emotional, so I feel things and have highs and lows. So sometimes when I’m on a low creative flow it’s hard, but I’ve learned I can’t let that stop me I have to channel it and share it. Being vulnerable and sharing a part of myself isn’t easy but it’s how people connect with me so it’s a constant battle of how much to share and what to keep private. This path isn’t easy and sometimes I have to be my own personal cheerleader and figure it out and constantly push myself to expand what I know how to do and what I can learn how to do. It’s not easy constantly having to evolve but it keeps me on my toes. I’m a lifelong scholar and so this space lets me learn and discover from my surroundings, travels, new technologies, and simply from the people I come across in person and sometimes just on social media.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with The Phoebe Connection – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others.
I specialize in creative content creation, image styling/consulting, and coaching. I essentially work with people to create relevant content for their various projects or products whether it be a write up, imagery, photography or video content. My goal is not to just create a visual, but more importantly tells a story that gives people a call to action and starts a dialogue. It all goes back to organic audience growth and relationship building. You want people engaging with your work because it shows that you’ve impacted them in some way and it creates a ripple effect. The image styling/consulting component of my job is to enable people to present themselves in a way that is fashionable, but also shares who they are, or who they liked to evolve into. We are visual people and how you present yourself is usually the first impression people make of you. When you think about the amount of weight that impression carries it can be overwhelming my job is to take that stress away and help you have fun with it.

Fashion and self-presentation should be a fun form of self-expression that can change as often as you want it like much of what I do in my career is just another form of storytelling. I look at life as the world being my runway so why not embrace it. I also style people for shoots or wardrobe makeovers for both personal, formal, and professional purposes. When I’m image styling/consulting I can do anything from a complete wardrobe overhaul to a specific look or revamping of old pieces with new pieces to a personal shopping session. I help people cut through the clutter to reveal or revamp themselves. The coaching part of my business is a bit newer, but it’s where I work with people not just externally but internally as well and train them in skills they want to learn or build them up after major changes.

I myself have gone through my own metamorphoses over years and know all too well it’s not easy and it not a quick fix. This part of my work is really customized to the individual and their goals and requires work on my side and theirs to achieve their desired results. When coaching I dig deep and work on rebuilding that confidence and self-love by building a plan of action to create that story for your life you want. I take a holistic approach and look at each client from a mind, body and soul point of view and work to synchronize all them, so we can be in space to tackle those goals they want to achieve with me to the best of their abilities even after we aren’t working together. In all areas of my work it is my ability to observe, listen, understand, and problem solve what people really want and need that sets me apart. Sometime my clients can’t always put into words what they want but that’s where I come in to help do that for them. I’m objective and honest and will give you those hard truths necessary to create greatness, which is always the end goal.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
The thing about LA is it is a city of full of creatives, which is great because you have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with some really talented individuals. Also, there is the amazing weather and backdrops that this city offers so as a creator there is a lot to work with. I am a born and raised New Yorker and will be a Brooklyn girl till I die, which is where some of my dislike of LA come from. More than anything, I miss the ability to walk just about anywhere and anyone who lives in this city will tell you it’s not exactly a walker’s paradise. Also, I do miss the bluntness of New York that is not like anything else. Personally, I’ve always viewed LA as a suburb city hybrid more than just a city compared to traditional city structures, which isn’t a bad thing but different for someone like me who grew up in a city that’s known for never sleeping.

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