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Meet Phillip Nzuwah of KisClean Non-Toxic in Beverly Hills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Phillip Nzuwah.

Phillip Nzuwah was born in a village in Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe). Village life meant living off the land and he has made it his life’s purpose to never forget his roots. Remaining close to nature and living healthily has always been at his core.

In 2002, after many years as a health and fitness professional, Phillip founded KisClean, a non-toxic cleaning company servicing the Los Angeles area. Unable to find non-toxic cleaning products that were truly efficacious, KisClean’s proprietary line was born.

Philip set out to create and provide the most effective non-toxic cleaning products on the market: products that would be completely bio-degradable and clean remarkably well, while keeping personal, business, and industrial surroundings toxin-free. After fourteen years of development and field-testing of his products, he has succeeded in that goal.

KisClean products are locally produced in Los Angeles, California. They are completely natural and biodegradable. They are formulated with enzymes derived from edible and seed-bearing plants, minerals, fatty acids, folic acid, natural vanilla, coconut oil, and purified water. All products are environmentally safe and friendly, as well as being safe for pets, and for the entire family. KisClean’s products can be used on basically everything.

The passion behind KisClean non-toxic lies in continually redefining healthy & safe cleaning products that are unsurpassed in their strength and performance.

KisClean products have been effectively cleaning the best (and worst!) homes and offices, day-in, and day-out for 14 years.

Has it been a smooth road?
1.) The first obstacle came right at the beginning when I decided to start a cleaning company, I knew that I wanted it to be green not because the Green Industry was a growing trend but because being kind to the environment is important to me and also largely because I was very concerned about the people who would be working for me. The thought of them breathing in chemicals everyday/all day while they worked troubled me; I wanted them to be safe. Also, in my previous 10 years as a health & fitness instructor, I wanted to continue to promote healthy living. It soon became apparent that there were no green, non-toxic cleaning products on the market that were truly effective. I could not expect my business to be successful if we were not cleaning effectively. Thus began my attempts at creating my own products and to what is now a 6-product lineup. I am very proud of what I have created and even prouder to say that they are remarkably effective and the best you will find!

2.) Our clientele can be divided into two groups: those who are specifically searching for a non-toxic cleaning company and those who are simply looking for a good cleaning company. The latter of these two groups yields potential clients who are sometimes weary when they learn that we use (our own) non-toxic cleaning products. Many people are under the impression that you just can’t get it clean without chemicals. Those who give us a chance are pleasantly surprised and become non-toxic believers after just one cleaning.

3.) Trying to bring our products to retail is our new struggle. The marketing of our products to stores and consumers is not my area of expertise, so it is a learning curve, but I am enjoying the journey as I strive to bring my products to a larger audience.

What are you known for?
We are known for thoroughness and transparency. We work hard & do not cut corners. We listen to our customers and do our best to make sure they are fully satisfied. We believe there is always room for improvement and so we continue to evolve in that way.

What are you most proud of as a company?
Our commitment to quality in both our services and our products.

What sets you apart from others?
A personal touch and genuine concern. We are not just about business, we are about a better world; to us, that means taking care of our environment and people being good to one another.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
We hope to continue to educate people on the importance of using non-toxic products for the safety of their family, pets, home, and of course, our environment and eco-system.

As a company, our goal is to become available in many retail locations nationwide, to grow our online sales, and to expand our already dynamic product line.


  • Our rate for housecleaning services is $33/hr with a 4-hr minimum. This rate is very competitive with those of other local cleaning companies.
  • Our cleaning products are available in 16oz, 1 Gallon, and 5 Gallon sizes. The average price for a 16oz spray bottle is $6.50.
  • All of our service and product pricing is available on our website

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