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Meet Paydin Layne of NAGINI Brand

Today we’d like to introduce you to Paydin Layne.

Paydin, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Wow, loaded question to start off on. Let’s see how I can nutshell this for you. I was born in a tiny town in the smack-dab middle of Texas, Abilene. I lived a normal life until the age of seven when I decided to join my friends for a model search contest at our fanciest hotel in town. Went in not knowing I’d be the only one chosen to move on to the next level in Houston, where I then was chosen to meet three modeling agencies in New York. I quickly started working in the big apple as a model/actress at the age of ten.

From there, I was introduced to an acting agency in Los Angeles. My parents were hesitant as my childhood was needless to say abnormal. My parents told me, at the age of 16, that we could go out to LA, but if I didn’t book the first audition then I’d have to go back to Texas and live a normal teenage life. Well, I booked it folks! A guest spot on the OC. The rest is somewhat history. I spent the next decade of my life auditioning, working on set, feeling the burn of constant rejection, going from one acting coach to the next, handed off from one agency to another, and constantly being told I’m not good enough. Finally, I decided that that chapter of my life had to come to an end. It wasn’t bringing joy or a sense of accomplishment to me anymore. It had depleted me.

With much-ado, I decided to get my group fitness certification so I could start teaching and helping people. I felt a sense of selflessness in that field. I fueled myself off of helping others. It wasn’t until one day that I discovered I was ruining my fingers from all the physical activities I was doing. Almost to the point of having to either take a few days off from teaching or possibly quitting, which was not an option. I had tried everything from bandaids, ace bandages, weight-lifting gloves, dreaded athletic tape, even a few thoughtless products I found on amazon. NOTHING was working for me. I was wrecking my fingers. From blisters all the way to fracturing my knuckles. I had to think of something. I ended up going to my closest craft store and purchasing cheap polyester fabric. Quickly after I took that straight to a seamstress and asked her to make tapered tubes for my fingers.

She looked at me like I was completely insane, but she accepted the challenge. I stood over her as she sewed three polyesters, tapered rings that covered my entire finger with the exception of the top of the finger. With my somewhat home-made finger protectors I was able to get back to my activities. I had a lot of people ask me what they were and if I could make them a few. So, I did and it caught on. Cut to, NAGINI Brand. My company I created out of sheer necessity. I now have specialized neoprene tapered Athletic Rings that have been worn by professional athletes around the world and have even reached those who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. In just the past 2 years I sponsored over 10 volleyball organizations including AVP and AVPFirst. NAGINI has been featured on Amazon Prime and NBCSports. I have been amazed to found out how many people have suffered from finger injuries and the only solution seems to be athletic tape. Well, that’s all about to change with my little company that could!

Has it been a smooth road?
Smooth road? More like off-roading it through quicksand, dust storms, lightening strikes, barbed wire, and one janky flat tire. Although I’m thankful for all the trials and tribulations. Though they were heart wrenching and cruel they taught me so much. I am a fierce warrior because of it. Life has been one crazy ride so far. So much of my life experiences have been beneficial to get me to where I am today. Had I not been continuously rejected in the acting industry I don’t think my skin would have been thick enough to create a company. Especially a company owned and operated by a young woman who didn’t just start a business, she created an entirely new product. A product that most dismiss because of their comfort zones.

Many athletes are so used to taping their fingers that they ignore anything new. Superstition is my biggest enemy. A lot of people will say they’re worried this new product will change the way they play and not in a good way. It’s hard to get people to step outside their comfort zones to try something new. Luckily for me, that seems to be the theme of my life. I have learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable. So many paths in my life have been so scary and nerve-wracking but I have pushed on because I am comfortable trying new things and pushing myself. When pushing or promoting my product I’m able to reach the customer in an empathetic way. Most athletes who have tried a NAGINI ring won’t go back to tape. Yes, the struggle is real, but it’s worth it!

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the NAGINI Brand story. Tell us more about the business.
My company’s name is NAGINI. Yes, I’m a Harry Potter nerd. No, J.K. Rowling did not make up the name NAGINI. It’s an ancient Indian mythology term that means half-woman, half-snake. NAGINI is Trademarked and owned by yours truly. I had to get that all out there! NAGINI Brand specializes in neoprene-tapered athletic rings that shield the skin from callouses, blisters and tearing, as well as protects the bones, ligaments, and tendons from blunt force. Durable, flexible, washable, and reusable, Our neoprene is the finest L-Foam in Southern California. Sweat and Ocean-proof. Not to mention environmentally friendly.

Our foam is aqua based. Made from limestone instead of petroleum. There is no other product out there like mine. No company competes as of yet. If there was a company or a product like mine, I wouldn’t have had the need to start my own company. Better yet, I would be praising that product/company because I needed it so badly. Oh, what beautiful things come out of sheer necessity and the will not to quit! My most popular product right now is my Fortify ring. This ring holds two fingers securely together. Compressing and protecting the bones from dislocating or jamming, Commonly worn by Volleyball, Basketball, Dodgeball, Golf, Jiujitsu, and even Water Polo athletes. The Fortify ring has been tested, perfected, and patented. There is no other product like this on the market. I am proud that I can help others. That I have found a solution for a problem that should have been solved along time ago.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I’d love for NAGINI to branch into big retail stores such as Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy, REI, etc. Whenever I was searching for something to protect my fingers I went to everyone one of these stores with bandaged, bloody, broken fingers and there was NOTHING. Just athletic tape. Tape that would only slip off due to sweat, give me rashes from the toxic adhesive, and above all was so expensive. It was disheartening. So, I’d really like for someone to walk into one of these stores one day and be able to grab a few NAGINI rings off the shelf. I’m currently working on new styles of rings, apparel, and exciting partnerships. I feel like NAGINI can only go up from here. If I keep my feet on the ground and my head in the work then nothing is impossible!


  • Single Athletic Ring – $8
  • Fortify Ring – $12
  • The Slide Ring – $10

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