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Meet Paul Gronner

Today we’d like to introduce you to Paul Gronner.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I was born in MN to an artist mother that was widowed shortly after my birth. She raised me in the arts and encouraged me every step of the way. I have been a multi-media artist my entire life with a focus on photography, film, painting and rock and roll.

At most times I typically have many sticks in the fire although I do go through phases of focus on particular things.

I have been a photographer ever since I was given a Kodak Disc camera and scoring my first work of art titled “A Semi Cab Drives Down My Street”. It was on from there as I graduated to a Pentax K1000 and really got into it in high school and then college. I continued to shoot with the Pentax until well after I moved to Los Angeles in 1997, even doing paid jobs with just a 50mm prime lens and that camera.

In between that and the digital age I spent a fair amount of time with video shooting strange art travel films and music videos for friends. IN 2008 I went as sole videographer along with my writer sister on the Justice Tour a music and charity jam tour led by Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine with Boots Riley, Perry Farrell, Ben Harper, Sen Dog, Jerry Cantrell, Slash and other rockers. Later that year I was the music director at Camp Woodward skate camp in Tehachapi CA for the entire summer.

I have spent a long time building my photography portfolio, shooting whatever I feel like shooting. I would say I am a fine art photographer as that is primarily what I focus on. art for prints to show in a gallery or show. I love shooting landscapes and experimenting with night photography and working with light. A series of nudes I have been working on titled Spectral incorporates those techniques. The National Parks have been of specific interest with a focus on Joshua Tree, whose yearly show I will be in this fall, and the rest of California. I currently have a show in the Noho Laemmle Theatre entitled Lost In The Hoodoos, which is focused on the landscapes of Utah.
I shoot a lot of Rock shows in collaboration with my sister CJ, whom has a successful blog, Blogtown, and writes for many other music publications as well.

I have been a painter almost as long as a photographer exploring pattern psychedelia which merged into a stain glass style in the late ’90s to the 2010’s. I am currently working on ink patterns on my own photos, merging worlds.

I have 3 bands currently going, spaceblanket, a shoegaze band which I play guitar and write in, Shotshell Press, a rock band that I play bass in and The Weight Of Everything, a space rock band that I write, play guitar and sing in.

Please tell us about your art.
I am a firm believer in creating beautiful images that are pleasing to the eye. I want people to want to be where the image they are viewing was. I want people to get lost in the stimulation. I create art to inspire and to wow people. I am inspired by the earth and all the amazing sights that it has to offer. I want people to feel the same when they view my work.

As an artist, how do you define success and what quality or characteristic do you feel is essential to success as an artist?
If you don’t have an art degree, get one. Maybe double major in something that will make you money like finance, that is if money is important to you.

Otherwise, get a job that brings you close to art, in a gallery or in my case, fine art installation. You will get to the know the art world and meet people who can help you or at least give you advice.

Apply for group shows and network with those people. A great Los Angeles resource is Gallery 825 on La Cienega, They hold open membership calls a few times a years and once you get in you can apply to be in many group shows by reputable curators and again a great place to network.

Do the Artist’s Way workbook and let it help you focus on what you really want to become. Highly recommend!

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
You can view my work at;

Laemmle Theatre in NOHO

The Joshua Tree National Park art show Sept 15 and 16th in 29 Palms

paulgronnerphotography on IG

pegpaintings on IG

or many FB pages

spaceblanket Los Angeles
Shotshell Press
The Weight Of Everything
Paul Gronner Photography

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Paul Gronner photography

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  1. David Adler

    July 31, 2018 at 01:29

    Awesome photographs! Love the work.

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