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Meet Oscar Galvan of Oscar The Serpent King in Glendale

Today we’d like to introduce you to Oscar Galvan.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I have always been psychic with the gift to perceive unseen spiritual forces beyond the physical realm since I was a little kid. It took me a while to be able to accept personally and publicly that this part of myself was indeed a gift, and even more surprisingly, my purpose here in this world. From a young age, I would relay channeled messages, play therapist, and be a mirror for all the people around me, especially close friends and family. On top of this heightened level of accelerated emotional and spiritual sensitivity, I was also dealing with the impactful and intense effects of serve cycles of abuse. This abuse was accompanied by being bombarded by lower vibrational spirits that would hang around the unhealthy living environment I grew up in. The traumas of these happenings lead me towards many dark nights in my early youth, which in turn lead me to much self-awareness.

Through accessing the Spirit within me and liberating myself from the lingering restricting effects of my own traumas, I discovered my inner power to heal my own wounds. I have made a commitment to myself ever since to be the example of empowerment for anyone ever doubting their inner beauty, power, and worth. I am so passionate about assisting my clients through their own dark nights and showing them that in these perceived darkest moments is where one’s true freedom and transformation is found. We have to face the darkness in order to find the light and come out on the other side. Allowing myself to speak and live in my truth has truly assisted me in getting where I am today. By sharing my personal journey, healing experiences, and psychic messages channeled through me by Spirit on my social platforms, I have been able to cultivate a living based off of my Spirit given talents. I now found myself reading, healing, and advising professionally, not only in the LA area but all over media as well.

Has it been a smooth road?
Honestly, the main struggle among my journey was just myself. My hurt, fearful, ego Self that just needed some love, attention, and reassurance of my own worth. Any time I found myself at a roadblock or place of difficulty, it was because the belief systems I was holding onto as “truths” were not aligned with what Spirit was asking me to create. Spirit has been leading me, and hinting to me for a while now, to share my voice, experiences, and wisdom gain from my personal journey thus far with the world. I resisted for a while out of fear and lack mentality, but once I just gave up and surrendered to the call, everything fell into place organically. Yes, of course, there is the physical struggle associated with the grind of the everyday hustle – the logistics of starting a successful online presence and business, as well as sustaining it. I never gave that too much thought though, and believe it or not, collaborators would just show up in my life and want to create content, help me build a website for free, and etc. Spirit has always had my back and if at any times I encountered challenges, there was always a well-needed lesson along with it.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Oscar The Serpent King – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others.
I am a Professional Spiritual Advisor. This includes spiritual and non-traditional psychological counseling through the physical means of esoteric practices such as tarot and oracle cards, elemental readings, and astrological birth chart readings. I also utilize my natural gifts as a psychic, channeler, clairvoyant, and energy healer to create shifts in my client’s lives and bring forth awareness to what is required to be shifted. I specialize in transformative work and the release and integration of deep-seated trauma that have restricted oneself from living as their most authentic and empowered Self. I assist and accompany my clients through their darkest moments, reliving the older wounds at times, in order to make peace with the past and become present in their existing power. I am known for my creative, mystical, and highly accurate clairvoyant visions and channeled messages.

I am also known for delivering this Spirit lead guidance very directly and bluntly as well as very compassionately. We require both methods for lasting transformation. I am most proud of my dedication to being myself loud and boldly. I am my own brand and company. I lead through example and feel that at times I am always being watch. This has put a humane pressure on me that has taught me to go beyond the expectations and projections of the human mind and ego and has taught me to simply live in the highest version of my most transparent Self. In truth, that is my mission and my purpose here. To be my most freed and empowered Self, and to uplift and inspire others, creating energetic impact on my community, through the example of living what I preach fearlessly. What sets me apart from other psychics and spiritual workers is my history and the traumas survived in that history. I have gone through what I have gone through in order to be of the highest service to others who have gone through or are going through the same kinds of challenges and abuse.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
What I love about Los Angeles is the deep diversity of art, personal expressions, cultures, and backgrounds. I love the balance of nature and city, with being so close to plenty of mountains, deserts, and oceans. I really love that. I love the endless amounts of opportunities to network, meet new people, and experience different events and social happenings. I highly dislike the over-emphasis on the exterior realm – such as physical appearance, status, power, wealth, achievements, and property. I know though that this is why so many Spiritual Workers like myself, are drawn here to this city. We are being called to help raise the vibrations of the collective and remind the inhabitants that we are more than our bodies and worldly successes. That true happiness and peace is found within. By the way, I also hate the traffic and crazy amount of population. But hey, that’s Earth, right? Hahaha.

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