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Meet One of LA’s Rising Chef/Trainers: Marcia Whitfield

Today we’d like to introduce you to Marcia Whitfield.

Macia attributes her love of fine food and consistent fitness to her parents.

“My Dad and I used to celebrate my successes at academics with a trip to our local fine dining restaurant, The Hungry Hunter, in Sunnyvale,” she shared.  Her Mom always encouraged her to be active and was responsible for taking her to her first group fitness class when she was just 15.

“I was in love! Flash forward to adulthood and taking care of myself became a perpetual habit. Fine food is fine in moderation and pairs well with an active life” she excitedly noted and mentioned that “as a long time hospitality expert it wasn’t lost on me that I needed to somehow put this all together. After my first bikini fitness show there was a natural curiosity around my eating habits. I had taken off about 20-22lbs of body fat to be competitive and my standard reply was, “I just ate food!” Now, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds but it really isn’t as complicated as people want to make it.”

She saw demand for what she was doing and so in 2010 she launched a website, got a few clients and started delivering clean food.  We’re blown away by her passion, her energy and everything she is working on.  LA’s talent pool never ceases to amaze. 

Contact Info:

  • Tel: 818-481-0774
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @cleanfoodLA
  • Instagram: Clean Food Delivered
  • Facebook: Clean Food Delivered

Check out her work below:

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